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Already I can hear the call of those deriding the ride height of this eight/six. I do have some unfortunate news for these people : Stance, ride height and offset is not the be all and end all. Like everything there is a time and a place for it and hell, I enjoy a properly stanced car as much as the next guy but sometimes you have to realise that there can be more important factors to consider …

You may remember last month I covered the Carlow Stages / MKII Escort Challenge rally here in Ireland. One of the front runners at that and many other events is Mr. Terence O’Shaughnessy in this Toyota Corolla AE86. I’ve watched videos of Terence for years and was always amazed at his balls out, flat out style of driving.

I think I was expecting to meet a guy who was completely crazy and not precisely sane but Terence is the complete opposite of his driving style. He’s a quiet gentleman who is happy to talk cars all day long with just about anyone.

This isn’t exactly a normal Corolla as you are about to find out.

Gone is the trusty but comparatively slow 4-AGE. In it’s place is a 2.5 Series 2 Millington engine which produces 318BHP and 230 ft/lbs from it’s compact four cylinder, normally aspirated motor.

The engine features an all alloy block and head to keep the weight down. Weight saving is one of those things that every AE86 owner will have in common.

The engine is mated to a Tractive 6 speed sequential gearbox. The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed that it’s also a paddleshift system with an LED gear display.

The rest of the interior is your standard motorsports affair; a flocked dash to reduce glare.

Fixed back FIA approved Corbeau seats with Sparco harnesses.

A plumbed in Sparco Fire Warrior extinguisher system.

A carbon fibre footrest for the navigator.

A pair of Peltor headphones and microphones allows the driver and navigator to communicate between stages. It get’s exceptionally loud in here.

Back on the outside, we have Dunlop tires on Revolution 8×13’s up front …

… and 9×13’s on the rear. Surely enough dish to satisfy most people !

Exterior wise it’s pretty much a standard AE86 with rolled front arches and bolt on rear arch extensions. There’s also a functional roofscoop.

Helping the car to stop are a pair of hi-spec 6 pot front brakes and 4 pot AP rear calipers with Carbon Lorraine pads all around. These are all controlled through an adjustable pedal box.

Assisting in helping the car to grip and corner are 3 way adjustable Proflex suspenion units at all four corners.

It all comes together to create a very competitive package and not only is it competitive but it’s wildly exciting to watch on the stages.

As we wrapped the shoot, I was packing away lightstands and other random bit’s of camera equipment into the Speedhunters VW Caddy when Terence enquired would I like to take a passenger ride. It would of been rude not to so I dropped into the passenger seat and strapped myself in with the Sparco harnesses. Leaving the shoot location we head down the road to a quiet backroad that Terence is obviously very familiar with.

Over the constant engine noise, he tell’s me he’ll have to take it easy as the tires and brakes won’t be up to temperature. Unfortunately for me, Terence’s idea of an ‘easy’ spin is broadsided at every opportunity and just shy of clipping rev limiter in sixth gear on a clear straight section of backroad.

There’s definitely a bit of Jekyll & Hyde with this O’Shaughnessy fella …


A big thanks to Peespeed Photography for organising the shoot. Cheers Peter !



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Function before form, its not pretty but it moved and in my book that's all that matters in the end. So sick of the modern day hellaflush, ground scraping ride height movement. Glad to see a car that may not look pretty get the coverage it ultimately deserves.


Savage car and a great write up. The shots are fantastic. More on the Irish rally scene please. Mabye a feature on one of the big Mk2's like Patterson, Declan Boyle or Barry Meade. Keep it up Paddy


Seen this on RPM a few times, easily spotted in the flock of MKII's! No video of the test drive? Ah come on!


i dont think this is an ae86 im pretty sure they just repainted grave digger but this post is two days to late for monster truck mondays


Awesome car. I bet its beyond insane to drive with that motor set up.


Great car , great driver and team ,

Youtube is full of incar videos for all to see


Wonder what rear axle is used in the car? The photo of the rear wheel shows an axle/hub nut that the standard rear axle does not use. Looks like it could be an independent setup.



I totally agree, good to see a car like this on SPEEDhunters.


As they say, Fast IS beautiful....not everything has to be on the ground all the time.


Hi,i'm interested,where can i find the carbon rear panel for Iphone like this on photo?


More than the dish I like that cf nurburgring iphone case.


background of the larger engine bat shot please!!

pure horn.


probably one of the BEST cars you've featured, how DARE ANY vehicle enthusiast hate on the stance of this car!! thats is one hell of an office in that corolla!



Sorry to break it to you, but flush doesnt exactly go too well in a rally. Maybe you should expand your knowledge beyond drifting.


Teds cam is just savage! i know him personally and he is cracked when it comes to rallying and he one of the quickest Cam Drivers ive ever seen! savage shoot paddy fairplay!


Awesome 86, I really like his motor set up, that is definitely something special!


Same engine as Colin McRae had in his Escort MkII and his R4... fully sick!


Well happy to see this kind of car getting featured on SpeedHunters, even if it is only because it's Japanese! Keep it up.


Excellent feature! More Irish rally car features please!


Awesome feature paddy!

And who gives a damn about loser whining about stance? I drive an s13 slammed on coils myself, but this little 86 rips many of those hella hella brah or whatever cars to shreds.


"Wow, that car is so high it looks like a rally car!"

Something i've said before, but this IS a rally car! So it's cool! :D


nice to see somithing else then a drift, road or a track hachi, there are more AE86 used for rallying!


Finally a car with function. the Hellaflush scene is getting a bit....too much.


It's a shame that we don't have a bigger rally scene over here in America otherwise I would surely transform my Levin into a rally car. Ugh!


More than the dish I like that cf nurburgring iphone case.


super bad ass car!! much cooler than some hard parking hella flush car that just sits in a garage


Fantastic, a rally AE86! I knew there had to be one out there :D


Now that is form and function right there :D. Im personally getting bored of seeing every AE being just used for drifting or getting flushed, this is a refreshing change (Y).


YEs, nice to see a properly built AE86. Als nice to see one with using JDM parts. ALso nice to see a car with only parts that are needed. Awesome paddle shifter system also. More features like this please!!!


@doritosard,where are you from?in ireland and places in europe like finland theres thousands of rally 86s ye should come over for a look! thats why we irish love them cos we all grew up watchin them at rallys,and i dont know why anyone feels the need to excuse the stance of the car this car has genuine aggressive "im gonna eat tar" stance! class pics paddy great to see the varitey and more irish cars featured fairplay to ye , id concentrate less on tryin to convince a bunch of jdm drift muppets(i drift also) that this car is cool and show more suspension and fab work on the car,obviously people in other countrys have never seen the extent of modification done on irish modifieds and i reckon theyd be well impressed

@corollainky-its possibly a heavily modified ford atlas axle or selholm unit,standard axle wouldnt be fit for it


nice car but is'nt he so cute 2


Go on the TED! Good feature Paddy,


might not look the part but it definately takes the leading role!!

dam that thing must fly like something else!!


@ CorollainKY.....I believe it's still a live rear set up, probably based on the Ford Atlas unit as in popular in Ireland. Google Atlas Fully Floating and you'll see all....


Best AE86 I've seen in moths!


The peltors in the Corolla look nice. It seems from the photo shoot that things have been changed in the car. What was the result of the modifications, I mean how did it improve the performance?