Hey Speedhunters! I also wanted to give you guys a sneak peak of some action – here's a video from my test at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. It really shows the new age of ultra powerful ultra fast drift cars competing in Formula Drift, so stop what your doing and turn your speakers up to the max!!




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I don't wanna be bad but what I see is powerfull car but I don't see how de FD have more good drifting, in tsuiso battle is boring some people have a lot of power and they always win becuase they always go away.

But where are the very close tsuiso battle? or the entrys with more angle??

I wanna see good drifting not more powerful and fast cars because just make more distance between the cars.


Noob question but, Why a right hand drive Sky???


@Yelo - I'm not sure, but I'd guess he started as an RHD driver


D-Mac is from Ireland, where everything is RHD, I think it's just sticking to what he's used to.

Crazy noises and crazy power, I love how the Sky looks! I wonder what the weight of that thing is!


Formula D is quite boring in my opinion, they have some very unique and interesting vehicles, but...all i can see is power power and...power, that's it, no 90 degrees entry, no 200km/h entry, no super close tsuiso battle, not enough good tracks, no dramatic situation, and the commentators are kind of boring (i don't blame them, both english and japanese languages are too different) Actually, i would love to see more Gaikokujin compete more races in D1, it can really shows how much different between Japanese drifters and Gaijin drifters, here i am not saying the skills, but about the styles they have.


the car was made rhd to make me feel comfortable in it as thats what im used to driving


I wonder why Falken wants to advertise the Sky because Saturn is out of the market? Unless this video will be shown in Germany, because there people buy the Opel GT. Same exact car.


@ many - in case you forgot, we don't have the many massive tracks like Fuji, Suzuka and Autopolis, so we don't exactly have too many tracks where drivers can get the 200+kph speeds.Also, D1GP rules: chase car mirrors/gets closest to lead car. FD rules until this year: chase car still follows proper line. And as far as the horsepower race, I guess you dont follow D1GP too much, as almost every car now is over 600hp, and some near 1,000. I guess you have already doomed Hibino as a loser for the year, poor guy has to make do with 300+ in the AE86.

C'mon you guys....keep crapping on FD and guess what you gonna have? Grassroots events with 200 spectators and 10 decent drivers, spotty coverage and NO video from D1GP, and complete and utter failure to EVER see the Japanese drivers compete (THANKS D1GP-USA). Don't forget Europe, I guess they should all shut down EDC and the rest, because they aren't Japanese, don't have 200+kph entries, and are even farther behind D1GP and FD.

I'm looking forward to my 4th year at Long Beach. You can sit at home and cry some more.


i love the falken bird @ 1:13 bwahahahaha. n cool rhd conversion


+1 to most everything you said D1RGE


Very crappy sounding engine. It sounds like a poorly functioning power tool but on a positive note it does take major skill to control such a powerful lightweight car at the limit. Also FD somehow manages to be less exciting than grassroots events even though FD has more skillful drivers and (arguably) better cars. IMHO its the rules etc. and not the cars & drivers.


I like the fact that falken tires is putting a lot of money into the sport, but would it kill them to have different paint schemes on a few of the cars??


To those who answer me: Thank's a lot for the answer, I didn't know that....


Lots of negative comments, i don't get you guys. America has created their own style of drifting and IMHO its managed way better than D1. Tire companies like falken spend a lot of money to be involved and build bad ass cars because the bs politics of D1 aren't in FD.

Like D1RGE says, if you don't want to understand why its different in FD and just bash, you're doing no one any good. Grassroots is awesome, but if you want drifting to grow it has to be let loose to grow however it works in each culture. And if you don't want it to grow, thats selfish and close minded.

The cultures in japan, europe, and america are all so different theres no way drifting will be or stay the same as 10 years ago in japan. Let drifting be free to be whatever it wants to be in each country, and let everyone enjoy it in there own way.

For america and FD, i reckon Darrens sky is the shizzle.


no u misunderstood, i am not trying to blame FD, i was just being a spectator, pointing out what did it lacks of, and hope for something better, one of the reason of wanting more FD driver compete in D1 is because it can increase the popularity of gaijin drivers, which will make a chain reaction to FD as well, it's a positive fact i believe, i am a Asian, if the Option video didn't have any coverage about the US drifters, i wouldn't know/care about the forerign drift race, because they have nothing to interact with the main stream, which is D1, same as other Asian spectators...FD really need more and more stuff to catch more attension from all over the world, keeps it as the same as right now will not help it.


I'm sorry guys, but this car looks nothing like a true drift car should look like..... no stance, no aero to the ground, no damn zipties.... nothing, absolute absence of style .... we don't need a second NASCAR i just don't get why people make drifting all about stupid power and nothing else, it is not, it's all about style uniqueness and technique ... I understand that FD is not a grassroots drifting anymore, but it still can have lots of style and there is lots of examples out there - Matt Powers' S14, Garage BOSO S15, Essa's old RX7 and his new BMW 335, Taka's AE86, Tommy Roberts' S13, Joon Maeng's S13.5, Falken's IS, Katushiro Ueo's S15... all of them are just amazing. All these people and their cars make me want to watch drifting and FD, make me want to build cars like they do, make me want to drift like they do...and I thank all of them big time for keeping that style in FD...


Im from Chile a country in the end of the world (I mean real en of the world not like Argentina) but I have Speed Chanel and I also watch FD some times but always look too muh distance by the construction of cars where to have a chance with some other driftiers you have to be a Ueno or really talented guy.

Its very bad drifting its not boring and with this new cars with more power make more distance in the championship.

And maybe you can make a great event with a thousan of people but the grassroots still havin better tsuiso battle.

I wish a better FD Championship for this year but with this modifications some laws can be bad for other drifters with less power in his car like close drifting.


Oh yea ,the middle finger to the face...awesome car must take alot of engineering to make that thing go as it is, but I prefer underpowered car taking on monsterious(Don't even know if that is a word) machine cause it give's alot more of a challenge.



What you said is purely on taste, I need to point out to you that what you think looks good does not look good to everyone. IMO all the cars you listed (bar the BOSO S15 and Essa'a BMW 335) are the ugliest cars at FD, BUT that is simply my opinion, as is yours. I believe that D-MAC's car is one of the nicest looking cars out there along with Tanner's Scion TC, Vaughn's Mustang GT and Hubinette's Viper, but like I say, that is a mere opinion, and nothing more.


@Vitali.... did you notice almost none of those cars you listed are competitive for the championship??? It's about winning. And to win you need to step up the builds.

Why build a 350hp 240sx that's slammed and has zipties just so it captures the "essence" of drifting, when it won't even make it past top 32 on most tracks? It's a competition, not a car show. Some companies are in it to win it. And to do so takes more than an underpowered car and clutch kicking.


am lovin it!!


Question, why are you able to convert a LHD car to RHD? I thought formula D rules were no modification to the steering on left/right side? Must come with chassis like it is? Or was this not converted? I assume they have RHD Saturn Sky (vauxhall) but what were the exceptions to this rule?


The Opel GT is LHD also, I dont think it makes a difference really what side of the car you sit on. Thats more preference from what ever part of the world you grew up on, not a performance advantage in any way