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There is no doubting that Daijiro Inada, the father of the Option family of publications, D1-GP and of course the Tokyo Auto Salon, likes to stand out from the crowds. He prefers to do things differently, probably what originally attracted him to the modified car word in Japan. He can be usually seen rocking up to events and D1 rounds in his new Z34-front Dee's Club RPS13 built by Top Secret, but at Fuji on Sunday he was behind the wheel…

…of the Top Secret Super G-Force 996.

Originally built for the 2008 Tokyo Auto Salon by Nagata-san of Top Secret, Inada-san is now enjoying driving the car. The wide body kit fitted to the 911 features wider aero front fenders and a custom front end conversion.

Things at Top Secret have been quiet as of late with most interest being shifted towards modifying hybrid cars and luxury rides like the Lexus LS.

Like no other Porsche out there!

19-inch Volk Racing RE30s are a great fit for this JDM-ized 911!

The rear end has been widened quite a bit while the venting on each side of the bumper kind of reminds me of an Audi R8.

Top Secret offers the full kit for $12,000 or just under $15,000 if you prefer to go for the half-carbon variant which includes parts like the carbon front diffuser you can see fitted to Inada-san's car. 

Fit and finish is of very high standards. 

They also do a kit for the Turbo version of the 996 which comes with a pretty large rear spoiler. The perfect option for those Porsche owners that want to be that little bit different!

Top Secret

Top Secret Super G-Force Porsche kit

Top Secret Eco Secret


-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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i feel like the kit is going against the lines of the car, no?? perhaps I'm using the wrong words but I'm not feeling it. nice execution though :)


This is beautiful. He really does think outside the square. I cant even imagine what he'll do next!


I like the front. Im not a big fan of the rear. That looks like the side of a testarossa... it looses its porsche


HOT! :D I <3 Top secret


That looks horrible.


That does nothing for me. Still looks like a frog sitting down after all these years. Fail.


Hrm, I think the front end somehow cheapens the appearance of the car. Doesn't have the look of a Porsche up front. Not saying that's a bad thing but it somehow just looks like some sort of a cheaper car.


Not a very good but not even Bad so its an ok kind of apperience,


Fan of rear but not so much the front. It seems to have lost it's Porsche-ness.


Top Secret should leave the Porsches to Rauh Welt.


This car is SSSOOOOO SICK!!!!!!!!


I don't like Porsches but....fuck me!


that is the ugliest 911 i have ever seen...


This body kit is tame compared to the other kits that they done in the past, but it still looks ok.


Loving it :)

But there is another Porsche like this in the states, just it's a Porsche 911 turbo :)

And it's white,got endless brakes and volk te37's which are white as well :)

Good to see some refreshing of a Porsche 911 :)


Porsche and the Nissan GTR the God cars of Japan


wouldnt he rather import an rhd porsche from australia or something? noticed its lhd


i may have drooled a little


@Leo19x - so you like the front which is a BLATANT ripoff of a Ferrari 360 but you dislike the rear because it makes it lose the Porsche look!? lol.

I dunno about this car, I thought it was impossible to mess up a 911, guess I was wrong lol.


Not rad. Not feelin it.


Great car, I love it. I´m from germany and I see plenty of Techarts and so one, but that one kills them all.


Good build quality doesn't mean good appearance, instead of fixing what is wrong with the car with nicer parts, it instead takes all the nice parts away and makes them awful. This car goes anything that can be called good design, yuk.


to be honest I think this looks strange.. rauh welt style really suits oldschool hardcore porsches but this top secret/new porsche combination is somehow not right.


This Porsche is now officially ruined. No more "Top Secret"...


911 is already beautiful and someone made it even better.


cant believe this car is getting so much hate. yes i agree that the rear end somewhat resembles the R8 from directly behind (if only for the wide fenders and glass hatch), and that the front bumper grille-strakes remove a lot of the porsche appearance. but from the right angles (esp from the front and rear 3/4) this car looks pretty dope in my opinion. even if this design doesn't match your tastes, its hard to hate the profile of a widebody 996, as well as Top Secret's ever-superb build quality, (not to mention the sheer novelty of a JDM-modded porsche). besides the stock 996 isn't particularly pretty to begin with..


I love the look of this car and the stance but I am not digging the rims, still amazing looking car


This is worse than the Z33/V35 S13 thing he did a few years back.


@SeanKlingelhoefer yeah.... because the F360 DEFINITELY has three grilles in the front. especially the big one in the center. now that has ferrari written all over it. (sarcastic enough?) and yeah i agree with the guy youre dissing. the front resembles a Carrera GT. the headlights take a similar projector design and shape, and it has three front grilles just like the GT does (unlike the F360). so yeah the front is definitely a little porsche-esque


A perfect example of disgustingly poor taste. Its like looking at a veilside kit for a civic put on a porsche..and then melted with a heat gun...and then beat with a bat...and then thrown off a cliff...and then sold for 15k.


I'm not sure what I think of the front end of this. On the one hand it's rather nice on the other it's not quite as nice as a stock car but then I'm fairly used to seeing stock ones so it's a bit different and redeems itself however. I know exactly what I think of the back though, Horrid!


There are some angles on this car that just look, ugh, Which is weird because I saw a white 996 rocking the Top Secret kit a year ago and that thing was amazing. Perhaps this is a narrow body 911 and the one I saw was a wide body? Not sure.


definitly top secrets work and really good.i wonder whats the next build of Nagata-San


hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm hmmmmmm so so

not liking the front tooo many grill/ fins. still looks like a frog!!

def needs a spoiler!! would like to see the turbo spoiler though


This car is JDM DTM!!


This car was actually built for Daijro at the same time as the white car for TAS during the kit's debut a few years back. Although the white car was highly modified with Gemballa Japan as a tuning partner, This particular silver car that Smoky built for Dai is a street car with relatively little modifications performance wise. If I recall correctly from back then, this car was bought after being in an accident and bought cheaply, which made a lot more sense to use the Top Secret full kit because so many panels needed to be replaced. I remember seeing the car and it was pretty badly damaged as they were repairing the chassis at Top Secret. I put some shots of this car from an earlier photo shoot online and just like back then we're still seeing half of the people hate it and half of the people love it. Since we run Top Secret's distribution in North America, I introduced Dai's car and this kit to the Porsche community back during it's release and the response was pretty rough on 6speedonline. I think Porsche guys often take offense to the new headlights that Top Secret designed, not because they don't look amazing but because it removes the Porsche identity from the front and guys that buy a Porsche like the prestige (a challenging point I was always cautious to bring up to Smoky during meetings).

Also a quick correction, the wing as well as the kit as a whole was designed for the Carrera and does not fit the Turbo without extensive modification (wing and kit both). The wing is optional and available independently from the kit, and Daijiro opted to keep this car a bit more simple visually (probably just his tastes in this case). There's a guy in Cali who put the kit and the wing on a 996 Turbo but there's a bit of modification involved, and heavy modification involved with the wing. I was at the body shop as they were modifying it to make it work on the turbo.

Personally, I love the kit when the wing is included. Comparing to RWB is a bad comparison, two totally different styles...The Top Secret kit is modern, sleek and functional whereas RWB is it's own badass retro gangster Porsche style. People like to lump things into groups...but the Top Secret Porsche kit is designed to be almost it's own OEM car to refresh those ugly (imo) 996 headlights and give the Porsche more style and performance. Most guys dont realize that it's a big feat to create original headlights for a car, something Top Secret did here and of course with their Nardo Supra kit as well. That in itself is respect as far as I'm concerned as a long time fan of Top Secret (ignoring for a moment my business connection to the company)


By the way, keep up the great posts Dino. I'm really glad you featured this car and your recent stuff has been stellar as usual! I miss Japan...I'm glad that you keep it close for me.