The 2010 season of Formula D just started this past weekend, so let’s take a look back at the 2009 season through the eyes of Will Roegge in his latest film.




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Is Will and Josh covering the FD season in conjunction with Keep Drifting Fun?


this is just magnificent!

i m not a pro but i can easily reckon the artistic perspective of view of mr. roegge!

excellent contrast and clarity!

superb music editing!

i really like it!

i hope u edit some similar vids for mad mike and matt powers...and please let us hear the sound of engines when u think it is necessary!


Wayne, glad you liked it. Similar videos for Matt and Mad Mike are on the way. Plus now with 100% more engine sounds. That has been a common response to the "music video" style montage based edits. So this year's films will be content and ambient sound based.

StayShift, Keep Drifting Fun is our grassroots drift documentary. I'm covering FD for Speedhunters. Either way, plenty of drifting. Plus some FIA GT/GT 3, Time Attack, and special projects - which I'm VERY excited for this year.


wow thats amazing man! love it! yeah engine noise would be cool but i really love the music too... your videos got me hooked on drifting.


Will Roegge has so much damn talent.


Immense film! Great stuff. Love the Infected Mushroom, fits so well! I agree with Wayne about the engine sounds, maybe a bit more when it fits! Still, awesome editing and footage. Looking forwards to more!


?????????? ????!))


Hey Will,

FANTASTIC !!! video, editing, contrast, sounds were absolutley superb !

Looking forward to more of your work comming about especially on the BADBULL RX-8.

Can you tell me the names of the music used in that video ?

Cheers -



apart form the super editing, anyone know what the song he used is?


Hi Will,

AWESOME Video !!! Fantastic how you capture the lightening and the sky. I allso like the black-and-white effects in the end. And to the new sounds: I don't really like the high sounds in the beginning but i think drums allways give a good background musik for driftvideos.

I am sory for my "school english" ;)

Looking forward to your next movies -



The song is Sa'eed by Infected Mushroom. Thanks to Patrick Mordaunt and Michael Foldenauer for the recommendation. It's all one track - seven minutes in length. Go buy the album! Thanks for the comments and support Speedhunters readers.