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It's over. 24 Hour of Nurburgring has come to an end with the #25 BMW Motorsport E92 M3 taking the win. Team NFS rounded off it's debut 24HR with a highly respectable 4th overall, covering 152 laps during the course of the twenty four hours. Full coverage of each day and a big desktop update throughout the course of the week.



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Congrats!! have been 24 wonderful hours=).. And team NFS very good debut, to bad about car no.77.


how can you be this fast, does your camera have WLAN?? :)

looking forward to your pictures!


I'm kinda sad for #9 hybrid GT3-R, retiring just 1h45 before the end, would have made for a great performance and a huge step in the future


congrats for team NFS's 4th place!!! and to Ferrari...


Ditto on the hypbrid porsche! Fortunately, it made a wonderful showing and it will be a pleasure to see more hybrids in the future!


great race ! the Nr1 manthey Porsche was so fast this year to bad that the VW crashd him!


Congrats on the 4th place!


Congrats on 4th place, this seems like it will solidify NFS as a serious racing team.


What a race! The LeMans 24H is nothing compared to this!


Congrats to the NFS team , 4th in such a monster race is a great result.

What a great race it was ! i'm very happy to see SH involved in "classic" endurance racing. With the bunch of super talented guys making the teams ( racing and...reporting ) , i wait for tons of brilliant pics and reports..... :D)))

When great teams like Manthey , Abt and....Porsche (!) are defeated , the winner made a(nother) step in the history of endurance racing.

PS thex for the tip about Radio Le mans , very helpfull for people who's last german lessons are 25 yeras old !


The M3 that won is a hybrid too, albeit a limited one. The car has a single battery that runs all of the electronics until which time the operator decides it's time to go. Then he powers a motors that engages the engine and bump starts it. Then the magic happens, the engine begins generating electicity through limited parasitic loss that powers all functions underway, as well as restoring the battery to it's full capacity for the next time "efficiency" is required. Older cars allowed even for the motor to engage with the vehicle in gear, but the transmissions weren't designed for high-speed hybrid function. That was deemed unsafe and "solved", leaving many a vehicle underneith a train.

Cheers to the future!


i was there !!! :D but the best at the event were all the partys around the circuit


CONGRATS!!! 4th place is VERY respectable, whens the last time an M3 has won the N24? Wasn't it back in '05, with Boris Said at the wheel?


Congrats to all who survived the 24h n the "green hell"!


I love watching the opening video, there's the top seven cars that are part of these huge historical racing teams, and then at the back there's this little blue and white Z4 that's just killing them softly. Nice work Soderland and NFS!


It was a really fantastic race. I feel a little sad for the No. 9 Hybrid Porsche though... Gongrats for team NFS! fanstastic performance!


i agree!! Big Up yourselves.. keep on keeping on!!


Here are some pictures of the no 77 car in the pit, after the crash..

Press read more in the first post... Everything is in Norwegian text..


nice one guys.. 4th is good.. Congratulations.. Big Up yourselves..


Congratulations NFS team for bagging 4th. Next goal, the podium!


Congrats on the awesome 4th place! The car looks amazing. Also, props to my boy Leh and his team for finishing 2nd overall, less than 4 minutes back in their debut! And the stock GT3RS finishing 13th...nasty.