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Junkyard look? Rusted out? What ever you want to call it, I've been seeing this kind of rat-rod style more and more in Japan and the guys from motorFIX have really mastered it in the drifting world. It really does make sense, why bother running a spotless drift car with expensive aero, when sooner or later the unavoidable will happen. These two motorFIX Corollas have been built following this notion, all of the attention being given to the engine and suspension.

Joining the TE71 on the Nishi course pits during the Spring Drift Matsuri was the very well known KE70 Corolla Wagon, a car that originally started off life as a regular sedan, but was then converted by motorFIX into a station wagon with a lot of cutting and welding.

Powering the wagon is a blacktop 20-valve, still running the stock A111 funnels that are usually covered up by the intake plenum.

The white & yellow TE71, seen here showing off it's filthy, unwashed, battered up exterior…

…is also boasting a 20-valve black top 4AG conversion…

…running really short intake funnels.

The 4AG supplies plenty of screaming naturally aspirated power to have tons of fun out on track.

At one point through the weekend I spotted the driver of the rusty wagon doing his thing through the Kita course in-field.

The 4AG in the KE70 runs 0.5 mm oversized forged pistons, a TRD 0.8 mm metal head gasket and a ported and polished head. The motor is mated, like in the TE71, to a T50 transmission.

The owner ended up rolling the car at the Matsuri, caving in the roof pretty badly, probably spelling the end of what has become the most epic Corolla wagon on the net! I'm sure the new owner will come back with something totally new, or maybe attempt to fix it! 

This thing is just oozing style, and rust!

That's it for this shot look at the motorFIX Corollas. If I have a chance in the future I really want to drop by their shop in Gifu-ken to check out what other cool cars they have built.


-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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Love these Corolla as much as i like the AE86's..


rusty as hell, but it flys.. it would probably put to shame a lot of so-called fast cars..


are those rear wheels on the saloon Alleycats?? i got some of those in my cellar..


With the knowledge of their previous (mad) fixes I'm pretty sure they will amaze us with another creation! For instance finally show up in their AE86 Trueno wagon! :P


pretty dam cool!! all though iv never heard of some one calling velocity stacks "air funnels" before haha


i love how purposeful they both are... shame to see the wagon rolled tho!

although it is an honourable way for them to bow out haha


Wondering if the forgotten but the best AE92 model was able to get some spotlight. I own one, and it out handles the hachi and its got a better engine.

Waits for fanboy hate.


The wagon is a just a standard wagon body from the factory. No cutting or welding to make it look like that!!


Dino, I've noticed that whenever you write about ANY cool looking car you describe it as "oozing style". Using the same catchphrase to describe every single featured car is plainly boring and unimaginative. That's not to say that your articles are bad - it's exactly the opposite, but abusing that "oozes style" thing is just wrong. Just a thought...


the ae92 is for sure an underdog!! and i think that it can handle very well but i would not say it can out handle an ae86 in all cases and the engine is not really any better..either way what the efff does your ae92 have any thing to do with DRIFTING TE/KE/AE chasis...if this was a grip ae86 article i could see your point...and my guess to the reason why the ae92 gets no spotlight cause no one really builds them plus there not as bad ass as rwd drive corollas...and thats a fact


short funnels are meant for more low end torque


Actually that Wagon is a 4 door Sedan. It has the roof to the back half welded to the back of the body.


this & goto's ae86 put a big smile in my face... thanks dino!


Toby, Motorfix doesn't build ae92's. Hence they are completely unrelated to this spotlight


Sorta cool, I approve of the mentality, but eventually that rust will catch up to them.


"oozing style"? You're joking, right? I respect any fast car that's beaten on at the track, but to say that rusted thing has anything approaching style is an insult.


Great cars.



more style than show cars for sure. This things scream madness and manliness.

Could we get a high res version of the 3rd pic down? with the TE71 Pleaaase???


i like it! i always feel sorry for the beautiful cars people wreck while drifting.


Rat Stylin' rules!!!


Looks like a factory KE70 wagon to me...


"all of the attention being given to the engine and suspension." The engine bay looked just as dirty and bad as the rest of the car. It may be putting out enough power to drift but I'm sure the numbers aren't impressive. I like the rusted out look when it's done right ... clean wheels or a clean engine bay. This car oozes rust and dirt from what I see, can you point out where the style is?


i say these cars are FULL of style, i LOVE it!

here's my fav motorfix vid when i need a bit of a motor fix~


Ok first I wanna say I've got tons of respect for anyone who really pushes their car, but.... Why even try to have a nice car when you can get respect for rollin in a pile?! If that's all you can afford, ok I get that, otherwise step up your game! These cars look terrible, but it is cool someone is still throwin them around a track.


I just can't wait untill my paint job rusts and gets dented so I can be like these cars. Ugh, I just don't get it.


Rolla Drift Pigs FTW!

Just shows how hard these guys drift and its all about the "Go" and no need for "Show".


Alright.... for 1 These things are the essence of my motto; all go, no show. Your right, their numbers probs arnt awesome.... so what, theyre drift cars. i bet they have more hours in setting up their suspension than the time passed since the day I was born. (8 years after my TE71 wagon was built)

Yes they have style... all show, no go, sideways with your friends.... style!

As for death of the coolest wagon on the webernet... with the help of their website... maybe ill have its replacement. and OMG THEY HAVE CARBON HOODS FOR ME... damn touge dear wrecked my stocky!


In all honesty, this car does what its meant. Drift. If you have the cash to make it all show... then do it. But BIG respect the these guys taking the basics and making it work... Unless you folks like the show and no go?


No show, but a lot of go! I like them!


Last picture as wallpaper! :)


I get it. Some guys don't shave. Some guys get their eyebrows done. These cars were built by men with Burt Reynolds mustaches.


The reason the car was converted to a wagon is because the wagons came with leaf springs from the factory. They chopped the roof and 1/4 panels and put them on the sedan body which came with a factory 4-link.


onelungderryl...I think the sedans are 5 link. Might be wrong though.


Neil "short funnels are meant for more low end torque", that's wrong in theory and practice even though 20V engines defy normal harmonic resonance logic.


Nice cars, great shots :) Desktops?


I love the rust look, like you say what's the point of paint and polish some tit will probably scratch it or ding your door in the car park etc. I'd love a e34 or e28 bmw rat look, not lowered to the floor but just plain scary looking. one thought was get a pre 1960 classic ( mot exempt in England) plus tax exempt plus cheep classic insurance then stuff modern diesel engine under the bonnet and rat the hell out of it.


huhuhu...just in love