Car Spotlight>> Dan O’brien’s 14a

When Danny bought his late model S14a drifting was nowhere near the top of his agenda. In fact the car was inflicted with self-shifting slushbox so it was far from ideal as a potential competition car.

After attending a rain soaked practice day to see what this drifting lark was all about Danny was hooked and the transformation from stock S14a to competition spec car began.

Being his only mode of transport, a fully stripped hardcore car was not really practical, so the modifications were kept to a minimum… Just the addition of coil overs and a welded diff at first…

Competing in BDC semipro class, the S14a was the first and only UK car to compete with an automatic gearbox. Danny did remarkably well, considering the lack of clutch, finishing 6th overall and moving up to the pro class for the following year.

With the move up to pro class imminent, the slush-box had to go and a full roll cage was installed, as well as an aero package and a few choice mods to provide a little more power.

The interior is a mix of stripped out comp car with few creature comforts retained for the long drive too and from events.

Under the bonnet its a familiar SR20 with T28 turbo producing around 260 bhp.

Its a great example of how to build a competitive car on a very tight budget and still be able to comfortably use it every day. Danny finished 4th at BDC round 3 last weekend and now stands 5th in the overall championship.




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oh hell!

This S14 is ROCK!!


Nice to see Danny on SpeedHunters getting some spotlight, good luck with the rest of the competition mate!


Thanks Ross, the pics are awesome.

Need to thank the following though as none of this would be possible......




brilliant photos

wouldnt mind a new desktop, hint hint




the grill has to go. can't stand that grill, and super can't stand the bumper that goes with it :( Luckily this guy changed the bumper to something moderately better.

Interesting choice to go with fender flares and not the typical over-fenders in the rear with vented wider front fenders. Guess flares are much cheaper! :)


props to you ross for actually taking the time and shooting this 'car spotlight' with a bit of consideration rather then shots just around the pits.


Terrible, just terribel.


Nice fake wheels.. UK scene suck cock big time..


' Corolux said:

Nice fake wheels.. UK scene suck *** big time.. '

Go suck a donkey dick.


it def. looks the part.. surprisingly small FMIC, looks kind of cute - and 5th overall on the 'table' is not too shabby either.. send the lad some 'speedhunters' stickers


Corolux, what do you drive out of interest? It must be something pretty badass for you to feel you can castigate a whole country's tuning scene. To my knowledge Ultralight Atecs aren't fakes of anything inparticular, although I could be wrong.

Danny this cars come a long way and is definitely growing on me! You need to lose that grill though man :D


Lovely mate

loving the ultralite wheels :-D


Nicee!! Very good looking s14a. Liking the rear spoiler, I have never seem it.


To all the haters out there: it is mentioned that it's a daily driver and he has a tight budget. Hence the rota's etc. So just bear with it, I'm sure it'll be a better looking car when the money rolls in.

Tbh, it reminds me of the livery in nfs shift for the s14.

Maybe I could suggest an origin bumper or something like that?

The current one looks over kill with the grill.

A fine example is the candy red s14 of risky devil:)

Just my two cents:)


Thanks for the feedback everyone! I know she ain't to everyones taste but hey I like her ;-)

I may try some different ideas with the grille, I didn't realise it was quite so offensive. He he


Hey guys what does it means "slush-box"?




Danila: Serious question?! Means Automatic transmission.

Nice feature Danny! Re: the grill comments, just pop it out and have no grill at all ;)

As for the haters: a) not everyone likes the same stuff you do - it would be boring if we did and b) I'm sure your mummy taught you "if you haven't anything nice to say, don't say anything". If she didn't, then, well, I despair of ever getting a considered, sensible response out of you.