Random Snap>> Vip Crown

There has been a lack of VIP love around here as of late so I thought I'd post a couple of pictures of a car a friend of mine spotted while checking out Japanese car blogs.

I'm not sure what shop is responsible for this creation or what kit it runs but it's by far one of the most extreme and lowest Crown Athletes I've ever seen. Check out the six exhaust pipes!

The car is obviously on air suspension and has been dropped right on the ground for these pictures. And take a look at the massive front & rear brakes. You got to love how they do things down in Kansai, it's either all the way, or no way at all. Makes Tokyo feel like a very boring place at times!

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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so wicked


nice car but IMO the bodykits and the exhauts is overkill


That does not look like a VIP style car


@ MickMaxx... My thoughts exactly. A little spocom thrown into the mix?


LOL @ the vents and bodykit swooshes all over, looks like the '90's all over again. not clean enough to be a classy VIP, sorry. looks more like something out of a German/Euro tuner house with the stupid over the top semi-functional performance b.s. on a car that doesnt do anything other than highway cruising. lame. cool front grille though.


indeed not very VIPpish to me, looks very cheap and ugly


I need a towel !!!


Overkill, overkill, and more overkill. The kit looks like it was styled after the van parked behind it.

I'm all for big brakes on anything, even VIP cars, but racy/aggressively styled bodykits like that don't work with VIP cars. VIPs are supposed to be subtle, and this, is not.


Uuuuh... looks kinda photoshopped to me, no? The rear wheel in the first photo looks particularly odd @.@ lol iunno


BBS holler


VIP??? don't think so, sorry that car is Fugly... it would look better bone stock, the body kit and fender are just plain ugly


VIP's just a style that people can slam their car on wide wheels and skinny tires. Mind you these wheels are just as expensive as the chassis itself. Shown true by the comments... any other mods besides lowering, wheels, fender mods, and tinting makes it "non-VIP"

VIP - Very Important Person. Judging by the NAME of the style that you're all envying, you're assuming that by modding your car in this fashion people will correlate the VIP STATUS to you via your car.

In reality, you're a half hearted automtoive enthusiast. You're in it because you think girls will flock to your car. Quit your job at discount tire and move on...


That bodykit is Ugly and six exhaust pipes? i have no idea why people dig this type of stuff...


loooks damn nice to me , although i feel the urge of bigger rims to fill the bodykit gaps


Thats definetly not V.I:P, the owner just mixed and matched styles to destroy a perfectly good crown.....these speedhunter editors need to learn which styles are which..ur wrong on this one


I think the car looks pretty hot. A note on VIP though....build a car thats absolutely butter on inside and especially the back....but then drive it with empty rear seats....I'd hire a damn driver and enjoy the fruits of my labor!


It's a mixture or Shakotan / VIP Style (Not necessary a VIP car).

Either way I love it.


looks like a bucket of penises covered in brussels sprouts


That car is so money,it does'nt even know it.


Fine example of what not to do to a nice car. It has nice wheels, but the car is horribly executed. Shakotan is a different style no doubt, but some of that ish is pretty ricey.


i like its slammed look, not feeling the six exhaust or the overly fussy bodykit, i think the overall shape of the kit is ok, but just needs smoothing a bit.. good wheel choice, looks like a decent brake setup.. in the UK it would possibly get laughed at to a certain degree.. "overkill vs. subtly"


naah, bodykit is to aggresive..


Not VIP. This is more of a sporty-sedan look. Long live Junction Produce.


I don't get all this fuss on whether it's VIP or not. If you flick through one of the Japanese VIP mags its full of cars like this one. It maybe a different take on the traditional VIP style, but it's still VIP.


It is one of the most aggressive Crown I've ever seen~ you always got the cool things to post Dino~ cheers


a low low crown!!


mmm BBS. suprised to see them on this.


Not exactly my style, but still nice ride.

And according to most of you, not VIP. But somehow is on the cover of VIP Car Magazine from Japan... maybe that's why the Speedhunters Editors labeled it as such.


Hope that haterade alot of people on here seem to chug tastes nice...