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It's official, I've got a new project soon to be in the garage (or possibly behind it for now). Yes, I haven't finished my other car, but this one isn't for me! This car will be my fiancee Tanya's when its all done, and she even agreed to help me out here and there on the project! She has always wanted a Fiat 500, and when I told her I was willing to restore one for her to her specs, not much could contain her excitement and hold her back from buying this lil' guy on eBay. Car was picked up by the transporters this morning, to begin its cross country journey. Will post more about it, and plans for the car, when he arrives home. I should also mention, she named the car 'Taco', don't ask why, because I don't think there is any logical reason! It feels like adopting another pet, of which we already have 6 of…

- Carl Jarrett



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Nice! Do you mind if I do some body renders of this? I've been meaning to do a 500 for a while now (I'm a car designer if you hadn't picked that up yet). Tell me the specs and I'll render you something unique and aggressive, but kinda cute too, I'll do it free of charge if you like, working on one of these would be fun enough as is. Love the potential a stripped down body has, don't you, I see a million possible looks in a millisecond with this one.


project taco is a win lol put some nice watanabes or volks on it!


nice! I helped restore one of thos last year, the owner put a wind-up toy handle on the rear of the car. haha!


hmmm? lots of potetial here.. is Abarth gonna play a part by any chance - i mean theme-wise??


In France "un tacot" is an old car which is generally not working so well !!! I guess TACO will work quite well in some few months


Watch Castle of Cagliostrofor inspiration.


I've just finished mine, sold it to a collector. Make sure the floors are solid and that your fiancee can double declutch,, non synchro to speak of in the 500...


_G_T_P_ make it....ill waiting for your render...i wanna url here when finish


lol @ 1st comment xD


I thought I would see a picture of a Tacoma when I opened this from my RSS feed...


Paint the Taco pink.

Since it's for a girl and all. =P


Check this months edition of Retro Cars magazine for a pretty damn racy 500! Widened track, custom chassis, Alfa Romeo boxer engine..... ;)

Best of luck with this to both of you, very cool little cars indeed!


original abarth rims please, only way to go, and dont make the minilite mistake, i seen them on 500s and they look awful...


Really look forward to seeing this thing come together... Keep us posted!


Powerplant Transplant?


Nice! when i read "taco" i thought "tacoma", but this is a very pleasant surprise! :)


im lovin tanyas taco already...


Dude, nice find! When you told me you were picking up a car, I had no idea it would be something like this. Gratz.




Powerplant transplant is very possible. I want it to look stock on the exterior, maybe some Abarth wheels, abarth flares, stock interior, but I want it to perform well and be safer than they were originally. Should be picking the car up friday so stay tuned.


hehe, thought one clever guy can find it, it's called wheeler dealers in uk, right?

ilke the two guys, they're just carlovers you can see...