Behind The Scenes>> Ultimate Grand Touring Pt2

Isn’t the modern world an amazing place? I’m sitting here in Nelson, New Zealand typing away on my laptop while streaming the Formula D Top 16 battles at Road Atlanta while working on photos I shot at Silverstone in the UK. A live broadcast from WRC NZ is also on the tele, so I’m having some serious motorsports bliss going on here from the comfort of my holiday apartment.

I hope that you guys took the time to stream the GT1 and GT3 races last weekend too. There’s no reason at all not to be up on the latest happenings at the top of the GT Racing and Drift food chains is there!

Exactly one week ago this is what I was faced with… the GT1 World Championship grid.

Lucky for me, my media credentials allowed me to access to the cars as they got ready for the race start.

Thunderbirds are go!

It seems like there is a walking circuit that most professional photographers take… they snap the race start and make their way down to Maggots and Becketts to catch the cars at speed though these high velocity esses. I did the same I have to say.

The Lambo emitt an unholy wail from their exhausts, but the GT-Rs roar like overpowered muscle machines.

Ok well that’s if for my Silverstone reports. We still have driver blogs coming from Vaughn Gittin JR, Patrick Soderlund and JCW from the winning GT-R.

Talk soon,


Silverstone GT1-GT3 Coverage on Speedhunters



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the GT1 R35s dont run the same V8 as Super GT cars. the GT1 cars run the VK56. the 09 Super GT cars ran the VK45. the 010 Super GT cars run some kind of low-displacement (3.8L?) V8 as per the 2010 regs. im pretty sure thats how it is. someone correct me if im wrong


actually nvm the 010 Super GT R35 engine is a 3.4L V8 called the VHR34A. but yea the 09 GT500 R35s ran the VK45 and the GT1 R35s (and chris forsberg's Z33) run the VK56. im a pro armchair racer. trust me on this.


Sport cars , big cars , race cars , endurance cars....Big racing sport cars ! Yeaaaaah ! that's what i like : D

Grazzie mille Rod for this future moments of memory.

I hope you enjoy your rest in New-Zealand , but i find a bit weird that you decided to cross the earth just at the precise moment of one of the most exciting WRC event of the year ! ( atm i type this , checking the provisionnal results , it seem that the 2010 NZ WRC event will be a moment of history too ! ....i can't believe you're standing in confort motel , behind your laptop ! you....liar ! )

Thx m8 ;)


Great post as usual mate, the pictures are absolutely stunning. Aren't vacations supposed to be about not working though? Haha well enjoy the rest of your holiday, i'm looking forward to seeing how the 22 and 23 cars do throughout the rest of the season.


great coverage.. love the close up of the battle scarred No.23.. plus Z4 didn't do too bad, not too shabby..


Important looking Japanese man is none other than Yuichi Sanada-san President of Nismo.

Nice shots. ;)

Are you coming to Nurburg?


your getting so much better rod, well done can't wait for superlap matey


nice set of pics rod , love the 18th pic of the gtr and the lambo and vette behind , such a cinematic catch . oh and i had a pair of those puma's with the two velcros but were red and black . those are some comfy shooz in they :)


excuse my ignorance but why do nissan use 23?