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Tom Coronel is one of the Good Guys. An ace driver of Touring Cars and GTs he is in demand wherever he goes. This year he races for both SEAT and Spyker but what sets him apart from some of the more dour, "focused" professionals is his sense of fun, life is for living at the highest intensity. Time spent in his company is never wasted, you always end up with a smile on your face.

Out on track he is usually good value too……………..I was in Imola back in 2005, working the Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari track, specifically the Variante Alta. Most of the WTCC cars were leaping there but none jumped like Tom in the SEAT. Best of all, the spot drew many photographers but I was the only one to be lucky enough to get the "decisive moment". We are also intensively competitive.

I showed it to Tom after the action had finished, he promised to pay me if I kept the shot hidden as he had come up with another explanation to the team for the damage to the car……sure I said……..of course he did not keep his promise and neither did I.  So the following month it ran full size in Sport Auto…………his reaction? A huge laugh and a slap on the back for me. Some days this business nearly makes sense.

John Brooks



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Haha. Funny picture, faceplant;)



Where are his Nomex racing gloves?


LOL i would totally use this as my background




Looks expensive...


Your stories have the same effect on me... Always a smile after reading it!

Thanks John!!


Yea if he is that good then his team probably didn't give him too much guff.


No driving gloves required? I've forgotten to put my gloves on and been black flagged for it in a Canadian Touring Car race.


Brooks FTW!

Tom and his brother Tim have also run the Dakar Rally. I think they both drove but when Tim was in the drivers' seat, Tom 'navigated' while taking photographs to update his blog with. Both guys are awesome.

Why is Tom not wearing gloves? Shouldn't he HAVE to, this being the WTCC?


@everyone.......first off glad to see you are all paying attention, Tom had left his gloves in his hotel room, borrowed some from Liz Halliday who was driving for Lister in the FIA GT race, but they were too small so he took them off while zooming round................this was the first WTCC free practice and he got away with it as most of the officials and press were still waiting for expresso to kick in.



OMG I thought only stunt bikers did stoppies?!


IU much prefer the cars run in the first years of the 2000 era WTCC. The sedan shape is much more appealing than the hatchback on the Seat Leon. I hope the WTCC gets more brands in the next few years.


wow. they are some good front brakes. brembos???


Here we go with part two of my coverage of the Japanese Car Festival at Circuit Park Zandvoort. The R33


Here we go with part two of my coverage of the Japanese Car Festival at Circuit Park Zandvoort. The R33