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For years now, people have been saying that Hondas are "old news". Saying that people have moved away from their Civics and Integras to drift cars, AWD turbo things, or grown-up VIP sedans. It may be true to an extent, but you wouldn't think so by looking at the hundreds upon hundreds of Hondas and Acuras that invaded the Eibach Springs HQ in Corona on Sunday.

And it's not just the cars that inside the meet itself. For blocks and blocks the hilly streets around the Eibach building were filled with Hondas of every type…

To be honest, a lot of these cars weren't particularly special, but the sheer number of them was something in itself. I just wonder how many people got lost trying to find their car.

"I know I parked next to the the lowered EG Civic with a roof rack…no, not that one, a different one."

Inside the event is a different story though. Frankly, this is a trendy bunch and Eibach is where the trendiest of the trendy go to show off their stuff. This year it seems like custom-widened wheels with lots of negative camber are getting huge…

…along with Honda standards like the shaved bay.

No car does the street Honda thing better than the Phaze II EG Civic. Every time I walked by, the car was literally swarmed with people. I think folks are finding out that you can't just replicate this look with a bidding spree on Ebay.

Hey, Honda makes other cars too. There were quite a few S2000's at Eibach, from the purely functional…

…to envelope-pushing street cruisers like Alex Zhao's AP1. Linhbergh spent some time with this car after the meet, so expect to see more on it soon.

I was also surprised to a see production-spec Honda CR-Z at the meet. This was my first time seeing a CR-Z in person, and I have to say it's bigger than I thought. Still can't wait to get a turn behind the wheel.

Love the full aero kit on this Civic sedan, or Civic Ferio as it would be known in Japan.

Love this Mugenized version of the somewhat-forgotten EP3 Civic Si hatchback. Very simple.

And speaking of simple, it was these cars that I was drawn to the most. Cars that will look just as good in 10 or 20 years as they do now.

A clean body, good stance, and a set of properly-fitting but not crazy wheels. You can't go wrong.

There's nothing especially crazy about this Accord…

…but I do like the rare Southern Ways "Aero Sports" wheels. Can't say that I've ever seen a set of these before.

The modern equivalent of jamming a big block into a Falcon or Nova – putting a V6 into an EG Civic.

Another Honda that doesn't get a whole lot of love, the Prelude. One more of those great Honda designs from the 1990's.

Here's one more for the S2000 fans. I used to think the Spoon front bumper for the S2K was a little much, but it's starting to grow on me. The concave face Advans are also spot-on.

Just as I walked to into the show I noticed this rad Accord Wagon parked outside the main gate. I was meaning to come back for a closer look, but the time I got back out it was already gone. You snooze, you lose.

I've been reading about, and checking out photos from the Eibach meet for years, but this was my first time visiting in person – and I was just amazed at the scope of the thing. Just look at all those people in the background.

That will do it for part one. Much more to come from Honda heaven.

-Mike Garrett



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Nice pics! That v6 Civic is crazy! Probably lots of torque steer! But, have you seen the Civette on Youtube? That's crazy!


I love these insanely customized HONDAS with the crazy wheel fitment and big turbo kits!

I really can't wait to see part 2!

I am also expecting the forthcoming features from Linhbergh because i hope he might have grabbed the chance to shoot many of these outstanding hondas like the s2000 you mentioned in the post!

Please Linhbergh do a feature for the blue s2k with the concave face Advans

and the infamous Phaze ii civic!


That blue S2K is seriously crazy hottt!!!! OH man, im not holy crazy about the honda thing, but the gold one or the phaze 2 civic are just to sick to not like. Can't wait for part 2!!


OOhhhhh Yeeaahhh!!. This meet and the TAS in Japan are two meets I have in my to do list. Looking forward to Part 2,3,4 and 5 ;p


im likin that V6 civic.... but i bet it torque steers to f**k! u wouldnt need to turn the wheel at a roundabout, just mash your right pedal ;)


Any EK Civics?


I mean EF.


Lovin' the Ferio.

What ever happened to functional Hondas? Show is okay, but just.

Dang every car has the mandatory JDM side-markers and yellow fogs. :) Neat!


I heart Hondas!!


nobody drives a 1980 honda prelude!




awesome coverage Mike!


nice. keen to see more pics! :)

love the southern ways wheels on the accord..!


wo0ow it's really nice cars i hope 2 every one take care of his car

we have cars in our web and we hope 2 see this cars there also

we like honda =)


Mmm, finally a nice dose of Honda. Requesting a photo of the red 4th gen Prelude next to the Accord sporting Aero Sports, for part two!


@francis. did you miss that track spec yellow s2k with the voltex wing?? that's team pac mans purpose build. super functional


i guess my first comment was too rude. ok i will rephrase it, some really boring cars, everythings trendy, nice coverage though.


First, I apoliogize to whomever I may offend here, but why the hell are strange custom wheels with 7+ degrees of negative camber popular?! How the hell does that look good? That's almost as bad as bosozoku styled cars.

Anyways, even though I'm a hardcore Nissan and BMW fanboy (strange combination right?), I have to say that a Honda done in the right way appeals to me just as much as a 240/180SX or a 325IS. But sadly, nowadays, most Hondas, are not done in this way; ugly bodykits, skinny tires stretched over rediculously fat wheels with way too much negative camber. The best three cars in this post are the Prelude, the Accord wagon and the blue S2000.

And by the way, just an afterthought, how come nobody's done a RWD Prelude?! That would be f*cking sick, especially seeing it sideways. Thoughts?


Yes got a soft spot for the Honda's.. Part 2 'must' feature the CRX though - so sorry i sold my Twin Carb imported version all those years ago.. great photo's by the way.. 10 out of 10


the ONLY reason i read this article was in hopes of finding quality NSX's and S2000's....not fwd dumb-ness. *disappointment*


Syn City, there was a rwd prelude, back in the day someone made it, turned the H22 sideways. I dont have pics nor am i going to go google it, might take ages, but its been done.


to syn city. actully someone id do that from mn. i saw the car at hin. he dropped an h series in to the back of the car. i believe the site is inlinexracing.com its actually very sick


CR-Z's look pretty hot from the rear, especially considering it's a hybrid! Still have to see one in person, but from videos it looks pretty sweet.


i like the trends! it's what keep pushing people to do better and crazier things! not gonna lie, i personaly love low offset wheels that face the sky and roof racks, but whatev if many of you don't like it. don't question someone elses car, they put the stuff on cuz they like it, NOT YOU. so props for covering the trendy and not so trendy hondas!

and to all the haters, chances are that whatever you do to your car...it's been done before.


mr2_ftw you are the reason there is tension and hate between rwd and fwd guys. ever think we are all just car enthusiasts? people like you just feed into the problems.


Bike rack trend is ridiculous.

Always worth a LOL


soooo basically the honda scene is exactly the same as the VW scene,


nice coverage with some cars ive never seen before. honda <3


Yay I love people who buy roofracks and buy a bike to put it on the roof rack but don't even ride a bike. Super trendy and cool bro.



i own an s13 but my favorite car ever has to be my old civic wagon:-(my eg was cool too.


Shaved engine bays are love! Love the yellow 2000 and have always wanted to turn an Accord into a cheap cruiser sort of car. Keep 'em coming!


hahahahaha even speedhunters can recognize the honda hobby is full of just trendy shit. im looking at these cars and im just bored to death. i build hondas but this whole thing has gotten stale. cars are bland and boring, non-functional, and have no personality. big mikes prelude seems to be one of the few cars there that were just crazy cool.

i will be the first to say that i wish it were 2000 again when everyone did what they wanted.



i own an s13 but my favorite car ever has to be my old civic wagon:-(my eg was cool too.


n e one got pics of the mid engine rear wheel drive honda crx ??


From where i come from, civics (EGs) these days, are driven by a younger crowd (usually 18 yrs - early 20s). The ones with Turbo AWDs are usually an older crowd.

Is that the same where you guys are from ?


whos the idiot who brought the ms3 to a honda meet


the DC in the first picture is absolutely gorgeous.


I seen Spoons CR-Z yesterday in Tokyo, its a stunning looking little car :)


The S2000s are dope....the rest?.....frontwheel FAIL.


ryoga81, your another one of those idiots arent you? you and mr2_ftw must be buddies or something right?

for years i have watched skilled drivers turn better lap times in fwd cars then rwd cars. i will even admit that fwd has the biggest disadvantage when it comes to racing, however they are also the cheapest to build and race for the most part.

go back to hella flush or stance works you will fit in over there.


I attended the insane Eibach meet this past Sunday with fellow Speedhunter, Mike Garrett. If you haven't


Good to see a j series swap. Where is that crazy rear engined crx looked interesting !


I can't believe Honda's still command a crowd! I'm saying that in a good way... Also that red wagon threw me back about 10 years!


people do what they do!

so all of you think roof racks and deep dish wheels are trendy? that may be so, but take into accout the amount of people that don't have EITHER of those... much more than people that do. sooo what are you rockin? +40 offset? same as your buddy with the red crx with black slips. i bet you and your friends think you're pushin the scene, sorry, you're no different. i like the trends. like i said earlier, it's the trends that keep pushin people to do better and crazier things, you need a "norm" to expand from it. get over it. im sure none of you can say you have nicer car than the red eg or green teggy in this blog.

to each his own.


a few of us are making the trip over from england next year for this. I hope the silly ammounts of camber trend goes away by then, A little bits ok, but that gold ek's ott imo & I am a fan of the "stanced" look etc but not when it just looks stupid like that. If it had a regular fit on the back it would be so sick!

Shame really.


Nice engine on that Gold EK. Dunno if i dig camber on a FWD ride. Still sweet tho. Accord wagon? More please -_-


I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.




wheres that dirty rex speed hunters no pics or what??


I just returned back to LA after spending an awesome weekend cruising in muscle cars and watching drag racing in the Central Valley. I'm pumped to post about that, as well as a couple of stories for "Drives Week" but first I need to wrap