This short movie by Clash Production is certain to divide opinion on how drifting is traditionally filmed / viewed. Even more so, it is certain to divide opinions and it will definitely have different interpretations of its content. I’m most looking forward to reading your comments on this, I want to see how my interpretation varies from yours.

Bravo to Stephane from Clash for going against the tide with this one, it was a brave move and I personally think it’s worked.




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i was kind of confused this morning when i watched this. i was honestly expecting a 30 minute video or something. the drift footage is great and some impressive driving. but it seems like everything in the film has already been released in the teasers. and i don't really understand, is it supposed to be a horror film of sorts? i think it's a step down from the usual Clash videos.


Love it ! Not as a drift vid, but as a great piece of (short) cinema.


Just amazing, best drifting video ever !!!!


I love Clash. Love Stephane. Love the concept of combining narration and our sport in film...

Unfortunately it seemed Clash rushed this production, and while there are a few shots in there I drool over, most of the cinematography was not of their standards.

Despite all that, this is a welcome break from the usual music and car clips (I'm at fault too for making the damn things) we've all become accustomed to and Clash should be commended for their bravery and the risk involved in trying to make something different.


No pretty much sums it up, I found myself flicking through because I had already seen content in the 'trailers', for a drift film I wasn't impressed for something cinematic even less so. Only a handful of shots were worthy of being called cinematic. I can appreciate that this was maybe meant to be something arty or to be mysterious but it just didn't make sense and certainly didn't achieve what I think it was its intended purpose, was there a narrative? was this a story? was this supposed to be something that was in a universal language that everyone could understand? no? Even if it was something that wasn't supposed to be understood by the masses, why be so deliberately condescending? especially if you are going to flood the internet with trailers, something obviously done to achieve a mass audience. That to me is why this film doesn't make sense.


I get where Stephane was coming from (trying to change the way we look at drifting videos) but I am not feeling this...


Ya, didn't make much sense in the end. I think it had some cool stuff going on but it needed a little more development. Maybe I need to watch it a couple more times to get more out of it. I mean, it was cool, but a notch short of being great.


Awesome video. 2001 Space Odyssey meets drifting. Especially @ 5:36 :), great score too!


I think that a lot of effort has gone into this production, but overall i think it was a waste of time.


I stopped watching during the "filmmaker jerking himself off" comment intro...


I dont get it.


Not sure if I liked it or not, it was just really strange...


I want to cry, I was waiting for this "movie " to be at lest 50min.


*very* humble with the production logo.. honestly, a full minute almost of "look at what everyone says about me!" do that in a trailer maybe, not the feature itself, i actually found it somewhat insulting.


i'm not sure what emotion the music was supposed to conjure up when the drifters appeared, but somehow the visuals didn't quite meet up with the tunes. like really, "watch out! an evil pro drifting gang!" at least they have helmets on, safety first!


honestly i would have accepted the video for its content if it had simply been presented as a wicked urban drifting vid (which, at heart, it is); there's no need for confusing storytelling/editing. judging by the replies i got for the trailer discussion, most of you won't agree with me, but i'm just not convinced. Clash has some great stuff (Titan for instance), but this isn't it. this isn't 'going against the tide' or a 'brave move', this is just poor cinema. i don't understand why this was hyped so much. i'll be honest when i say my favourite part of this video was the end credits, they were actually very well produced and executed.




Im not the one to usually talk down on stuff but this video was really just a waste of time.

Clash productions had put out some very VERY entertaining videos but this one just does not make sense.

The music sounds as if someone was going to die, this guy keeps seeing drift cars and a driver.

made no sense

it was absoutly bs in my opnion.

keep it strictly motorsports

cinema is not going to cut it for you guys.

thumbs way down


haters gonna hate.


this was actually kinda retarded

i agree fully with BlueSlug


It's insulting. You can't flood the whole Internet with a bunch of trailers and publish a final video that is just a compilation of the trailers + one minutes of "look at me I'm famous".


The most exiting thing in the video imo was the fixie


that really was very poor. they can do so much better than this.. Surprised it made Speedhunters. Editorial slipping?


I want my 11 minutes 58 seconds back please.


i think they made this whole video to show off the fact that they found a place to drift indoors..........boring, i couldnt finish watching, SORRY


Drift on parking lot! The only thing french drifting can come up with (as well as ugly cars)


Camera work and filming was amazing, the directing, car selection, and actual drifting sucked in my opinion.


It seems that the guy as somekkind of a phobia with driftcars. I mean it's a very unique produced video but I really don't know what it should tell us.


garbage...waste of time...make a movie about something else..theres no fkn story...crap!


well that was stupid. whay was that on this website?


haha what a gay video... oooohh hocus pocus ghost drift... why do they have sponsors?..... LAME euro garbage...


I agree with what's already been said in regards to the jerk-off intro, I thought that was pretty unnecessary, especially considering I wouldn't agree with the quotes at all. It looks like the video was meant to be deep and meaningful, but after watching the entire thing all I saw was a couple guys drifting to some cheesy intense movie music, some poorly done time jumping between scenes, and some doucher in a stupid hat. Maybe if the film meant anything, or was at least much easier to understand, I wouldn't dislike it so much.


50 seconds of intro featuring a bunch of ass kissing youtube comments? 3 minutes of credits? Really?

The cars were pretty nice, and by nice I mean professional looking, if a little tacky, (Formula D wannabes? c'mon). The driving however was lack luster. Oh, don't bother editing out the part where the 240 driver falls 14 miles behind the rest of the cars as they "slide" past the camera at 2:30, or the part where the guy in the S15 loses control and spins out.

And apart from that, the acting was terrible. This guy is emotionally confused. When he does succeed to hint toward what the script called for, such as jogging lamely toward an exit door (and pretending it's locked, doesn't even push on the pushbar that would open it), it's usually shortlived and poorly portrayed. When he runs back from checking one exit and getting bored with it, he decides he's not afraid anymore and just stares blankly.

The warehouse was confusing. Why is he in the room with the orage scaffolding? He spends like a minute in there, sees some Stig wannabe for 3 seconds, and leaves? The helmeted character never reappears? What's his significance. What's the point of reliving the day? I understand it's a time loop, but come on. Neither time loops nor solar eclipses have anything to do with the "vernal equinox." In fact the vernal equinox, and its silly logo, is not at all important to the "story."

I could go all day, regarding the pretentious camera work, silly Need For Speed chase-scene background music and the lead character's straight legged walk-run thing, but I have stuff to do.

Nice try, maybe next time after you eat some humble pie and learn some filmography basics. D+


I appreciate the break from the standard music video w/drifting or mini-documentary, but I'm gonna be honest, I enjoyed watching those "standard" films more than this. Is this something I'd want to watch again? No. And as others have said, that comment-based intro needs to go. Otherwise though, I'm curious to see what you guys will make next. This is just one of those videos I would never call bad (except that intro), but I'm not a fan of it.


Weak. The driving was average at best, the cars were ugly and the main charecter was a wuss. And the "everyone loves me intro"?! WTF?! Way to get all conceptual and nerd it up on this one. At least the was no techno or buttrock music...


Never have I been scared of a bunch of cars with sponsor logos plastered on the side.


@WILL and Rydogg...LMAO well said!


It's the most artistic fail at a drift video I've ever seen.


imho the cars shouldnt have had sponsors at all. I was so confused! is it an evil drifting cult? I liked the drifting but the main character just creeped me out :D


I was expecting to be Amazed but the video was so short !!! LIKE WHAT HAPPEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


"I know drift-fu!" "Show me!"


This movie is WAAAAAY too ESOTERIC for all of you to appreciate how far STEPHANE is coming along in the secrets of the trade in cinematography.

Keep it coming Clash, I can only see that you are getting better.


i need to take another rip maybe?


good effort for getting out there and trying something like this! seems as though there's a lot of negative comments going around but i gotta give them credit for all the orgainising done and hours in the editing room!

at the same time i do agree most others as i didnt really know what was going on/what the story was, i think it would have been cool with a few lines of dialouge, also i didnt really get the point of the solar eclipse thing, some of the other stuff by clash is great imo! this one didnt work out as well, at least next time we'll be blown away! (as this movie wasnt so good :P )


(quote from: thatirishkid333): "...all buildup and no substance. whoever made this kinda reminds me of the director guy from entourage. i can see him now, screaming at me because "i dont understand his art" well your right, i dont. and i think a lot of other people dont? either. beautiful cinematography, cool cars, great driving and very artistic, but to stay relevant, i believe your work needs to have a better balance of buildup, substance, and conclusion"



There's some pretty cool camerawork and stuff, but the story is weird and pointless and doesn't make any sense at all.


I didnt get it?


Not quite shure what it was, except for confusing. Agree with some posters above me, that there was no clear story, but i don't know if that was the purpose? The drifting was nice, but nothing more than that.


how much does he want for the silvia?..


I dont think there would have been so many negative comments if the horrible, "look at me I am so great" intro was not there. What was up with that


this sucks bigtime



cars lame

drift cult lame

credits lame

intro lame

weird bike kid lame < he could of atleast been doing bmx

movie lame

this is not a hater comment as i love clash productions but this crap was retarded

should have never made speedhunters,




cars lame

drift cult lame

credits lame

intro lame

weird bike kid lame < he could of atleast been doing bmx

movie lame

this is not a hater comment as i love clash productions but this crap was retarded

should have never made speedhunters,



Kind of lame, silent films suck, and the crane work was horrible. This guy is setting him self up for something hes not ready for. stick to the formula that works. Scrap these garbage ideas, And no, its not going against the grain. NOT EPIC AT ALL


yea, i didn't get 'it' at all either. i wasn't impressed with the driving either


Where do i go to get those last 11minutes of my life back?


Woah, what a load of turd. Amazing what appears here sometimes


Great job, very well done, its not your usual car video.


I think you guys just miss the whole point. My interpertation of this video: this is about a kid that comes from posibily a broken neighborhood/home riding his bike he sees the guys drifting in the parking lot and the kid lets his imagination run wild. The warehouse section of the video when he sees the guy dressed up in the suit and helmet only thing I could think of is him imagining himself as a drifter/driver in the future, But anyway. I enjoyed it. Not everything has to have super drift cars or super drivers, I bet most of you in these negative posts dont even know how to drift lol. I give the guy props for doing something different rather then just filiming drift cars and adding Techno music to it.


Im a HUGE fan of Clash's stuff but this film left me wanting to turn it off in the first 3 min.

Maybe its a "Lost In Translation" type thing ... the film was confusing, the story line was trying to hard but not really there.

The first drifting scene was too long for the film (dont get me wrong I love drifting but cars drifting in a parking lot in circles for 5 mins of different angle shots was too much, maybe if it was through out different areas).


as a video its great but i think there was more of other things filmed than actual drifting, but in general its kinda cool.


B for concept

C for execution

F for directing

OK, so the idea of a dramatic short surrounding drifting is a good one, and even something vaguely spiritual/mystical and offbeat like this could have worked. The cinematography looks like it was shot by two or three different people, and there's no consistent style or flow to the shot choices or editing. Some of the shots are the breathtaking stuff we're used to from Clash, but some of it is just plain uninspiring, and even more of it is simply bad. Axe the crane shots until you guys get a better pivot head.

The directing... wow.

It's ok for a film to confuse people, especially a niche short like this one. But I am in your target demographic (I'm assuming drift fans and car people ?) and I have no clue wtf is going on. Is it imagined, or is it not, he's receiving this car, but he's not, is he going crazy or not, why is there an eclipse? I kind of get the empty stig in the scaffolding... it seems like you wanted him to be viewing his destiny or his dreams, but it didn't come across clearly enough.

In short, like most short films, this one is long on style and short on substance. Nothing happened. Seriously, nothing happened. we watched a guy run around, some semi/sorta creepy stuff happened, there was some drifting, and then there was an eclipse.

Keep working guys. This shit isn't easy. Go take a directing class (seriously, it'll help) and a writing class and then do what everyone else does - decide that documentary is way easier and more fun. At least one of you has a very distinct, solid visual style that works great with drifting, so if you're going to shoot anything form now on, let him be the cinematographer. And whoever's directing, do your job, not his.

A decent first (narrative) effort.


This is a really great break from the usual way of filming drifting automobiles....I dunno what it is but I cant sit through more than 30 minutes of drift footage...It gets BORING. But this video is nice...even if it doesn't have a story or 11 minutes of STRAIGHT HARDCORE drifting. Good stuff. This is art.

Just like Jazz great Miles Davis when he left straight-ahead jazz for fusion jazz, somebody has to break away from the "same 'ol"..



I only made it about 7 min before I turned it off and most of that 7 min I was skipping through it. Not up to Clash standards.


Kind of I am Legend meets drifting. The guy on the bike appears to be in a world between worlds, and the only contact he has is with drifter ghosts who taunt beckon him to join them in drifting eternity. In the end the eclipse appears to signify his transcendence to the other side...


Kind of I am Legend meets drifting. The guy on the bike appears to be in a world between worlds, and the only contact he has is with drifter ghosts who taunt beckon him to join them in drifting eternity. In the end the eclipse appears to signify his transcendence to the other side...


what he said somebody got the story nota944mechanic said:

Kind of I am Legend meets drifting. The guy on the bike appears to be in a world between worlds, and the only contact he has is with drifter ghosts who taunt beckon him to join them in drifting eternity. In the end the eclipse appears to signify his transcendence to the other side...


ok, to put it in simple words, the cinema music and high quality recording hooks you up fpr a while, but where's the content? bad choice of an actor and - bad drifting .....and wtf is up with the story i mean, there's even a "blood' wall scene twice...and the sun and shit...?! i think your trying to hard, to many ideas together, its a mess, there's not even an artistic concept hidden in there, if you inteded some in this flic well, this is not your kind of public, so you fail, ive never liked clash , du to his dramatic style and slo-mo shit. but this was his coolest- yet his baddest- really weird - it sucked


oohh , and whats with the comments at the intro, its that like your own review about your work, thats just dumb, i expected so much when i read them- wtf

this only pissed me of


troooooooooooooo a chier, vla la pauvre image du drift français on avancera jamais avec des bléreaux pareil


faut les pendres

et leur apprendre a piloter, c nul !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!