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Spa Francorchamps was the venue yesterday for the opening skirmishes in the 2010 Le Mans 24 Hours. Three factory Peugeots against three werks Audis…………..plus some 44 other cars on the grid……..a stellar line up at this stage in the global economic cycle.

Peugeot took a convincing win but who can predict how things will pan out next month in France? It all looked pretty impressive as the Green Flag was waved. Cars as far as the eye can see.

Sitting in a hotelroom at the Nurburgring I can hear a car at full throttle down the Dottinger Hohe, the fans were assembling this afternoon, pitching their tents and chilling their beer in anticipation of the Nurburgring edition of the race twice round the clock. SpeedHunters is on site and on the case.

More later………..first some refreshments…………………Pistenklause here I come.

John Brooks



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Can't wait for the Speedhunters coverage of the 24h! Does anyone know if there is a live stream anywhere so we can catch some of the action as it happens?


I would poke around on justin.tv on that day(s). Speed tv might do some web feeds on and off throughout, as well.


humbly requesting a desktop of this please!


As much as I love the Peugeot, I want to see Audi win. Just so they don't take their ball and go home...


hmm?? Peugeot throwing down huh?.. keep it coming..


DESKTOP!!!! I love this picture.


please desktop, amazing..


german Sport1 TV ctation broadcasts 25h live online, but only for german residents (IP block). But I guess the feed will end up on JustinTV sooner or later ....


Have fun at the 24 Hrs... will be a muddy one...again ;-))


Pistenklause FTW


hey , cool ,they show this on speedhunters. i was on this event in spa , saw some nice action ,and everybody was just wild , a lot of accidents and yellow flags , even after about 3 hours racing the red flag dropped , due to electrical problems in the pits.

great race at the end.