News>>vaughn Gittin Jr. Wins Fd Long Beach!

I'm sitting here in Long Beach right now as the Team NFS booth is being disassembled behind me, and wanted to give you guys a quick update with today's results. 

Vaughn Gittin Jr. tore things up all day long, and broke in his new Monster Mustang 2010 with a first place finish.

This was after a heart-pounding battle with Rhys Millen, who took second place. Seems like the Red Bull Genesis is for real this year.

The final spot on the podium went to Tanner Foust, who advanced from a tight third place battle with newcomer Fredric Aasbo.

We'll have an onslaught of coverage from FD Long Beach coming soon, including JR's own guest blog chronicling his win, but for now it's time to celebrate!

Our congrats to Vaughn, Rhys, and Tanner for kicking of 2010 on a high note.

-Mike Garrett



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The top energy drink companies getting some nice exposure there. Congrats to JR!


I wanted Aasbo to win, he was killing it!


Where can we see coverage of these events? Is speed channel still showing them like 2008? If so what time?

Anywhere else?


Aasbo deserved win! He showed how Europe does :D MUCH SKILL! 4th place was good because he almost drive a stock car against v8.


well done .jr ,


Congratulations JR!


WAY TO GO VAUGHN! Great way to start the season.


i think fredric aasbo is scary good.... i never would have thought you could lay down perfect runs 6 times in 1 day.

i am definitely glad to see vaughn win, but did you expect anything different with all the hype from the off season, and the new car.... he was probably surging with confidence, and it showed! great job at showing you were worth all the hype straight away.

oh yeah, and rhys.... if he is anything like his perfomance today for the rest of the season, he is gonna be playing alot of people off this year... soo glad to see he left the pikes peak aero in colorado.

energy drink 1-2-3.... makes me wanna go buy one of the 3 right now, lol... )media pressure)


Aasbo should've gone to the final


Congrats JR on the win.. that is such an awesome looking car~

I think Rhys is really going for it this season and who says FD cars can't look good? If Rhys' car didn't have the Red Bull livery, I think it would look right at home on the streets. The Genesis looks really nice with the simple lip spoiler and the stock-ish looking front bumper. The rear wheel looks pretty flush as well. Not HellaFlush, but still really nice.


almost stock Supra vs. Nascar............

good job Aasbo!!!!!


i approve of foust and millen.

i hope someone pours sugar into JR's stang.

have a goodnite everyone.


Hey Angus #28 go to to view the event. they have the whole thing taped


Toyota (Scion) needs to hussle up and get an honest RWD car on grid. Wouldn't mind seeing a black-sheep RWD STI variant out there as well.


Aaaaaasboooo was killing it.


Kinda was hoping for a Millen/Aasbo final, 'cause Aasbo was MURDERING it, but i'll always be a JR fan, and he damn well deserved it! CONGRATS JR - YOU THE MAN!!

Loved the opening round and especially loved being able to watch it live over the internet! Hope the livecasts continue through the season!


I think Aasbo got f'n robbed. Other than that great event.


Biggups JR, way to go in the new car! Aaaaaaaaasbo will be the one to watch this year, that guy was on the edge 110% all day. Took out heavies from the first round on! Anyone else notice how many superchargers we're seeing? New trend? Best sound though, I gotta admit was Hubinette's Challenger. HOWLING through the main curve----that engine is tuned to the nth degree.


Should put up some coverage of Rhys being a poor sport and spinning Jr out after their first run.


i agree with u emceesquared


Congratulations brother. your time is now!!!!!!!!!! drift alliance baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!


american muscle baby.


Fredric Aasbo is nuts


Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasbo the Norwegian Hammar!!! Aasbo was a monster all day, I am sad he didn't podium at least. But both final battles were great. I am loving the '10 season!


I love how J-Rod kept saying Aasbo`s Supra was held together with hopes and bubblegum LOL, Aasbo was crazy in everyrun. After watching Vaughn slide the mustang I jumped on Forza Motorsports 3 and slid it around somes tracks after i sold a ton out of my storefront.




I really don't think VGJ deserved that last win. He slid right into Rhys, and he won because RM then spun. If I was Millen I probably would have been shaken and spun after someone ran right into the side of my car that hard!


Forza Motorsports 3. lol.


My friend and i attended, and damn was this one awesome day! I have to say, i think the winner of the event shoulda been Aasbo, i mean, he took down so many veterans! he did so great all day!


i disliked some of the judges rulings, there should have been atleast a couple more One More Time's today, but hey congrats to Gittin,

Look out for ya boi from Norway, Asabo!


Hell Yeah Man I Was There! I Was The Big Guy That Climbed Over Everyone To Get The Speedhunters License Plate Frame From The Blondie Hahaha


wallpaper of first pic please....:):)

congratulations for great win.... amazing driving.... :)


Asabo did great, but i think the pressure got to him, his last 2 runs were not as good as he had all day. Gittin also seemed to get a little aggravated at the end of the 1st run against Millen when he shoved his car on the inside, but Millen is a pro driver, that shouldn't of had an effect on the second run where he spun out hard. The live coverage was great online but some times they needed to change the cameras quicker, can't wait to go down to the New Jersey event.


Anyone else notice how the top three cars are (major) sponsored by energy drinks?

Redbull, Rockstar and Monster...


Yeah i think we all know that only major sponsored drivers can win a formula D event, no privateer wll ever win a competition. The event orginizers wouldnt get much money. Sorry to say this but i think that this tournament is fixed for only major sponsors.... Greed, its killing Drifting...


dope.... Rhys Millen went out with style

sickest crash to end round 1


Nooo, not that rallycar!


JR proved once again that he is a great driver.

I am really glad about Rhys Millen, looks like his car is well tuned and ready to take a big piece of the pie.

But the man who won me as Fredric Aasbo. The idea of drivin a pretty much stock car and making those sick runs with massive angle, takin out Forsberg and Foust, that was insane.

Gratz to James Deane, another rrising force on the FD grid.


Aasbo got robbed, him n Jr should have gone OMT, but ah well, GL Aasbo in round 2 at Atlanta :)


Aasbo got robbed, him n Jr should have gone OMT, but ah well, GL Aasbo in round 2 at Atlanta :)


someone please! share pics of ross pettys rossta s15,

and congrats JR, getting a free ticket to finals. Aasbo should've won that run.


Cool concept putting it online for us to watch. I found the host to be so damn annoying. Aasbo murdered it taking out many top pro drifters. Should've been a one more time between JR and Aasbo.


Aasbo got robbed, it shouldve been a OMT between him and JR, but I guess FD wanted to protect their star


Hope someone throws some money at Fredric and his team of buddies so he can run all FD rounds this year.

Build him a proper car and lets see what happens!!! Take note Team Need For Speed. Aasbo should have been your boy!


Poor judges, as everybody say, gittin vs aasbo should have been OMT. Aasbo ruled the shit out of gittin. :)


Thanks USA for destroying drifting with ur ugly, souless american cars.



The round with Aasbo v. Gitting should not have ended the way it did. The same goes for the Round with James Deane and Tanner Foust. Tis a shame the judging is so biast


jeeez. aasbo did a very good job, and i didnt knew till know it was an almost bone stock supra but it is how it is now. I'm sure glad that jr won this round, but cmon, aasbo wasnt as good on the run against jr than on the other runs IMO. but saying, formula drift, no infact the whole drifting is fucked up because of that small thing? cmon, chill out. it was the first round, and he still can bomb em all in the next round(s).

meh, alot anti-american-biased comments are here so meh... (*cough* stock vs nascar. USA is not all about nascar ffs)

my point of view


and well.. be happy that a "novice" (atleast in FD) came THAT far!

these are mad skills IMO




Energy drinks.


Thanks for the support everyone! I am simply beside my self. What an amazing way to start the season.

These conspiracy theories are hilarious.

Congrats to aasbo for coming out and throwing down hard at his first FD. He was fun to battle, great driver!.

Just for the record Rhys went wide in the hairpin I had no where to go. It was either pass him or straighten up I barely touched him during the run.

I will have a blog up later on in the week!

Once again, Thanks!


congratulations mr.gittin!

however my vote goes to mr.asbo for the aggresive drift style!

by miles the best driver @ fd!

please give him a properly tuned 2jz and he will develop his impeccable skills even further!

scandinavian supremacy all the way baby!


congrats to jr for the win,but ya did not deserve to be there in my opinion it should have been one more time against aasbo,

James Deane should have got a one more time to

big well done to aasbo for going as far as he did considering the supra still running a stock turbo,someone get the man some sponsorship so he can drive the rest of the season of formula d

big well done to james deane too on fire all day,pity he was only signed for first round :(


congrats to jr on the win,but ya did not deserve to be there in my opinion it should have been one more time against aasbo,

James Deane should have got a one more time to

big well done to aasbo for going as far as he did considering the supra still running a stock turbo,someone get the man some sponsorship so he can drive the rest of the season of formula d

big well done to james deane too on fire all day,pity he was only signed for first round :(


congrats to jr on the win,but ya did not deserve to be there in my opinion it should have been one more time against aasbo,but then again fd couldn't have a privateer taken out there 'star'

James Deane should have got a one more time to,he was on fire all day

big well done to aasbo for going as far as he did considering the supra still running a stock turbo,someone get the man some sponsorship so he can drive the rest of the season of formula d


aasbo got robbed.


@ OMT Aasbo/Gittin....did you guys not see Aasbo hit the wall? Watch the replay, he LOST. Did GREAT until that point, but LOST. Get over it. Trust me, its nowhere near as bad a call as Grunewald/Gittin at Irwindale last fall. That one was a season-changing steaming pile of BS (Thanks Tony!!).


Boooooooooooo! Aasbro was robbed!


Aasbo is a ripper, but he lost fair and square. He tapped the wall and straightened coming into turn 10. Also loving the conspiracy theories about the judging.....c'mon guys, get real. NOS is the official energy drink of FD, if it was rigged do you think Monster/Redbull/Rockstar would have all had a podium spot????


LOL at all the E-Drifters who think they know the sport by playing their XBOX.

JR beat Aasbo straight up, no question. You dont get a OMT for your favourite driver so they get another shot to not make a mistake. He will be very happy with his 4th spot.

JRs new car is the real deal, good luck for the rest of the year Vaughn.

Gonna be a massive year ahead. And the haters will keep on hating.


i dont think thre are enough cameras on JR's car.


james deane and aasbo were unreal...

James was determined to loose that spoiler!!!!

aasbo was driver of the day and he done europe proud!!!

Cant wait for round 2!!!

ps give james deane a full drive this season!!!


I meet JR at round 1 and he was the biggest douche ever. Just because your a redneck who made it out of the woods doesnt mean you are better then everyone


Ay props to the genesis for that pay back pit maneuver on the last run.

thats karma


Congrats JR...Id like to see you take the chamionship this year.


BMT: It's not about who's your favorite driver. Is about punishing a driver who straightens up between turns. In my book, that's the one thing you should never do in drifting - JR did. You shouldn't win with an error like that...


Booa. Vaugh Gittin JR.


@ wicker? interesting comment.....where did we meet?

Thanks again you all are awesome!


there cars are way ti high


Vaughn Gittin Jr. really did do it big, i'm surprised his Mustang lasted long enough to do the deed...


@Vaughn Gittin Jr, If you barely touch rhys millen in the last turn.Then please explain to me why in this video it clearly show you ramming rhys millen out of the way. WHY DID HE SPIN YOU OUT? oh yeah...


congratulation Vaughn Gittin Jr! By the way nice livery your car have


@alex- Rhys went wide and very slow in the hairpin....just as he did on the first turns entry- he knew what he was trying to do. If I would have gotten off the throttle I would have straightened up so I did what I had to do to maintain drift. It was in fact just a little kiss, we even laughed about it immediately after. His pit manuever was spot on though!


James deane was killingggggggg it


you think in this sport fans would be the ones to decide the winner not sponsors. tisk tisk my friend was working in the pits and jr was "getting in the zone" and wouldnt let anyone talk to him. a+ douche. how come ross petty prepares by doing wheelies on a boso bike and still tears shit up


Wolfgang - Judges decide the winner - not the fans or the sponsors. Everyone has there own way of getting prepared for an event, or anything else for that matter. If secluding yourself moments before you fire up your car to head to the track is so wrong than the majority of the field is "A+ douches". Ross is definitely an exception to the rule and by the way....if I remember correctly Ross went out in the 16's and JR won the whole event. Hmmmmmmmmm.............just sayin'. You need to think before you type.


@ wolfgang- another hilarious completely false statement. Every free moment I had was spent talking with spectators just like it is at every event, I love hanging out with everyone! Was I allegedly telling people not to talk to me? or was I wearing a sign around my neck saying "don't speak to me I'm getting in the zone"?

I would love to hear this one.


my friend was working in the falken pits and wasnt allowed to talk to you


@ Wolfgang- that is the most insane BS I have ever heard. nice try though.