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I know a lot of you have been waiting for this more detailed look at Goto-san’s new AE86 Levin, by far the car that for me at least, stood out the most from the Spring Drift Matsuri. I met Goto-san for the first time last year when I was blown away by his impressive driving style as he threw his hatch-less AE86 Trueno around the Nishi and Kita courses. For 2010 however he has truly stepped up his game with a ride that was attracting tons of attention in the paddock. It was actually Suenaga that told me to head over to Nishi to take a look at the “really cool” green AE86, and I’m glad I did as when I arrived he had just headed out…

…for some smoking laps! Here he is doing his trademark hand salute to anyone that points a camera at him!

The speed he threw his car sideways down the main straight was pretty unbelievable, apparently done at the top of fourth gear with a decisive flick of the steering wheel and a momentary lift from the throttle. As you can see, unless he is giving rides, his girlfriend always accompanies him.

Simplicity is pretty much what makes this Levin such a crazy looking car and the interesting choice of matte green gives it a true unique look. The front aero fenders and rear overfenders are from Run Free and really help to give the car a wider stance.

When Goto-san opened the paper-light passenger side door I instantly noticed how the green color of the body almost matched the green of the Takata harnesses! The main goal with this project was shaving off as much weight as possible…

…and increasing the rigidity of the aging chassis. This was achieved by stripping everything down to the bare metal, even the parcel shelf that separates the interior from the trunk area was removed, and spot and seam weld everything up. A custom roll-cage was then fabricated and welded in place. Before the car was put together the bare chassis was painted in matte black to give it a cleaner look.

Only the top part of the stock dashboard remains and it’s been modified to accommodate an ashtray from a the seat of a Shinkansen bullet train. As Goto-san explains there is no way he can open the fixed lexan window to flick the ash off his cigarette when drifting, so the ashtray really does come in handy.

He always seems to be holding a lit smoke! He did admit to being a very heavy smoker LOL

Under the lightweight Kaso Club hood lies the silvertop 20-valve 4AG that used to power his old Trueno…

…running pretty much stock power, only boosted by the intake funnels, race headers and a straight through exhaust.

Along with the rest of the shell the engine bay was also painted in matte black and if you look carefully you can see the spot welding done around the suspension turrets.

Thanks to all the weight saving measures, you can see the lexan windows on both the side and the rear, the AE86 now weighs 750 kg! Even the Kaso Club trunk lid weighs a fraction of the original item!

Check out how the front splitter is held in place with a series of zip-ties…

…much like the front bumper! Goto-san had a nice selection of vintage rims, the front running Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1s in 185/60/R14 size.

The AE86 is light and responsive and always ready to be flicked sideways.

His driving style, with his brutal weight transfers and on the limit racing lines, reminds me of Ueo, probably the best AE86 out there.

That color really pops when the sun shines!

I hope Goto-san makes it to the Summer Matsuri in August, as I want to see this little green beast out on the Ebisu tracks!

Many thanks to Goto-san for allowing me to check out his car and grab a few quick shots! Arigatou!

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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Nuts. I love it!


Love it, really looks amazing!!!!


Just amazing. Toronto needs someone to import classic drift cars!


That car is gorgeous! I love it. Awesome feature.


great car


Sweet! Looks like a fun car.


Sweet! Looks like a fun car.


good article and great pictures, very interesting car! wallpaper of the 3rd picture?!


4th pic is the best for wallpaper material


In the matsuri posts you've refered a couple of times to goto-san's old 'trueno' but the boroboro hatchless beast was a Levin!


Ugh this really makes me want to keep my Levin, must resist!


Anyone know why he doesn't run a proper harness bar?


@SoloTwo-RESIST!or ill take it of your

This car is nuts,to bad i cant remember what the other car he had last


ok i remember seing hes old trueno on NORIYARO now


Are there any videos of him in action?


ae86 perfection! IS the train ashtray an extension of the train hang-ring theme?


Pure PORN!

thanks for that Dino, you love to keep us all in suspense don't you.

Jordan : The reasons are, saving weight and this is Japan, the grassroots guys don't REALLY care much about safety standards like people in other countries. Look at his half rollcage and gutted doors and you can see what I mean. Goto's driving is really good. So the only concern is if someone else slams into him.


Silver Top 20V 4AGE FTW!

This looks great and a perfect example of a drift AE86.


cant wait for the wallpaper! 1980px pleaseeee!


nnnnniiiiiiiiiiiiiiccccccccceeeeeeee.hachiroku forever


This is what i came for.. car is schweet.. the man is fast becoming legendary.. Thanks - great pics.. and yes i want one..


Oh yes.. my kind of girl too - 'always with him', sharing the passion, the thrills,.. you girls ouy there could learn a lot from her - LOL!!


Perfectoooo!! keeping it a real 86 with a 4ag yeeehaaaa!!!!!


god aka boss aka GOTOsan))

totally made my day...


I usually hate Levins but his one, omg, it's beautiful and really original! Plus, the driver knows how to drive it :P


not bad at 750kg, still 40kg heavier than mine was b:-)


Needs more pics of the babe posing in the first photo.


Super hot! Crazy that smoking is so important that he would add a train ashtray? Worst thing about this great car, those things are vile. Also, cool to see him rocking 14s.


Let's swiftly move on with the coverage of the Exciting Car Showdown and what better car to get things