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First of all, thank you for the overwhelming response and feedback to the RTR-X Livery. I thought this would be a really cool way to involve everyone in the build and with over 1000 comments (a new record for Speedhunters), I would say the involvement way over-exceeded my expectations. It was really cool to see everyone's opinions and detailed thoughts on the livery – a few of you really had me thinking.

For me it was a really tough decision between "A" and "E". "A" being a bit classier while getting the aggressive point across is definitely sick. However, I think maybe a bit subtle for this project, and "E" obviously is a bit louder and to me is more fitting for this particular build. The graphite and green accents will, without a doubt, guarantee this car is unique and never mistaken for any other ‘69 out there which is very important to me.

I am happy to announce officially that "E" was the majority winner by over 100 votes and has been selected as the livery for the RTR-X! Although there might be some small tweaks as we move forward in the project, as going from paper to an actual car will bring up some unknowns.

Thanks again for being involved, I will keep you all updated as often as possible with the status of the build! SEMA 2010 – here we come!

- Vaughn Gittin Jr.



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Reguardless of the color scheme...Vaughn, your going to have a kick ass ride!!


They were all pretty good. For me It was between D & E.


Thinking in this is better than A because the will look like Nakai-Sama Porsche.

But it's cool.


The first small tweak has gotta be that green. The livery itself is awesome, but the green....I don't know, it just doesn't go well with the Mustang body (like yellow, yuck). But yeah, it's still a dope car regardless.


Well this proves my point that neon green is officially the color of drifty shit for 2010.


for me it's fine. It's classy as well as A,but i thought about a humble mustang,which would hide his beast nature to release it on a track.



Hard to wait, now, to see this hungry beast on the road...


es un gran diseño aunque yo vote por el "D" .... saludos a todos los hunters .... exelente auto JR !!!!!!


aghh.. lime green is a sick color for most cars but im def not diggin it in this application. i like the concept of an old fastback dumped like RWB but i think the gold/bronze color would have been better. the influence by Rauh Welt would be a bit more apparent (and recognized). and overall would have made for a more subtly clean car. i can understand the connection to monster energy, and yeah the car will look sick no matter what but ehh


I'm disappointed, where are all the dicks?


Yihoo ! It was definitely the best anyway ... : )


Good choice! I couldn't decide between A and E myself as both should look really good.


Sweet, i picked E, what do I win? haha, cars going to look awesome!


ohh yea, thats great and actually is kinda hard to choose...

design E is nice coz of those lil touch of greeny...


cant wait for it!!


i love the RTR logo... did blackmore do that?


I have a question for you Mr Vaughn:

Was it possible for you to do some 3D renderings of the car? I think that these 2D drawings just don't show us enough about the actual appearence of the livery once applied to the car...

Anyway, i'm following the developement of your car very closely and i am pretty sure you are making the right choices, good luck!



/o/ disaproves of this car.


cheap and tack, suits a yank tank lol


I dig it. I can't wait to see the Works done up with HUGENORMOUS green lips. It will look better than these pics. These pics don't show the big wide wheels well enough.


great car whis it was mine


agreed with Killerconceptz: i have a feeling that this thing is gonna looks sick, no matter how you end up painting it


Couldn't help but be a fanboy. Had to muck it up....sad.


I hope that ishhhh is dumped on the ground. I dont want to see any gaps under the car !!!

Go low or go home !!!!


Great choice in the end.


WTF happened to the original concept, it was UNBELIEVABLE??? why change it it was sooooo its just GAYED UP if i may!!


A was the only cool sad to see the green


While I'm not a fan of the green rims it would be very cool to see it in person and also as how good it'll perform.


I was for 'A', but your stang still ROCKS!! Big muscles


I was thinking it needed alot more variety. All of them pretty much looking the same.

That being said, they all looked fucking badass :)


Booking my Trip to SEMA now!!!


Ha! So you guys do a vote and E wins by over 100 votes, then you get lots of people bitching about the winner. You can't win.


I think E is the right choice even though I like A. Think about it people. How many Black Mustangs have you seen from SEMA. Every year a couple. In a showcar envro, you have to stand out. That is why, I believe this is the right choice


Black Mustang with Bronze, or Gold wheels is boring, Good choice Speedhunter voters


Start a new debate guys! I say Neon Green should be Ferrari Red. If you're with me... please post RED on your comment.


Im gonna follow the golden concept of saying nothing when you have nothing good to say..


yeah im just not feeling the lime green, its too modern-retro for an oldschool muscle car


boooooooooo :(

i was really diggin the a option. oh well its your project and its gonna be awesome for sure!!!


awww was hoping on a im not into the crazy color trend but atleast its just accents and not the whole wheel


where has the love gone? Everyone was loving this earlier this week. Fickle bunch LOL! At least you aren't just copying Rault Welt.

I think it looks great, a good balance


This livery will only make me crave Monster Energy drink.... way to keep your sponsors happy?


as i said, green is dumb, serious fail.


YO, Don't let your eye's leak to bad. This was a-- VOTED-- DEAL ! Was it not? I think they all were real sick.. So the "E" Dude's Won! I'm down with that.. STOP CRY-ING ! Loser Dude's. This STANGE will rock the RTR-X logo. So far, all the RTR stangs have been sick. Lets see how this X model comes out. ( The winning voter's had a say in this one.) I'm sure JR will ROCK IT- Proudly- For all of US!


Shame, i loved those gold wheels


Wow.......I guess when you have try to reach out and involve people you cant make everyone happy.

Send all the negatives once you see the finished product and disapprove. Have faith in your boy, I'm not gonna let you all down, get serious!!!! It might show up pink with purple stripes ;)

Just to clarify....contrary to everyone's belief the green\Black is a throwback to a 32 Ford "Rat Rod" I used to have that was flat black and green. Yes it is a huge coincidence me being a Monster Energy driver, so I understand the assumptions.

Anyway stay tuned and continue to give feedback whether positive or negative its all good!

Have a good weekend, I'm loading for East Coast Bash at Englishtown Raceway in NJ right now so hopefully some of you will be out there!!!


Whether or not u reach out u still cant please everybody. Just build it. I know it'll be great.




green lips will definetely look idiotic


Lol, so many haters.

It's Vaughn's car, and he asked for the people to pick the livery.. the people picked this livery, so everybody can shut up.


good i love this one :)


Hang on, Blug Slug said Green is dumb, serious fail. You better cancel the project Jr... the 14year old has spoken


Great choice!

Can't wait to see the result!


Green works everywhere except the wheel lips, they're a little bit too much 'batman spinoff' style for me.

I would think in the metal satin graphite wheels would be better. Why not colour accent just the wheel decals and calipers, brake hats perhaps?


Blue Slug's mom wins best post of the week.

I liked D or E. I like the lips. Its different and therefore it will stand out ahead of all the other Mustangs at SEMA


I'd think its better to stand out on execution and engineering than colour palette but...thats me.