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If it wasn't for a Speedhunter reader I would have never known that the Tsuzuki Parking Area on the Daisan Keihin expressway, a stone throw away from my home, is at times the place where one of the biggest AE86 meetings in the Tokyo/Yokohama area occurs. Forget your loud Daikoku PA meetings, the atmosphere at Tsuzuki on that Saturday night a few months back was very relaxed, no loud music being blared out from "night club on wheels" vans and no interference from bosozoku bike gangs that usually get most meetings prematurely shut down thanks to their concertos of unsilenced exhausts. 

As with most meetings I arrived too early, but it's something I like to do as it allows me to check out the cars at they arrive, hearing their exhaust notes and seeing the gathering unfold before me.

This is what the parking area was beginning to look like as more AE86 owners from as far as Yamanashi-ken made the drive to this very northern part of Yokohama-city.

This spotless Trueno coupe belongs to the Speedhunter reader who tipped me on the meeting, a car he has owned for quite a long time. That seemed to be the case with most of the people present, a few of them owning their cars from new…

…this red Trueno hatch being one of them I believe. Notice the original decals!

The way most of the cars present seemed to have been looked after was very refreshing to see; I don't know, maybe I'm spending too much time at drift events seeing beaten up hachiroku getting abused! 

Even what looked like drift cars were in unbelievably clean condition. True heaven for any AE86 otaku!

While some owners really tried to keep to the stock factory look, others went the opposite directions with bright paint jobs.

Oh and lets not forget all the vintage JDM wheels!

The car park was quite busy that night so the meeting was a little scattered. Just look at how many AE86 you can spot in the background.

I had trouble understanding what shop this car was affiliated with as it was stickered up with decals from all the major brands and shops in Japan!

This one was a little easier to identify! Not too often you see AE86s set up for grip these days!

I had spotted this Trueno earlier in the night…

…it looked very special with its chunky overfenders, but it was under the hood where things got really interesting…

…with a very clean 20-valve black-top swap. 

I only got a shot of this lonely yellow example, as I was a little concerned with the load on the truck it was parked next to. Surely that has to be nuclear waste! 

More "panda" goodness!

It's not all 20-valve swaps however, most of the cars are still running the good old regular 16-valve 4AG, carbed or fuel injected.

Watanabes are always such a great match for these cars.

Let's see how many true AE86 otaku we have reading. They may look like painted steel wheels but can anyone identify these rare old school lightweight rims?

It might not be a hachiroku but it's still a Toyota! 

This particular turbocharged Starlet was built by the guys at Tec-Arts and it's one car we probably need to take a closer look at.

How mean are the front and rear fender blistering! So smoothly done too.

It is very hard to find out about low-profile gatherings like these, so I'd really like to thank the Speedhunter reader that tipped me off! He will be keeping me clued up on more of these meets so you can expect much more authentic JDM AE86 coverage in the future!

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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I beleive the old steelies are BBR COMPS?!?!?! Its been a while since I seen them last, after all I had a set at one time.


The 4AG was meant to last forever :)




A Question - I've seen a few different interpretations of the Panada two-tone. Did this ever appear in the States with the US front end? If so, anyone know if it was on the top of the bumpers - Thanks :)


Dino,you have no idea how much I envy you:-(


Desktop! Number three! Deifintely


excellent coverage! reminds me of the earlier days here on SH, 'car life' and 'the 101' posts ;)


there's just something so pure and awesome about informal, relaxed car meets.


just lovely


Oh my heaven has come here. <3 AE86 and 4AGE.


I love them all LOL - the red one on vintage JDM wheels looks this business.. cool..


This is exactly why I love Speedhunters.


nice write up!! that 5 door starlet looks cool with the n2 fenders!


What the hell the brown grip rolla is my cars jdm twin apparently...





I wish I could get a "panda" Trueno someday... with the stock 16V and all! 4A-Gs sound so nice.

Thanks for the pictures and write-up. Stuff like this is why I come back to visit SH.


WOW! I am so envious! I hope my AE86 can one day look like those! Truly spectacular cars!


6th photo! fd3s in the background deserved a photo for us to admire! the tec art's starlet should have be looked closer a long time ago! nice meting, very clean and stock lookin ae86's! it's rare to see such models like this nowadays!


This is an awesome post. Just like Austin Powers, "Women want you, and men want to be you." Yeah, envious indeed. Lol.


are the steelies super raps?


nice coverage of a cool meet. nice to see some clean ae86's.. :)

un-named wheels on the red panda '86 would be Super RAP's..?


Feature on the KP!


@andy blackmore- usdm two tones did have the paint on the top of the bumper in the front and rear


I love it too much, I wanna one old Trueno with its atmosphere of Japan))


86 Life.


Number 3 make a desktop please. Some great pics and cars in here.


dino yah bas3rd!

here's the damn link for those rare rare rare rims but its in japanese: http://www.86life.com/w_nomal8.htm

puhleeeze enlighten meeeeee!!!!! and SH readers!

ps. MALAYSIA BOLEH! otaku/kiasu/tak nak kalah keyboard warrior!

this comment is an ode to the malaysian badminton team.


Always nice to see non drift hachi's, they live longer.


Absolutely agree with BlueSlug! Dino is somewhat very special part of speedhunters. Our certified supplier of formal and whats more important informal car japaneese culture. Reports from daikoku and meetings like have such an underground vibe to it - like you are invited to some very special place for very special people. The only thing that gave me such feelings in the past is the demoscene, but that's another story. Thank you, Dino!


@andy blackmoore

we never got a panda layout here with the US bumpers. A few guys have done it, but it doesn't line up quite as clean. The GTS did get two-tone on the front bumper, but not the whole body from factory.


what i'd do for an AE86 Corolla with Initial D decals........


this article makes me want to sell my e30 and get a corolla...


thank you! thank you! awesome coverage!


some really nice cars there! saw a really clean ae86 levin on tuesday :)


Thanks guys, real glad you like coverage like this. Will be trying to dive deeper into the "underground" LOL

The rims are old lightweight Bridgestones, well done finding some info on those!


Rad. I'm feelin this. I really want to get one of these but in the US it is SO hard to find one that is not completely ruined by some kid or just crazy money (because someone will pay it). One day I'll find the one... One day. And it will be rad!


awesome coverage


great article ,,, that surely seemed like 86 heaven !!


Great work documenting the meet. More posts like this one please. Its just what I needed.


this article makes me want to sell my e30 and get a corolla...


any events near osaka? im near osakajokuen station. looking for drift events and such :)


Ghetto awesome, im aching to come to japan...


More pics,more pics,mmmmmmmmmoooooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!


Great coverage Dino! Looking forward to more.

Maybe check regularly Tsuzuki PA on your way back into Tokyo from Daikoku.

BTW, the old lightweight wheels are Bridgestone RAP 038, predecesor to the BS Super RAP.

Both were popular with the gymkhana crowd back in the day. Extremely light and sizes within


RAP 038


Super RAP




The 1st pic looks so nice.

AE86 meet up at it's best!




These photos are actually terrible.

Dont think i will be adding any as a desktop. not with quality this bad.


Thank you tomok! I will make sure to keep an eye out on Tsuzuki! And again thanks for letting me know about these meetings! Will definitely be at the next one


cororram & cfrost - ok, I'm confused LOL! Want to make sure the vinyl for the US Corolla in Need for Speed World is correct :)


> Wired4sound

Just FYI, Tsuzuki is very dark, and that night the wind was pretty strong, rocking the tripod and blowing up alot of dust.

I'm sure there will be meets at more photo friendly locations in the future!


All the cars are gems! Love the coverage, keep it up Dino!


the red supercharged levin on gold watanabe wins it for me! so 90's!


I know Sendai is pretty far away, but Round 2 of JDDA conference is taking place there next month.


wonder if this came up..."i left my car next to that panda trueno...nope, not that one..."


The AE86 day celebrations might have ended but it sure doesn't mean we can't keep enjoying some