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In the midst of my recent holiday time, I ventured out to the TT Circuit in Assen for another dose of German cars to see the annual  German Car Festival. I got to the track very early, just as cars were starting to roll into the venue.

Inside the paddock I was greeted with these two cars from Oettinger. A Volkswagen Caddy and a Golf mk6, both of them featured the RXX wheels in a matte black finish. More on them later.

This mk3 Golf was very pleasing to the eyes with a Vento front and deep blue color. Not sure what to make of the graffiti on the hood though!

The DZ Exclusiv wheels made a pretty bold statement.

This mk1 rolled in for scrutinizing check to enter  the Toyo Tires shootout.

The car could be a whole lot lower but then it wouldn't be drivable anymore on our less than perfect Dutch roads.

Inside the engine was a lot of chrome and braided hoses.

Stretched tires on these BBS mesh wheels on a Karmann designed mk1 convertible.

This German tank in disguise was actually a Golf mk4 with a set OZ Racing Botticelli wheels. It had a full rollcage and by the looks of it an airbag suspension system.

One of the few mk2's present was this white version on steelies with a checkered roof.

A real head turner was this black Scirocco. I saw it rolling through the paddock and just had to follow it. I've never seen such a clean example of this older model Scirocco previously.

Every angle of the car looked amazing. I caught myself coming to this car every time I made another circle around the paddock.

Not sure who makes these 15" wheels but they looked great together with the lowered suspension.

The Corrado is another car you don't see very often especially not this good looking. People tend to overdo the car and make it look rubbish, luckily there are still people that can make the Corrado look better instead of worse.

The two Volkswagens from the opening picture.

This mk1 had a very special Emming built race motor with 200bhp. Another item that was looking very interesting were the…

…Zender Turbo wheels. It had a optional ring attached to it to alter the look of the wheel.

It doesn't get better than this old school Volkswagen Jetta on BBS mesh wheels.

Another mk1 that was very green to say the least. It was running on classic OZ Racing wheels.

I tried some black and white for this very cool beetle. I loved the unrestored look and feel of the car.

It had some retro undefined wheels that made all the difference.

Old school logo for the win.

Even the interior was unrestored with all the original bits still intact.

At the stand where I shot the Beetle I saw this kid with a very cool looking device, all I got from my parents when I was young was a BMX bicycle, haha.

In part two I will have a look at the other German cars.

-Jeroen Willemsen



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damn im lovin these hood designs


whatever "that" is in the last pic.........i need one in my life!


haha More info on the bike! that made looking over typical dub sheep styling worth it. although MK3 bonnet is a good cut through.


Hoi Jeroen, hoe zit het ondertussen met dat E30 avontuur van u?


WoW, Great picture of my son on his new ride. Thanks.


Duits Autosport Festival... Wat word op de foto gezet? Alleen maar rice!


That white mk2 with checkered roof is from our club!


I prefer the Japanese car festival!

But there's a couple of clean cars, like that black Scirocco, that's really nice.


that last pic is so awesome...aahahah,any pics of the front of the camouflage golf??!!


To bad my car was broken down... because i wrecked my drive shaft :(


God damn both the Scirocco and Corrado are perfect.


The wheels on the black Scirocco is Pls Silverstone's, Great Article!


The rims on the black Mk2 Scirocco are PLS ITC SPORT items.


love the mk1 jetta, kind of disappointed that there was only one..


lol holy shit that little cycle thing the kid is riding is awesome! too bad it's front-wheel drive ;)


also the wheels on the green mk1 are OZ Turbo


German Tank, more like a Focke Wolf or Messerschmidt fighter!


I don't think they're image rims. Images are replicas of the original, the PLS ITC SPORT


Feature on the bike at the end!


@ Henk,

Denk dat jij de betekenis van Rice niet helemaal weet. Ga daar eerst maar is onderzoek naar doen.

Great coverage like always. To bad I couldn't go due to stinking work again.


That kid on that bike >.<


the black 'rocco is cool as.. love the orange MK1 on Zenders.. and of course the Corrado.. could have done with more photo's of that..


i want to know more about the cool Big Wheel in the last pic.

Infact a Bio on Big Wheels would be cool.

Big wheel. Spinout 360, ect....