Car Spotlight>>a Clean Ef Sedan

As I walked around the Eibach Meet earlier this month, I found dozens of Hondas that were spotlight or feature-worthy. From blinged out show machines to hardcore track cars, there was no shortage of cool vehicles. However, there was one car that really caught my eye – a very well executed EF Civic sedan.

Ten years ago if somebody said "'80s Civic sedan" and "classic" in the sentence, I would have laughed. Now, over 20 years since this body style hit the market it definitely has a nostalgic feel. And I'm eating my words.

Of course if this car was all beat up like most of the '80s Civics still on the road, I wouldn't be spending the time to post about it. I have no idea what's under the hood, but I don't think it matters.

First off, the car looks magnificent. It's dropped perfectly on a set of turquoise BBS RS's, sized just right to fill the fenders and nothing more.

The interior is also in awesome shape. Most people treated these cars simply as commuters, so there aren't many that have been kept up like this.

The plaid door panels are a nice touch without going too far into the gimmicky side. The same goes for the wooden Nardi Classic wheel.

The thing that I love most about Hondas is their simplicity, and that's why I like this particular car. Not only does it look cool. but it takes you back to a time not so long ago, when "compact" cars were still compact and basic, but also fun.

-Mike Garrett



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damn......i miss my civic wagon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


nicest sedan ever seen!!


super sweet ef!!


So sick


paying homage to ef chasis that started 80s street racing scene in cali! awesome!


I LOVE this car. I have thought about getting one and doing something like this to it.

Great looking car!!!!!!!!


"...when "compact" cars were still compact and basic, but also fun."

And not retarded, with 18 billion fanbois.

I will say it is clean, but its about as unique as a paper plate with a sharpie design. Kinda like 240s.


Gotta love the simple and clean look


Desktop pleeeeeeeeeeeease!

Love the interior!


there is NOT enough Honda coverage on this website


Really nice car. Brings back memories from my old 90 HB… I really miss that damn car!


awesome 80's civic, i've seen him on streets a few times already looks just as good in person,


I see this when I just cut to pieces my old EF, what timing, Need to get one ASAP


makes me me miss mine, love the follow up on this car tahnks.


One clean EF sedan man! My boy Ha would die over this thing. His first was an EF sedan too and he slammed the shit so low that it can drive under and through an 18 wheeler!


Wow what a good looking EF sedan, it makes me feel a bit sad as I had one many years ago (didnt we all?) and it was awesome, I should have kept it, it saved me a ton of money and was the beginning of the Honda-scene for me, I owe the EF sedan a lot. I'd like to know what is under the hood but it doesnt really matter the least bit, its a superb car as it sits right now. Awesome pics, hard to believe these were brand new SO LONG AGO wow!


awesome! so pure and simple


I'm not a honda person, but this looks very clean.




Simplicity at its best.


Yeah the old school Hondas back in the early 90s are the best bunch. Hondas back then can be dubbed "JDM" not because you got a Japanese spec parts on it, but because it was made in Japan and have it's counterparts back there. Nowadays the Civics and Accords are no longer compact, but gone "American size". The US Accords and Civics have no counterparts in Japan. You look at the Japanese Civics and Accords and they're all totally different. The Hondas here are all "Americanized". The olden days are far better.


I'm liking this a lot, so clean and simple......DO WANT!!!


can i post pictures of my mom's civic too? let me just put some rims on it that are worth more than the car first...


Normally I hate Hondas. Where I live every single Honda that drives past me is a gross riced out piece of crap. But this one is different, This thing is like immaculate. Damn, Good job.


very ugly...


So beautiful. I'm not even a fan of Civics set-up like this but the owner just pulled it off. I really love the clean carbon fiber hood.


Old school honda's has always been one of my favourite.i dont know whether is the boxy shape of that time or just the nostalgic feeling i get when i look at it as my dad use to own was young and it brings fond memories


Yo cory you just got robbed


you've just inspired a mess of people to fix up a dirt cheap car knowing they can make it look titties!!!

im glad you featured this car!!!


nice to see something completely affordable look soooo nice!


nice sedan. looks a lot like mine


Well said. Compact cars are definitely not compact anymore. This Honda is amazing though I love it.


"your mom likes it rough said:

can i post pictures of my mom's civic too? let me just put some rims on it that are worth more than the car first."

-hey man this isnt the place for that kind of talk, if youve ever driven a nicely prepped civic of that model then you would appreciate the independent suspension and ease of getting it set up for track / circuit duty even using oem parts off other models in their linup (prelude, integra, etc) while enjoying a car thats barely 2000 lbs and easy to drive as a DD. There isnt any other car out there like that, which is why the Civic was such a strong contender back before they went soft and modernized into larger cars.

I guess if you just dont know then you just dont know, it shows your ignorance, thats not a good look for you.


car looks very clean.. love the BBS rims.. not many looking like this to the owner,,


I wasnt taking pix at eibach, but when I seen this EF2 it was mandatory to take a photo.

The only car I actually took time to look at and admire it.

Great job to the owner.


I'll take the wheels and the steering wheel... but that's about it...


I'm thankful people like the sedan.. i built it not for the people but for myself.. I like what i've done so far but you will like what is next to come... again thanks for the comments


Don't usually like Honda's dumped and stanced but this one...this one is effing sick!


I'm pretty sure that hood is covered with a carbon vinyl.