Gallery>> Red Bulls Weekend Of Dominance

The various Red Bull teams have enjoyed a dominant weekend in their
respective disciplines with Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber taking a
one-two victory at the Malaysian GP and Sebastien Loeb taking victory
on the Rally of Jordan.

A wet qualifying session caused havoc amongst the teams, but Webber and Vettel managed to snag first and third respectively for the grid on Sunday.

Vettel took the lead from Webber early on and remained up front and untroubled for the most part. Webber stayed close to Vettel but a wheel gun problem cost him an extra two seconds in the pits. The win will be of much relief to the team after mechanical problems plagued their first two races.

Meanwhile at Rally Jordan, Sebastien Loeb dominated the event to take his second win of the season.

Loeb was fastest on four of eight stages on the Saturday and eventually finished over 35 seconds in front of his nearest rival, Jarri-Matti Latvala in the Focus WRC.

Former F1 World Champion Kimi Raikkonen completed his first WRC event and managed to grab himself four championship points for his trouble. The first three events have been gravel / snow, I look forward to seeing what Kimi can do on those tarmac stages !




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Ugh, spoiler alert! I had already watched F1 so I knew the results but didn't realize you guys would post the WRC winner aswell, its a shame we have to wait 2 weeks + to watch the WRC here. :(


first pic is so awesome


Ken Block needs to step up, hes giving us Americans a bad name.


The first pic need a desktop......

and that's because i'm a Malaysian...



you have to turn some of these beautiful shots into desktops!


That was a pretty interesting race. It was wierd that alot of the heavy hitters were at the back of the grid. I wonder what would've been the outcome had it not rain during qualifying. Still awesome driving by Vettel and Webber. Stayed ahead the whole time, also it's awesome that Red bull finally got the gold this season with Vettel's two previous retirements. Keep the F1 coverage soming. Also wish there was more WRC coverage one TV, although not the same with only Ford and Citroen. But still awesome to see Petter Solberg battling it out in his own private team.


Go Vettel!


1st pic wallpaper pls pls pls...


Sebastien Loeb taking the 'Bull(s) by the horns' as usual.. don't write my man Kimi he can turn things round on the tarmac.. if only his car van take the strain.. fantastic photo's too..


Man, I hate how some company who makes a drink gets all the credit from teams that they sponsor. Its Citroen who made the car win, not the guys from the RedBull factory who dont make any car, and in F1 they bought and renamed the old Jaguar team, they are just a marketing gimmick.




Ken Block won't step up for a while, he's massively outclassed in WRC. I'm sure he'll improve, but it's money that has got him to where he is, not talent. I'm sure America has more talented rally drivers to offer, but they aren't so high profile so they won't get a look-in until Mr Block makes rallying more popular over there, which probably won't happen until he starts being a bit competitive.

Nortad, I agree with your sentiments - for rallying especially. It's still the Citroen WRC team, they're just sponsored by Red Bull, and I hadn't heard them referred to as a Red Bull team until now. Everyone knows them as Citroen. The F1 is different though as Red Bull owns the team, factory etc. It's the same as Virgin for instance - until now they had nothing to do with F1, but they've bought a team and renamed it - Unless you would still refer to them as Manor?