Preview>>a Crazy Weekend In Socal

Southern California – the automotive epicenter of the United States, and possibly the world.

Where else in the span of 30 hours, and a total distance of about 50 miles…

…can you visit a routine gathering of classics, exotics, and other automotive gems…

… watch fat-tired muscle cars navigate a tight autocross course…

…and finish up with a visit to the world's biggest all-Honda gathering?

For me, the weekend started at the crack of dawn Saturday morning with a trip to Cars and Coffee in Irvine. As usual, the weekly selection didn't disappoint.

After Cars and Coffee wrapped up, it was a short drive to the Orange County Fairgrounds for the Goodguys OC Get Together.

Now typically we don't cover these type of "conservative" rod and custom events on Speedhunters, but I was curious to see what I'd find here.

Most of all, I was interested to see the "Street Challenge" autocross the competition that's become a huge part of Goodguys shows across the USA. How can you not like seeing pro-touring muscle cars being driven the way they should be?

The following day, it was off to the Eibach HQ in Corona for the madness that is the annual all-Honda meet.

For Honda people, Eibach is like the Pebble Beach Concourse. I know I saw enough roof racks, stretched tires, and crooked stickers here to last a lifetime.

Now it's time start digging through my photos from the weekend. Stay tuned for coverage from all of these events coming throughout the week.

-Mike Garrett



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I forgot what those rims were called :/



"I know I saw enough roof racks, stretched tires, and crooked stickers here to last a lifetime."


any more pics of that 4 door square body civic? takes me back....


wow, that SLS gets me every time. The custom rides are great, but damn, that SLS...


Man I'm jealous! I miss socal.


The SLS looks sooo good in black. Hate it in any other color. I can only imagine how wonderful it sounds. Digging the pro touring Camaro and Mustang as well.


What wheels are on that camaro in the third pic? Looks so good!


hahah roof racks..


The rubber on that Camaro! Haha although my favourite's gotta be that 911 Carrera


Wow Cars and Coffee went off.... I'm surprised you did not have more pics...

Some of the highlights:

MGC- GT Lemans race car

Austin Healy Aluminum bodied Factory Race car.

The Awesome BMC training Bus driven over by Wayne Carrini

Nice 300SL roadster

a Twin turbo BMW 2002

3x Saab sonnets (look up these cool little cars!)

2 decent early Z's both modifed

Jaguar XJC (look this little rarity up!)

Modern Highlights.

The wide-bodied matte black e92 M3.

The SLS was mean, really mean

Of course there was like 5 GTR's

A few Lambo's

More Mustang variants and 911's then you could imagine.

Few Ferrari's as they where up in Pasadena for a Ferrari only show...

A few Lambo's

2 Viper ACR's of different vintages

A Mclaren SLR

All vintages of M cars except an M1.

This show is a cool Mecca you never know what will shop up, Both Calloway and Superformance bring cars here all the time, we have had Veyrons, Gumparts, SSC Aero's, Atoms, As well as older euro cars that are always in the house. If you have pics of the Blue E46 with the red interior.. I would be greatly appreciative. I think I pulled out a few minutes after the SLS.


I wish I lived on the west coast... florida blows


You said it Mike: "enough roof racks, stretched tires, and crooked stickers"......I would add lame this all scene turned out?

Jesus....people these days cannot think with their own melon anymore, let's all copy each other....."a diverse culture" at its best.....


I just miss the really hot cars, like this for example: 9 litre displacement, 1200 HP

that sucks (:


ok WTF are FWD civic doin with negative comber in the rear


on my way to work i passed cars and work the good guys auto cross was happening across the street from me and at night i went to the mountains...i think socal is pretty cool haha


nobody covered ToyotaFest from 2 weeks ago at Long Beach. Speedhunters missed out on that one.


Is that an SLS in the 5th picture, I didn't know they were out yet


love the pictures.. some nice pieces of kit in here!! - you just didn't give me enough.. cool blog though..


i didnt think the SLS was out yet either. i wish you'd have gotten more pics!


Good stuff Mike =]



The SLS looked like press car by the wear on the seats. That car already had some miles on it. It was carrying no plates or temp Reg though.


Oef that honda looks great!


wat happenend to bmw 02 plates lol



here is the build thread for Bad Penny, the camaro.

check page ten for the wheels


wat happenend to bmw 02 plates lol