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Competition drift cars seem to come in two flavours these days. The first is the manufacturer backed cars, which although are rare are the ones to beat. The second is the homebuilt effort which probably accounts for 99% of competition drift cars on the planet. This is one of those cars that was built the hard way. The car first appeared in 2009 in it's previous red WKD colours. It was a season of mixed luck for Nigel, he picked up his first Prodrift win in a borrowed 180SX (His old car incidentally) at a rain soaked Ennis. Throughout the course of 2009 the 180JZ would suffer several engine failures, each coming at a time when he thought the car was finally right. Most people would of given up and returning to the trusty SR20 bit Nigel fought on and for 2010 finally has a car he can launch a championship challenge with.

The car is a 1994 180SX JDM import. The decision to use the RPS13 is simple. Parts are easy to get, they handle well, they look pretty good and are a proven chassis for drifting.

For 2010 Nigel swapped from (being honest) a rather standard looking red to this great satin black finish the car now sports. Unlike a lot of drift cars I've shot, this is a really, exceptionally clean car.

We'll take a quick look at the exterior before looking at the technical details of the car. Up front we have the strawberry face conversion which transplants the front of the S15 onto this RPS13. This is done using Spec R S15 headlights, an Origin S15 bonnet, Origin S15 +30mm front wings and an URAS S15 front bumper.

At the back we have a Japspeed high mount rear spoiler, URAS rear bumper, polycarbonate rear screen and custom Kouki lights.

The 9.5 x 17 front and 9.5 x 18 rear Rota Torques have been powder coated a custom day glow yellow. I can already hear the furore of keyboards clattering, about to bash the choice of Rota wheels. Guys It's a simple choice – the wheels are round, strong and cheap. This leaves more money for more tires and more seat time. Behind the Rotas are Skyline front & rear brakes with Project Mu brake pads.

Under the hood we have the respected Toyota 1JZ GTE which was sourced from a Soarer.

Forcing air into the cylinders we have a Garrett GT35R turbo. The turbo is attached to a Japspeed prototype single turbo six branch manifold.

The arches have been tubbed to allow the car to run more lock and castor without fouling the body. The engine is a pretty standard 1JZ with 800cc Sard injectors, Tial 44mm external wastegate and a few custom pieces to allow the engine to sit comfortably in an alien chassis.

A custom side exit exhaust was fabricated by the folks at Hade Motorsport.

This is probably the cleanest drift interior I've seen. All the essentials are here : Wilwood hydraulic handbrake, six speed Getrag gearbox, Sparco wheel, ETB Digidash and a lot of unlabelled switches. Nigel answered the obvious question of why aren't they labeled with the even more obvious answer of 'Sure I know what they do.' You can't argue with that.

The car also has an OBP floor mounted pedal box system. Usually the reservoirs are kept in the engine bay but with the heat generated from that GT35R, Nigel relocated the reservoirs to …

… behind the drivers seat.

Holding driver and passenger in are D2 seats and harnesses.

A Closer look at the ETB digidash which displays oil pressure, oil temperature, water temperature, RPM and speed.

For safety, the car has a full weld-in cage which meets all rules and regulations.

You can see here how the chassis has been spot welded to increase rigidity.

Nigel usually runs Federal 595s in 265/35/18 on the rear and Toyo Proxes R1Rs in 225/45/17 on the front.

Nigel has gotten off to the best possible start for the 2010 Prodrift Series with a runner up at round one and a win at round two which should put him top of the points leaderboard before the third round next weekend at City West.

Nigel's work ethic around the car is very similar to his driving style on track. He's prepared, consistent and focused on getting the best out of the car and his own skills. Speaking to him throughout the shoot, his ambition for 2010 is to win the Prodrift Series outright and lay the foundations to become the next Irish driver to cross the Shamrock Highway into Formula D.

The third round of Prodrift takes place next weekend at the City West Event Centre in Dublin, the first ever competitive drift event to take place in the capital.

Will Nigel still be on top after round three ?



Toyota 1jz gte soarer
Garrett Gt35r  turbo
Prototype Japspeed single turbo 6 branch
Tiall 44mm Ext Wastegate
ACL  Race bearings
ARP con rod stud kit
ARP cap bolts
Arc front mount
Custom Intercooler pipeing by Hade Motorsport
Japspeed 50mm radiator
Custom twin electric fans
TRD Thermostat
Mocal 50mm oil cooler
Sard 800cc injectors
Skyline GTR in tank fuel pump
Custom  Swirl pot
Bosch 044 External pump
Braided fuel lines inside car
Aeromotive FPR
HKS plugs
HKS f-con vpro gold
HKS EVC 6 Boost controller
Custom Engine Mounts
Custom 2 1'2" Side exit exhaust by Hade Motorsport


6speed Getrag supra box
Custom Short Shifter
Exedy Hyper Twin clutch
Custom Prop shaft
Skyline R33 GTR rear diff/Shafts and hubs
Nismo GT Pro 2way diff


Driftworks CS2 Coilovers  8kg/6kg
Tein Tension rods
Custom Tie rods
Tein Tie Rod ends
Driftworks ADJ Wishbones front and rear
Driftworks GEO master hubs front and rear
Cusco Rear camber arms
Cusco Rear Toe Arms
Cusco Rear Traction arms
Whiteline ARB front and rear
Solid mounted Subframe

OBP floor mounted pedal box system, brake bias controller,
Skyline Front
Skyline rear
Project Mu pads
Wilwood Hydraulic handbrake

Wheels & Tyres

Rota Torque
9.5 x 17 front
225/45/17 Toyo Proxes R1r
9.5 x 18 rear
265/35/18 Federal 595ss 
Custom Day glow yellow by Barelle Powder coating


94 180sx
180-s15 origin +30mm front wings
180sx +50mm rear over fenders
S15 Origin Hood
Uras s15 front bumper
Uras 180sx sideskirts
Uras 180sx rear bumper
Japspeed High Mount  rear spoiler
Poly rear screen
s15 spec r headlights
Custom Kouki rear lights


D2 Bucket seats
D2 Harnesses
ETB Digi Dash system showing
    Oil pressure, oil temp, water temp, RPM, Speed
Complete car fully re-wired
Sparco Steering wheel
Battery relocated inside



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A cooler name would have been 250SX haha


Holy, that looks so beast.


Please let us get that last shot as a desktop Paddy!!!


could not agree no more..250sx is the perfect name for it


desktop pliss


Last shot is amazing, we need a desktop of that!


1JZ power!!


Rotas are allowed on cars of this caliber, where the individual is putting the money elsewhere,,, he saved thousands over some works.....and drifters need tires......

Love the s15 front..... car looks sick,


Freakin SWEET


killer 180,for a home built competition car this is very impressive


never would have occured to me that those rims are rota.

they look like emotion crkais.


Great stuff Paddy, any chance of a wallpaper of that last shot please?


sweet car. could do without the massive gt wing though


Holy god what a nice car :D I'm gonna do a similar build later up ;D but the real Volk ;) this car is awesome :)


Wow these shots are amazing and so is the car. Desktops please 1st,3rd, and last one.


WOW what an amazing car!

pleaase desktop the first, second, third, fifth and THE LAST shot(:


Uras made a good work


Wow . What a car this is , just goes to show the level at which Irish drifting is at . Great shots Paddy , and I second that request for a wallpaper :P

Best of luck to Nigel for 2010 , see ya at CityWest :)


Now this is sick!


Awesome looking car. Love the color scheme. GL on the ProDRFT season


LOVE YOU PADDY!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU NIGEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEST OF LUCK AT CITY WEST!!!!!!!!!

Kill it over there dude!!!!!!


great build! "pretty standard 1JZ" literally looks stock! the least they could have done is paint the engine to suit lol

can't wait to here it rip


my moto is good wheels for the street. cheap wheels to thrash @ the track.


That has to to be the best looking S13.5 I have ever seen. I think he pulled off the Strawberry face so well because of the rear overfenders which give off a S15 look.


Love this. Especially the rear lights.

For some reason photos on Speedhunters now have a load of artifacts. Yet when I save them and view them the artifacts disappear. Strange. Anyone else getting this?


When will you guys realize that its not just the fact that they're cheap strong wheels, they are replicas. Cr Kais are cheap as hell anyway.

Beautiful car though, wish him best of luck.


to anyone : what are driftworks adjustable wishbone setup?


They are not strong or decent.

Work Emotion Kai's are not even expensive at all.

Paint look s terrible.


What an awesome conversion!

Must hammer!

Not a fan of the decals tho... Should have just left the Satin Black and get that GT Spoiler off!


wow that is a great build. nice work.


Reading on forums like driftworks and seeing build threads you see that in the uk rotas are everywhere and are a big sponser for many drivers in amature and pro competition!


I threw my one jay into my s13 as well but cant figure out the wiring :(... Not to be a mootch but any suggestions???

I absolutely love the 250SX!!!! WOW!!!


Section09 and henry are right. Buying those rims are encouraging knock-off makers to keep selling. Boo knock-offs! Boo Rotas! They're made in the Philippines. I'm Filipino and they're known to take shortcuts for a quick buck. That is all.


to max : search up driftworks they have a shop and forum.


1JZ inside!!


Unreal feature, unreal car


I normally prefer full interiors, but I really like this one. It's simple, but very clean.


Does anyone knows if these kouki tailights are for somewhere? They seem like the stock ones, but with the middle orange light removed(somelike like these on but from the other, the look like aftermarket ones with some mods..(the outer circles seem to be smaller than stock kouki lights and separated more away..)


appreciate all the comments guys!! Rota's FTW!! lol


Please Desktop 1st, second, third and last shot! This is inspiration for my own S13.5. Loves it!!


AHaha good to see that the skyline stock brakes can withstand the punishment of this car + the 1j. Great feature