Car Spotlight>> Glastonbury Street Rod

Does it get much more incongruous? The heart of the English countryside. A thatch-roofed pub. And a hot rod? In between FIA GT events, this week I'm working down at the Glastonbury Festival in the southwest of England, the famous music festival that attracts upwards of 160,000 people and becomes the largest town in the area for the week that it's on for. Glastonbury is normally the domain of VW campers and 4x4s: not a place I expect to get much Speedhunting done. But with the freakishly hot weather there was something rather out of place sitting in the car park of the thatch-roofed pub car park as I was about to make my way on-site.

Unfortunately I didn't manage to catch up with the owner, so I couldn't get the full specs. but I loved the classic finish to this 1930s Ford Model B pickup-bodied street rod, running minus hood so its glorious V8 was on show. It was running on narrow Ford wheels which were enveloped by the big, finned vintage Buick brake drums.

The V8 engine was definitely a worker rather than for show, but the chrome was still polished and I bet it sounds great. Edelbrock heads were mated to an Offenhauser intake manifold and a pair of gleaming carbs. 

I'm a bigger fan of this kind of subtle flat blue paint finish and working look than the more glitzy metallics that adorn a lot of 'rods. The interior followed the same theme, being clean, simple and subtle.

Parked up next to a variety of 4x4s about to tackle the Glastonbury fields, the Ford was getting a lot of deserved attention. If the owner is out there maybe they can fill in some details!

Jonathan Moore



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sick rod!

chop the top, chop the top, chop the top!!!!!!

not sure how it's "flat blue" paint though, considering that it looks pretty shiny


looks great hmm? i would'nt chop it.. it looks mint!


I think this might be perfection. It's not trying to hard, but it also won't blend in. I love it.


wow talk about quik thinking with great results!


Fyi: that's a flathead V8 ;)


thats one hell of a cool ride !


Don't chop!! This is awesome. More pickup rods please. @Jonathan: Any chance of a profile or more 3/4 shots of this?


I love this rod!!

And that color is great.... I agree you do get a little tired of glitzy 'house of kolor' (as i call it) style palettes and going to something like this is great.

I'm sure this color is the classic ford blue - I have 70's 'power by ford' rocker cover off a pre crossflow 6 with this exact blue (perhaps 1 shade lighter)... very tough color. I wonder how it would look on my S13 =)


I love that color combo! Although it looks more like a simple gloss paint rather than a matte.


Is it me or is that left wheel just a tad off??

beautiful car non the less :]



nice flathead! and nice car, period.


Simple beautiful.


Whilst the European Speedhunters crew are holed up in the Green Hell covering the Nurburging 24 hours


How much cost it?