Car Spotlight>>a Ratty, Bagged Vw

The rat look is a popular one for the VW Beetle. I've seen examples everywhere from Los Angeles to Tokyo, and here's one more built by Nys Diego out of Heestert, Belgium.

When I say that most of the parts on this car are stock, I mean stock. As in they haven't been touched since the car rolled off the assembly line in 1967.

That paint? Yep original '67 paint with plenty of wear to show after over 40 years of being parked outside.

Of course, the car is sitting just slightly lower than it did when new.

That's thanks to a custom suspension from a shop called T&S, with modified stock stuff in the rear and air bags up front.

There's no way around it. Aircooled Beetles look awesome sitting on the ground.

After experimenting with a few different sets of wheels like steelies and BRM's, Mr. Diego settled on these polished five-spoke Radars.

They are 15"x5" all around with 145/65 tires in the front and 165/65 tires in the rear. Beefy.

The interior is all original, and has been gently caressed by the hands of time.

The stock 1300 makes just enough power to get the scraping Bug down the road.

Yep, a cool old VW with great stance and lots of character is something that can be appreciated on any corner of the planet.

-Mike Garrett

Photos by Kevin Raekelboom



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these guys can just hide the fact that they dont care washing their cars... show some real cared about cars...


Nice. the rat look suits it.


It has forty year old paint what do expect him to do, wax it every week? Your car doesnt need to be new and shiny for you to car about it.


belgium... nobody here knowing the Radikalbugz?


killer.. like the stance! and the photos are awesome!


bags are for groceries !

nice bug only exhaust and airride are not my style


"Rat" is cool cos it makes the cars transition to the next life a little more dignified rather than being unused and discarded.


agreed. i dont wash or care for the paint on my car.

But i love my car to death and it would take ALOT for it to be taken from my possesion.


Damn HATERS! This car is BADASS!


Now that's a stanced car. Whoo! Powdercoat this wheels matte black with some wear 'n' tear and it'll be perfect.


Very cool Bug. Be great if you featured some aircooled stuff from Panscrapers, please?


Why spend so much time and money on a trick suspension when the car looks like it just got pulled out of the woods?


...because that car has character without shiny paint. you can see lots of perfect bugs, why do they all have to look equal? i like the old used look of it...


You know you guys who dont like the fact this bug looks like a shitbox, just keep your oppinions to yourself. Its not your car, go wax and polish up your own then post it here.

I mean heck, its that guys car he has every right to spend money the way he wants to... Shiny is not for everyone. I personally like shiny but im not gonna start talking about 'how his car looks like it got pulled out of the woods'.


warren panscrapers are already featured ;)

but radikalbugz arent do a feature on them they have very trick stuff !


Ha! Weird thing reading this blog about cool cars across the globe, only to find a feature of a car that's rotting away about 5 minutes from here...