Car Spotlight>>ford Fairlane Gasser

It should be no surprise that my automotive tastes are spread all over the place, and after spending a time at vintage drag race meets over the past few months, my love for gassers is at a new high.

So I guess it's pretty natural that I'd kick off our Car Spotlights Month with a look at a high-riding '64 Ford Fairlane spotted at Dragfest in Bakersfield last month.

Besides being the name of Andrew Dice Clay's character in the The Adventures of Ford Fairlane , the Fairlane was also a popular mid-size car produced by Ford, with the most famous version being the drag-spec, 427-powered Thunderbolt.

This particular '64 isn't a Thunderbolt, but it's just as cool.

The engine bay, once home to a mild 289 small block is now dominated by a big high riser manifold and a pair of four barrel carbs.

I absolutely love the taillight design on these cars. The Lions Drag Strip license plate is frame is also a nice touch, set over an original California black plate.

Of course it wouldn't be a proper gasser without a straight axle conversion up front and a nose-high stance.

The front tank is also a necessity. Note the holes cut into the front and rear bumpers…

While the seats have been removed, and a roll cage installed, the rest of the car's interior remains pretty surprisingly original.

A manual transmission, foot-shaped gas pedal, and an 8-track player. Does it get any better?

The wheels are American Racing mags, totally period correct yet timeless…

It's cars like this that have made me fall in love with the reto drag scene. Hope you enjoyed this quick bout of gasser fever.

It's going to be a fun month.

-Mike Garrett



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I'm wondering what the front tank is for? I can't seem to recall it's purpose.


Sweeeeet. Love old school.


The front tank is often called moon tank. Hmm ... or perhaps that shape of tank is called moon tank, not necessarily at the front.

But anyway, it's used as a fuel tank. And I guess it's at the front such that inertia will push fuel into the engine without the need for high power fuel pump.


i have always loved the gasser style muscle cars. i never knew what to call em though so i always told people that the old cars sitting high off the ground were my favorites. often times people referred me to "donks" the worst creation phenomenon out there. but hey, now that i know what these are im just as interested in them as you are!


I believe that's the fuel tank. At least that's what they used to use for a fuel tank in that period (again, if I'm recalling correctly).


The tank in the front is for the Fuel and i know that because my dad was a drag racer back in the day.


Wow.... just wow. Absoultely love it. Thank you!


The front mounted tanks were necessary - using gravity under hard excelleration to overcome the weak fuel delivery systems of the day. At least compared to what we have available today.


i don't understand why they put the tank at the front?

someone can explain to me please?

very cool spotlight by the way


whats the tank on the front for ?????


I love the car, but I dont know much about american car culture.

So why is it called a gasser?



It's a piss pot.


Old school american muscle at its finest... back to the H.A.M.B. drag days


Function over form. That's nearly JDM. And the car is soooooooooo epic! I fell in love with gassers too :)


I feel a Thunderbolt represents this era better.