Car Feature>> Kyle Bennett’s 1500whp Gallardo

After a quick blast down the motorway, Mobil 1/Theory Communications guy, Andy Williamson, stepped out of an orange 2006 Lamborghini Gallardo with the biggest grin on his face. He stood there for a moment and regained his composure. After a minute or so of breathless silence, the only utterance that came out was an almost inaudible “wow.”

After another period of extended pause, he became a talking machine. First, he mentioned that he’s been in a lot of high horse power machines, then he mentioned how this very Gallardo, owned by a nutter named Kyle Bernett, has the best day-to-day use of 1000 horsepower he’s ever been in.

Oh, and that’s 1000 horses with pump gas.

Most other cars with that much horse power are insane machines that require drivers and passengers to bring a change of undergarments — a precaution in case things get, well, a little wild.

So let’s pop the hood and see what exactly powers this tame, yet clearly untamed, beast, shall we?

So, instead of the usual me blabbering on about what goes into an Underground Racing twin turbo system for a Lamborghini Gallardo, how about I list it?

- Custom twin billet 67mm Precision Turbochargers

- Mobil 1 15W50 Motor Oil 

- TiAL billet wastegates and billet blow off valves

- Custom fabricated stainless steel exhaust using aircraft quality metal

- Ultra lightweight stainless steel mufflers

- Custom fabricated stainless steel air induction using aircraft quality metal

- Custom Air/Water intercooler system with high flow water pump

- Custom ice water reservoir

- High flow intercooler water heat exchanger

- Crankcase ventilation system

- K&N air filters

- Show quality polishing on turbo compressor, intercooler and charge piping.

- Custom heat shielding and high quality heat wrap

- Exhaust Finish Options:high temp heat coating or polished mirror finish

- High quality silicone hose

- High pressure T-bolt clamps for intake pressure tubes

- High quality V-band clamps for exhaust connections

Kyle’s Gallardo also features an Underground Racing custom a billet short block. So much goes into these motors that they’re bullet proof. Usable 1000 wheel horsepower that’s also reliable? Yes please. This is what’s in one of these crazy UR engine blocks:

- Full blue print and balanced race short block

- Carrillo billet steel connecting rods

- CP custom reverse dish aluminum race pistons

- CP spiral locks

- CP .180+ wall wrist pins

- CP oil rail support

- Custom steel cylinder sleeves

- Main bearings

- Rod bearings

- Total seal TNT file fit rings

- Stage 3 Race heads

- L-19 head studs

I’m sure we’d all love to see all of Underground Racing’s beautiful stainless steel piping that’s underneath the heat wrap, but as we all know, this car is driven on the street and also does 240+ mile per hour blasts down airport runways…. Heat is the enemy when you’re driving at ludicrous speed!

I’m still blown away that all Underground Racing turbo kits have a 2 year / 24,000 mile warranty. Though, the warranty is void if the car is serviced without Mobil 1 15W50 oil! The boys at Underground Racing swear by that motor oil.

With all that power, there’s no need to strip away the interior. This car is just as comfortable as when it left the dealership.

When you wake up in the morning and go out to the garage and see this sitting in it, how could stop the urge to run inside, grab the keys and do a few quick blasts down the motorway?

When you go 240+ miles per hour, a parachute is needed –just in case. It also looks so hard on the car. When you see a car with this on the street, you know its serious business.

A set of flat black HRE 790R wheels grace all four corners.

During my visit at Underground Racing, Kyle started telling us how his kid begs him almost everyday to have his dad pick him up from school with this Lamborghini. And for 179 days he resisted the urge to spoil his kid in that way. But on the last day of school, he rolled up in this bright orange Gallardo.

When the school bell rang and the kids started pouring out of the classrooms and saw this, many jaws were on the floor and Kyle’s kid instantly became coolest kid on the block.

You can’t blame the kid can you?


P.S. If you missed the desktop wallpaper of this car the last time around, be sure to grab it here!

Underground Racing

Mobil 1



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Has to be the meanest Gallardo build i've ever read about :|


what kind of mileage does it get? :D


Rambo Lambo!


gas mileage ...are you serious!!!!

this car is the definition of cranking the volume to 11....



It must be undrivable with the manual transmission.


Jean - Philippe - I thought the same thing. In fact with all the cars that we have either built personally or with friends, we always sacrifice something to gain power. That's what made this car so crazy. The fact that this car retained all its drivability and creature comforts was amazing.


Ahhhhh, my favorite Lambo to boot


Lets see him time attack it. O wait


I can't even comprehend how much power that is and the amount of work it must have taken to make that beast a reliable daily driver...beautiful car and great car feature


its criminal to post a 1500whp lambo with no video


There are things that you want in life and then there are necessities. I NEED that in my life. o_O


Linhbergh, great article and amazing photos as always.

After reading it - I do remember getting out of the car and trying to figure out what I would compare it to and still have a problem doing so!

Great times. This car is amazing - a true masterpiece. The Underground Racing guys deserve all the praise here. Their work is nuts - and super consistent.

Getting a ride in this car was definitely a highlight. I believe at the boost level set - we were at about 1200 WHP when we were running around. Just nutty!



Lucky Kid.

What tires do they run? Since, they swear by the Mobil oil, you'd think they have a preferred choice of tire to put down the power and not kill a driver.


Such an insane car. And i've never heard of a shop giving a warranty like that on their work, must be some amazing quality.


all pics for desktops!!!!


omg i dont think this is his dayly car :D do yuo imagine how much gasoline it takes :D 1500hp.. thats sick.. i bet the feeling in the car is sothing els, as if car is going to be torn by the engine.. :D


Gorgeous car but no cage? Where are these guys allowed to run 240 with no safety equipment?


Mileage is unimportant with this car :D


In other news, my Mustang was that color, but I had 1200 less hp. Great pics!


I'd totally make love to this car. This is pure automotive pornography, i'm telling you.


lol @ MDeezy.

Btw this car is amazing. this is favourite european car ever i think :)


Stay outta boost and I'd suspect somewhat better than the factory car.


Put THAT engine into a LM002. Mt. Everest meet the WOO-HAH Lambo!


i hate kyles kid lol


Ja godigi, tad man nepatik Gallardo's, bet šis ir skaists!


Should have asked him why he wasn't capable of keeping his car in a straight line at the Texas mile event...


What is the matt black block on the left side of the brake rotor? It looks like an additional brake caliper, but I've never seen that before.


beautiful but personally i dont like lambos


That's pretty sweet. It's cool and all, but like any exotic, I'm skeptical when I see "1000hp" and "reliable". No one puts mileage on any "exotic" because they need a complete engine tear-down at 30k and that's with stock hp. But hey, if the thing still runs great at 25,000 miles, without having to replace 80% of the parts, that would be awesome. Great photos by the way.


Would be a dream come true to be in the driver seat, raging down the street!


Id love to be that kid


@kees, Its the e brake.


Wow. If I had this in my garage, I'd probably spend half the day flooring it, and half the day oogling over it. Wow!

@Kees - Looks like a 1-piston caliper. Some drift cars have that to break the rear end loose to initiate the sideways action. But I'm not too sure why it's on this Gallardo.


Andy, it was a pleasure taking you for a spin. Sorry the weather shortened our trip, but had fun nonetheless.

Milk +, the car does have a 6 point cage in it, which is required at those speeds at any mile event. It looks factory and is often overlooked, unless you're looking for it.

SoloTwo, I kept it perfectly straight every trip I made down the mile. The video you're referring to wasn't me.

Thanks for all the compliments everyone. Underground Racing builds some INCREDIBLE performing cars.




What tires and tire size is he running?


to Kees

thats the parking brake caliper


So this is infact probably one of the coolest cars I've seen posted on SpeedHunters. Now the UR or Heffner Lambo's are nothing that new to me but it doesn't change the coolness factor at all. Not many cars can compare to the awsomeness of the turbocharged Lamborghini. Any car on its level is usually well over a half a million dollars. Good job on the post!


last picture for desktop!!


This car is what we call in the Lamborghini ferternity as a 'Kick Ass Car'... I would not trun my nose up to a ride such as this, I may have a different colour, like a deep purple but what a serious specification for a serious junkie who has an addiction for the Need 4 Speed... Can I have go please mister???