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I just returned back to LA after spending an awesome weekend cruising in muscle cars and watching drag racing in the Central Valley. I'm pumped to post about that, as well as a couple of stories for "Drives Week" but first I need to wrap up my stories from last weekend.

Here's one last batch of photographs from the insanity that was the 2010 Eibach Honda Meet.

Another one of the many S2000's that came out, wearing a Spoon front bumper and an appropriate set of special "Honda Edition" Volk CE28N's.

I was digging this Acura TSX with a full Accord conversion. I don't know what aero kit that is, but it looks surprisingly good.

Not only are roof racks a big deal, but so is the type of bike you attach to it. I spotted everything from fixies and BMX bikes to lowrider cycles.

No bike racks here. This track-bred DC2 Integra is pure function.

This Civic road-tripped all the way down from Washington to take part in the festivities.

The boundaries of wheel fitment are always being pushed more and more. Just two or three years ago a setup like this would be unheard of.

As cool as four-door Integras with the JDM nose are, I still mistake them for Accords sometime. I can't be the only one, right?

The DC5 RSX/Integra – a car that is definitely missed looking at today's current Honda lineup.

Of course the internet-famous Big Mike Prelude was out. Such incredible detail on this car.

Here's some more USDM VIP style with an Acura TL dropped on a set of Work Equips.

Seen enough S2000's yet? Didn't think so.

One more four-door Integra. I'm sure the owner is still looking for a sweet bike to thrown on the roof rack.

For some reason when most people see a fifth gen Prelude, they same something about how the car should have been rear-drive. I guess it's lines do sort of suggest an FR layout…

I have to commend the people that removed their hoods for the meet. Everyone should know how poorly cars photograph with their hoods raised!

This race-spec RHD DC2 Type R had to be one of the coolest cars of the day.

The white Word RSZ-R's are such a perfect fit here. One of my favorite discontinued wheels for sure.

One more shot of the super clean CIvic Coupe on Work Equips.

Even late in the day the streets around the place were overflowing with people trying to find a spot. If you're planning on coming to this meet next year, be prepared to do some walking.

That will do it for my coverage of the 2010 Eibach Meet.

Even if you aren't a big fan of Hondas, roof racks, stretched tires, and whatever else – the passion that a lot of these guys have for their cars is unmatched. That alone makes Eibach more than worth the trip.

-Mike Garrett

Eibach Meet Pt.2

Eibach Meet Pt.1



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The rack on the DB1 (4 door integra) is for snowboards..


The last gen Prelude was the great rwd car that Honda never made. I dont get the roof rack craze...Oh well to each his own...


Agreed that the fifth gen Prelude should have been RWD. Also don't get the roof racks or stretched tires just not my thing I guess.. Still great pics and post !


Much better Honda's in this Blog Roll then here in AUS.


great coverage!


call me a noob if u want.. but what is JDM?


Feature on Big Mike's 'lude!


no, 5th gen prelude is not a RWD car

afaik, S series and NSX are RWD

and yeah, i dig 4WS so much i had to show it to my friend everytime

their jaw drops everytime, guarantee!


I saw that red DC2 in Honda Tuning magazine. Dang, now it's running a meaner lip. B18C5 power, I guess?

The rest looks sick...without the roof racks xP


roof racks are only cool when they are used. too many people have them just to act like they need them. there is a reason that my roof rack comes off durring the summer, i snowboard and have no use for it durring the warm months.


verrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy cool. Im not that big on the bike racks and crazy hella flush but you know what at least everyone isnt running the same crap. So hey im not complainging. BTW the Fifth gen Prelude realy Does look RWD. It should have. Though I love FF Hondas. I think that one was better off R


Roof racks just came from wanting to have a zippy or fast ride but still wanting to retain some sort of function. For me, I use mine to haul a kayak on my lowly Gen 6 Accord and still have fun getting to the coves. It comes from not having the money for a SUV right now. The rim thing is what the euro tuner kids been doing a while. Seems like the VIP movement has made it the thing now, I guess. I don't mind it. Something different. I'll stick to the typical formula myself. But for show it's fun. Love this post.

Totally agree with the Prelude RWD set up too. Shoulda happened.


JDM = Japanese Domestic Market.


I wonder why that race-spec RHD DC2 Type R wasn't showing it's engine bay? Looks like Chase did the work, so...?


I am the owner of the mint green Prelude, and I just want to take the time to thank Speedhunters for showing me love. I sincerely appreciate it guys. With all of the hundreds of cars out there, I am honored to be graced with a shot or two and a caption with such complimentary words. Thanks everyone at Speedhunters. And I also appreciate nice comments from the readers, thank you very much for the love everyone.


FOUR LUG DC2ITR huh, must be an early version, not many of those in circulation before the 5-lug setup became the norm for ITR's. Yah some awesome pics and looks like an amazing meet, Eibach always does it right!


4th and 5th gen Prelude needs to be RWD. one day imma make a setup that will work for a RWD lude conversion.

Another car that should have been rwd? 4g eclipse and 3000gt xD