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I find it pretty amazing that you can jump on an airplane, fly to the other side of the planet, drive out to an unfamiliar race track, arrive and be among friends and collaborators. I'm here at the World Time Attack Challenge in Australia, yet being at this race track feels like home in many respects. It seems like the more motorsports events I go to, the smaller this
little automotive industry gets and the more car people I get to connect

On our trip to Sydney we've had the chance to meet many email friends of Speedhunters. Finally some faces get attached to inbox names and new business and creative relationships are created.

Anyway, I thought I'd take you along with Dino and I, in our first few days of speedhunting in Sydney earlier this week. I shot this photo just as we arrived at our hotel in Darling Harbour. You can see that Dino pulled a few strings with Nissan to borrow a bit of a fancy car!

This is the first time I've had the opportunity to spend time in one of these Japanese supercars… it's quite the feat of engineering although I do miss having an MP3 jack lol.

So our first port of call was Croydon Racing Developments to shoot a Car Builder feature.

As you can see, they are a bit of a Skyline specialist and have one of the biggest facilities of its type that I've ever had the pleasure to visit.

You may recall that we featured a video of this black JUN R32 which caused a bit of a stir by hitting the 9s without a roll cage… oops!

That video was created by Andrew and co from Motive. It also turns out that his office is based at CRD.

Everywhere we looked we were faced with car after car of Skyline goodness.

CRD also had some other wild machines in the works too like this insane sleeper styled 300ZX/Fairlady.

In terms of motorsports, drag racing seems to be the chosen discipline. This S14 is the world's fastest SR20 down the 1320.

Here's a customer car getting tuned up on the Dyno.

We eventually settled on this very clean, high power R32 to shoot a full feature on. That's Dino doing his thing.

I sure you might be thinking that we're terrorizing the roads of Sydney with our GT-R, but it seems like we've landed in the middle of an automotive police state.

Some stern warnings from Nissan means that we are crawling around, generally driving under the speed limit along with the rest of the Sydney's motorists. It's a bit of an odd experience tbh.

After a few hours at CRD we crawled in "Lexus mode" with the GT-R to Gas Motorsport to shoot another shop feature.

This is a big drag shop who've devoted themselves to the art of the 2JZ.

Some of you may recognize this as the ex-Titan "Scion tC".

Yes this is what a 2200 hp 2JZ looks like folks.

We decided to do a full feature shoot with this 2JZ powered BMW E46. We're not sure yet if we should try and run a big drag racing theme on the site, or just give you the features piece meal. Any thoughts about that readers?

This Gas Motorsport Street/Strip oriented Supra is quite legendary in Australia as it originally developed something like 1600 hp when first built. Output has been lowered to a more drivable 1000 hp now though to allow the owner to enjoy the car more.

Next door to Gas is the sister company Rotor Master. Check out their full tube frame FD drag machine.

The shop was also full of all manner of old school R100-RX2-RX3 drag builds in various states of completion. You'll need to check back for the full shop feature though!

So that was Day One in Sydney. We ended the day meeting up with Tom from Fast Fours magazine.

He's got some good auto styles going although we need to get a Speedhunters sticker on his car!

OK Back with reports from Day2 and Day3 from our Speedhunting in Sydney tour.


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Awesome. Australia is like mini Japan on roids.


R35 GTR looks mint!

CRD are well known for what they do. :thumbsup:


dude is that abel's old K&N drag RX7???


what is "lexus mode"?


@martin : yup it's Abel Ilbara's old RX7 which is now owned by Joe Signorelli from GAS Motorsport.


all looking good so far.. i think a full on drag theme might be a little too much.. just up the content a bit more.. keep it coming..


^^^ Yes It's Abel Ibarras old car. I think Joe Signorelli races it now.

Biggie's 180sx is delicious


keep it coming bud

lovin it


haha, welcome to australia. i had to laugh at you noting the speed warning propoganda all around the place. Australia as a whole is so strict on speeding, there are cameras hidden everywhere, under bridges, behind road signs etc, and you will get an infringement notice, min $150 fine and demerit points for as little as 3km/h over the speed limit!! NSW and VIC are also notorious for police targeting modified vehicles and defecting them regularly. Takes a lot of the fun out of modifying cars, but we still do it anyway! Hope you had fun, and great job getting CRD and GAS some publicity on the world stage - they are truly pushing the boundaries for 26DETT and 2J's respectively.


So glad you guys came. Finally some world exposure to our scene here in Sydney. Can't wait for you guys to see the crowds tomorrow for the final day of WTAC.


Hey Rod, looks like ya finally got a car that matches those red pants of yours!


Yeah do a feature on the 2200 2jz ... That make a great article for the horsepower freaks ... The tubing is huge on that thing wow


glad your not the only one who thinks aus is a police state mark weber is also of that opinion


Drag racing is cool, more original drag racer builds.


WOO sydney represent!

nice coverage guys, and welcome to our fine city, hope you enjoy it!

See you at the track tomorrow, any ideas where to find you boys say hi and steal a sticker from you?


Welcome to our beautiful country and state!!! Hope you enjoy your stay here. Great coverage so far lads.


Cant wait for the workshop features , Sydney Represent ;)

Have a fun time down here boys


automotive police state is about right, if you drove the 180sx pictured at the bottom then there is a very high chance you'll get some kind of police harassment


Martin - Yes :-)


That red RX-7 sure looks like Ibarra's old car. Guys, can you make more features please? I'd love to see the best examples from the Australian aftermarket scene.


You went to CRD and you didnt take any pictures or mention of one of the most influencial GTRs' in the world? (GTR700)?

I feel your shame Rod.......


I think it would be great if you guys showed more drag coverage especially of the Jap / Import flavour . There is a real following of drag Racing in Australasia and a growing following in the Uk with like of the SumoPowr Drag R33 , Mark Bradshaw with Tube 350z and that tube frame Evo .

Its something your site really lacks is drag racing coverage and car build features . Most of the AWD records & RWD records for japanese powered vehichles are from Australasia yet you see minimal coverage through the media / internet .


What is that skull sticker w/ the pink outline on the rx7 in the first pic? anyone know?


holy mother of horsepower! 2200hp 2jZ?! feature please! :D


GTR 700 is hardly influential it had all the potential to be a world beater but failed misrebly . All they had was media hype and not et's top go with it .

The Heat Treatments R32 GTR on the other is a world record holder for fastest AWD / 4WD over the quarter mile . Its is in constant development and will be in Australia to reset its own record in August . It currently puts out over 1700hp at the wheels in UNIBODY Chassis . And pulls 7.57 1/4 mile @ over 180mph . Influential much ?


Hi guys, great shoot, aside from one thing...

That "300Z" you see ISN'T a 300Z :-) Or if it IS, then it's got the wrong shell on it, 'cause that red beauty is an AW11 MR2 with an engine in the wrong place.

Nick (Nocturnal_Nick from Toymods)


Hey guys, thanks for showing some of what's going on around Aus, I look forward to seeing more.

Love that Supra. "A more driveable 1000 hp" ... yeah, I'll bet.


Nick, it IS a 300ZX you smurf. A Z31, not a Z32.