Stephan Benini from Clash Productions was in touch last week, where he sent us a two minute preview of his upcoming short film ‘Vernal Equinox’. It’s not a motorsport film, but a fictional film that feature’s motorsport, in particular drifting. The brief synopsis Stephane included says that the move is about a young student coming home when he faces an unexpected situation. He then becomes aware of an unexpected challenge. Stephane describes the young man’s experience as surreal.

The idea behind it was to go beyond the ‘usual music video drift editing’ and bring his work to a new level. We briefly talked about his other movie, ‘Titan’ which Stephane says is around 98% complete and will be released later this year.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Stephane’s work and I eagerly await the May 10th release of ‘Vernal Equinox’




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Looks great...


i think this is teaser # 4....

Hope it lives up to the hype, I can't wait!


sooo.... lemme see if i've got it straight.

1- abandoned commercial-industrial complex

2- drift cars

3- some random dude riding a bike

4- really REALLY bad camera work


i want my two minutes back.


Vernal Equinox??


I don't really like this teaser however, this seems like an idea with potential. I am hoping that they will reach it.


the teaser was super exciting lacked any reference to what was going to happening in the movie. fortunately the briefing gave me to something to think about. can wait for this to drop!


Jesus christ that was terrible.



to BlueSlug: hm interesting opinion, but now show us your work so we can compare your home made "masterpiece" to this Vernal Equinox.


@ Blue Slug : sure you really, REALLY got it??? Howether, what is a "good camera work"?


speedhunters posted up the worst teaser of them all, watch this one


it sucks.. :x


I never said i had a masterpiece, i never said i was good. call me a hater if you want but just as an example, near the end where the cars leave the car park and the guy is riding behind them on the bicycle, the pan is very jerky and it looks like the director went too far with it because he panned back in the other direction a little bit right afterwards. and for pretty much the whole video it's shaking like mad, not in a gritty, action-oriented way (to me) but in a crappy handheld way.


you don't have to agree with my opinion. i'm just saying this trailer doesn't look very promising.


BlueSlug, i agree, the editing is top notch but the man needs to learn how to hold a camea, I might be being very critical but im surprised hes filming at all, the camera is super shaky and the movement is so unplanned in every one of his videos. Unfortunately im not a fan of his work at all..