Random Snap>>karussell Moment

First Qualifying Session, conditions cold, wet and misty. The Team Need for Speed BMW Z4 GT3 is on the pace stopping the clock at 10:38.307 for 42nd place. In reality qualifying times for this race matter less than most. The job is to get through unscathed and get all the drivers to complete their two compulsory laps. So job done. Just before the fog came down and ended the session an hour early.

Me? I was up at the Karussell and just had share this image with the rest of the SpeedHunters tribe.

More later.

John Brooks



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A wallpaper version of this would be cool.


Developing the SPEEDHUNTERS website as a vehicle to promote NEED FOR SPEED: $$$

Launching a worldwide racing team branded exclusively with NEED FOR SPEED: Lots of $$$

Having to slap a great big eff-off GRAN TURISMO vinyl across the windscreen of your NEED FOR SPEED branded car, photographing it and putting it up on SPEEDHUNTERS in its own post? Priceless.


Great shot, also good to see the Z4's are finding some pace relative to the Porsches & Audis.


Need For Speed sponsored car with Gran Turismo banner on the windscreen? lol how does that work?


Nay, it is a must John!


ha ha EPIC FAIL!!!!

First thing I see is the Gran Turismo logos before I see Need for Speed. LOL


why is Gran Turismo on the car? Where is the Forza logo LOL


Those E36M3-Mirrors are kinda.. Uhm, yeah


How is it that a Gt3 car is 2 minutes slower than a 911 gt2 and the nissan gtr?? That just seems really strange to me.


Need for Speed race car with a Gran Turismo windshield banner?


LOL! thats funny. YOU take an image of YOUR car in such a view that you can only really see Olsbergs and Gran Turismo clearly, your main competitor!!! Major FAIL. Thats a classic!!!!


just to clarify, Gran Turismo is a race event sponsor, so they have windshield strips on all the cars.


irony fiend: we look at it the other way around: we are bringing a race car to the Nurburgring 24H "in spite of" the GT windshield logos. It's a disruption to our competitor's party. :>

Either way not that big a deal.


Guys the Gran Turismo thing isn't that hard to figure out. Every single car has to run that banner because Gran Turismo sponsors the event. Nearly all GT/Touring car series have their own specific windsheild banners that everyone has to run.


Eliot, the times set by the 911gt2 and Nissan GTR are on the Nordschleife layout which does not include the approx. 2 minute Formula 1 circuit which is attached onto the Nordschliefe. The layout run for the 24hr race includes a full lap of the F1 circuit which then connects onto the rest of the circuit.


why show the front view? I am in marketing and if I posted that on our website, showing off our major rival.....I would not have a job on Monday,...


not a big deal!!!

So GT investing in sponsoring every car is not a big deal then? Logos on 198 cars, its hardly a disruption to Sony is it, more the other way around as can be seen by this post and on forums.

I get that Sony sponsor the event, you could have photoshopped it, or a different view, or do they have logos on the side and rear? Bit of an own goal.

Great site though


I know this doesn't apply to everyone but i'm both a GT and NFS fan so to see them both committed to motorsport is a positive for me. I purchase from both franchises so it's a win, win situation.


still loving the look of this car so much.. thanks for the photo..


Mike I hardly think it would be good coverage of this race if we only showed you rear shots of our car! The whole point of this post is that it's a cool shot of a race car on one of the most famous corners in motorsports.

We aren't that worried about "rival" logos on this site. Competing organizations do end up on race cars from time to time, think about the various Energy Drink sponsored cars that competed in the Red Bull Drift World Championship.

Not a problem for us.


Sweet. That thing must be an animal at Nuerbergring (no misspell, there's no umlaut on my keyboard :P).


What a cracking shot John. Good day for BMW and Dunlop