Event>>the Eibach Meet Continued

So it looks like our coverage of the annual all-Honda Eibach meet has generated quite a bit of discussion from you guys, with the age-old "form vs. function" argument resurfacing once again.

Personally, I think it's great to see the different viewpoints, and the Eibach meet offered plenty for supporters of both.

On one hand there were lots of the heavily detailed, slammed machines that have made SoCal's Honda scene world famous.

But there were also lots of functional cars out as well. From circuit-spec machines like this DC2 Integra…

…to those built for runs down the old 1320'.

I think only place you might see more hoodless cars than the Eibach meet is at a hot rod gathering like Viva Las Vegas.

I've seen this ridiculously low, and ridiculously cool looking CR-X at a few different events in LA. It never gets old.

There were a few FIts getting in on the action. My favorite had to be this KraftWerks-tuned GD3.

Check the JDM front end conversion. It's not dramatically different than the US nose, but there is a difference there.

Here's a late model Civic Si sedan dropped on a set of Advan RG2's.

This black DC2 Integra was incredible, looking track-ready, but with the presentation of a show car.

As with a lot of the top-level cars 'round these parts, the stock B-series has been swapped out for a K.

It seems like the idea of "flushing out" USDM-only cars is starting to grow. Hey, why not? This Accord Coupe doesn't look bad at all.

Or what about a VIP-inspired Accord sedan?

Another one for the race car lovers, a K-swapped EK9 Civic Type R from the folks at Sportcar Motion.

I love the looks of this Del Sol, but that Cusco roll bar looks a little too close for comfort!

A red S2000 on 16" Spoon SW388's. Such a classic combo.

Equally as classic is this NSX on Mugen M7's. I'm not sure if these wheels came from the factory like this, or were custom-widened, but they look beautiful.

Fact, this is one of the nicest CB-chassis Accords I've ever seen.

I'll finish up this post with a strikingly simple Civic Coupe. I'm not exactly sure why, but this was another one of my favorite cars of the day.

OK, back soon with more from the Eibach Meet.

-Mike Garrett



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sooo sick. wish i was home to go to this one this year


Much love for the CB7 platform ;) remember your roots!


I don't think M7s come with that much dish. Love it all!


I think those are just NSX spec M7's but I'm not 100% sure.


Need more pix... (if possable) ... dam fuk... pissed I missed the show... everyone went.. but I spaced on the date =(


whoa!! thanks for the CR-X, love those to death.. the flushed Accord Coupe looks ready love the rims its got too. i didn't realise the DC2's were so popular.. - thanks for a cool post


love the black race-prepped dc2 on rg2s


Those M7's are re-barreled wheels. Notice the step lip on the wheel, M7's don't come with that much offset and design.


Hmmm those spoon wheels look VERY similar to regamaster EVO's


Well im a fan of both function and form,but im not a fan of cars that have crazy RACE parts but never even see the regular street pavement.but thats just me.


I still find it hilarious with the roof racks!

I assume it's just there for a novelty...

In AUS it would be laughed at big time.


every yr this event gets better and better, everyone seems to step their game up to a higher level and leaves me very impressed......good lookin Speedhunters for the coverage


Nice to see a CLEEN & SIMPLE done up NSX for a change. A car that can be overdone easily. (In a bad way)


"VIP-inspired Accord Sedan." REALLY???? What is "VIP" about the car in that picture?


Just curious.... does anyone know what wheels are the CRX rolling on? Are those RS Watanabes?


Spoon SW388's are made by desmond.


Love the cb7! Wallpaper of it? Please?


i wonder how many of those super clean "track cars" actually see the track. not to mention that so cal has been the cause for every problem with the honda hobby. that ek9 actually belongs to jade, and i cant believe people are still putting shitty ass crushco cages in their cars. bolt in garbage cages.


are there gonna be any other features from the show other than the purrty green S2k?


Those 2 Dc2 the are "track prep" have never seen the track. That black dc2 with rg2 is a full blown show kaaa. Thier name of the company is "Circuit Hero" ... See the Irony here? They should have named it "Parking Lot Hero"


No DC5 love?


I just returned back to LA after spending an awesome weekend cruising in muscle cars and watching drag racing in the Central Valley. I'm pumped to post about that, as well as a couple of stories for "Drives Week" but first I need to wrap


My ap2 made the first pic whoop whoop