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Uh oh, A bit of bad news for enthusiasts in Canada. The province of Quebec has banned the importation of registration of right hand drive vehicles over unspecified "safety issues", a move which will no doubt be a big blow to the Japanese car scene in Canada.

At the time the ban is just for Quebec, but there are worries the movement could spend to the rest of the country.

Maybe it's time for some organized opposition, just as SEMA has helped the hobbyist countless times here in the states?

For more, check out the Blufaction blog. Thanks for the tip, Kevin.

- Mike Garrett



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So in Quebec you can't have a RHD car? I thought they drove on the right side of the road?


What a joke! RHD vehicles are no more dangerous than LHD.. as a RHD owner in British Columbia I feel this is totally unfounded. Seeing as Quebec (didn't) even want to be part of Canada I think it unlikely that the rest of our fine country would follow suit.

The only thing that's dangerous is a driver who doesn't respect the road, his car, or the safety of himself and those around him.


what about the RHD cars already registered?


mmm wonderful thanks a lot Quebec, this better not spread to TO, load of BS I swear


They can't have RHD vehicles. We can't have imported JDM vehicles (US-less than 25 years old or something). It sucks, but we've learned to deal with it. I'm sure they well too.


Yes... they drive on the right side of the road, just like the rest of North America. Which is why they banned RHD cars...


that's bullshit.

Fuck quebec.


i live here in quebec and rhd cars are a big hit on quebecers and it's a shame that it's gonna be ban here...i'm telling you this is a place where cops have a lot of rules when it comes to modefied cars n it sucks big time!


Asti de CALISS DE TABARNAK !!!!! I fucking hate this shitty gouvernment...doing nothing but shit for the last 5 years...and now, they banned RHD vehicules ??? They should ban these old grandmas /grandpas that dont even know what it is to look around you when driving...NAHHH...lets ban RHD vehicules cause our car sellers are losing too much money now...and say its because those cars are dangerous... EVEN IF ITS NOT !!!!! WTF, im freaking right now...Quelle bande DOSTIS DE MORRONS !!

@ Mark: it will be though to live with it...those vehicules are being import legaly for 4 years now...There is a big business going up around these imports...and now...they ban them...There's no studies that show these vehicules are dangerous..and they still do ban comment..its a though one for us...


Note to self: Don't move to Quebec.



i know if this ever spread all throughout canada not only the jdm scene but drifting scene would take a massive hit.

sorry to hear quebec:(


Quebec is the California of Canada. Without the sunny weather.


DAN!I live in Wa,USA.....and my dream car is a R32-4Dr and I need to hurry up and buy one for/if that ban spreads though out all of Canada:-(


You're telling me that the drifting scene in Canada would take a hit if they had to drive cars that were only LHD? :p

I'd just import my RHD Skyline and make it LHD. Then tell Quebec to STFU and GTFO of my car culture, while I enjoyed my car anyway.


hi guys ! i'm from québec! so they banned to import RHD car but if the jdm car have been import before september 2009 you can keep it on the street!


Bad news, but I wouldn't be overly concerned about the rest of Canada following suit. Quebec has as all kinds of oddities in their province as they do anything they car to be different for the sake of being different. Take common law vs their civil law system. None of the other provinces look to Quebec for direction...


it's just illegal to import a rhd car but not to drive them! !!!


Who cares, its Quebec. No one in Canada even cares about what they do and I really doubt any other provinces are going to ban them just because Quebec did.


note to self, move out of quebec


How can it be a safety issue? Can you not see the road ahead just as well from the right side of the car?

And since the vast majority of head-on accidents are the "30/30 offset" type, wouldn't they actually be safer?

Sounds to me like there's a car-hater or two in the Quebec government. Probably a bunch of global warming fear-mongers too. Voter the (bleep)ers out!


No the drift scene is not affected. Quebec have banned RHD car on street but not on track. People like me that had JDM car before the new rule is safe and can still resells their cars. What they did is ban the right to register a RHD vehicles as a street car but you still can import one for offroad use, like drift, drag, time attack...


I remember when the issue that started it was because a lady hit someone because she was distracted by a passing by RHD vehicle. They had that no issue that the lady took her eyes off the road for whatever reason and lost control of the car. If this argument had any precedence I could argue the same thing if I hit a car on the road that runs along the beach in the summer.


The "Safety Issue" is that there is an inflated number of collisions involving RHD cars because of the fact that 95% of them are driven by teenagers with more money than brains. The only good thing that has come of this is the value of those RHD cars already in Quebec that have been grandfathered in, I wouldn't be surprised to see an R32 GT-R go for a good 20-25k. Good thing I am in Ontario now.


im fairly certain this is really really old news and if i remember correctly government owned rhd vehicles were excluded from the ban. go figure


There's no Canada like French Canada! It's Quebec.....who cares?


Rhd already registrered can drive on the road but no more importation. i bought my s14 LHD just to be sure :P


QUEBEC ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


R32 GT-R are list at 8k-15k


There are a lot of morons driving them r32 gts pieces of shit here, racing from a red light to another, then while at red light, revving it like it's hell. They are almost as annoying as civic ricers. I am really sorry for those who ride their Rhd slowly and don't bother anybody on the road, and I mean it cause I have friends who drive Jdm's and still have a great attitude on the road, but for those stupid young honda fanboys who switched to nissans 180/240 and sky's thinking they will be the best drifter alive, too bad. 97% of them don't even know how to powerslide without being dangerous but since they saw tokyo drift, they are sure they know how. End of rant. Btw, I live in the ricer capital of quebec, I am in the tuning scene but I am sick of people who don't know shit about cars and thrust me, those kind of people are on every corner around here.


LOL at the new laws that been lalely issue this week starting with arizona


I'm from Quebec and I can tell that even if they ban RHD cars, we can still be TUNED. We just need to face it with our intelligence and not with our swering! And like Peregrine said, Quebec is the california of Canada so we'll find somethin to replace those ''unsafety''(WTF) Rhd cars.... So Governement... Go fuck yourself seriously.. FUCK LA SAAQ TABARNACK!!!


And thanks Garrett to care about our situation!! Its realy appreciate in here!




Yeah i'm from quebec, it's suck, but they said it will be a test run, and see if the number of accident go down. In my opinion, it's not a danger on our road, our road are the danger (too much shitty tarmac). But well, i'll just continue watching speedhunter and drool about the car haha


and to other quebec member, stop swearing like crazy, we look like bunch of retarted babies...:O


Hey guys, talking from quebec here and this just means our JDM's will be more valuable and important to us. Because we are allowed to ride the ones that were inspected before the date. Still enjoying my 300ZX legally here! But yeah its sad, cause there was a scene for it and it was getting bigger,


Yeah, so pretty much to register a newly imported JDM is banned in the region of quebec. I live in montreal (which is in quebec), one of the greatest cities in North America, and it is a shame to have this legislation tagged on us. It's pretty much because of this bitch in our government that takes control of our vehicle road laws. Just for all of you to know this whore took our tax money and renovated her office bathroom with marble counters and huge ass mirrors because shes a fat piece of shit! I can't wait till im done my schooling my head down with you guys in Cali. I'll be living in Santa Monica, get ready for some sick photos being captured by me.

ohh yeah, our police system here is beyond fuck! a cop will pull u over give u a ticket for no reason just so he hits his quota.

fuck this corrupted province, im out of here in 2 years!



Leave it to Quebec...


As usual, the province this country hates the most goes out and let's the hate keep on coming. They're the ones who would post HATERS GUNNA HATE on their bumper if Quebec was a car.

Hopefully this cancer of our culture stays where it should - in the shit hole.


unspecified "safety issues" - sounds a bit like a cop out!! what happens to those who already have RHD cars then?? sounds like time to revolt...


Well this article is only NINE MONTHS LATE!!! They put in a moth ban on registration of new vehicles last spring, and then when the 6 month ban expired, they put in another 6 month ban. Now its just waiting to see if it gets lifted this year.


Goddamn I hate that stuff. Everywhere in LHD countries, people are always bitching on RHD cars that they're unsafe etc. Why can't they just mind their own business and keep driving around in their ubersafe LHD Priusses.


your country fcuking blows nuts


I feel more unsafe when I am dirivng a LHD car... But im an Aussie and I normally drive RHD ;)

Why dont they just convert them to LHD once they import them. It doesnt phase me if imports are LHD / RHD.. keeping it RHD just too keep it all "JDM" to be all 2fast2furious is just wank. Most American muscle cars that get imported to Australia are converted to RHD.


Quebec sucks ass. Banning these cars because of a few idiots that can not drive or take the extra care to look for on comming traffic at an intersection; absolute garbage of a ban, and because of careless goofs like that we have this law.

I live in Ontario and if that happens hear (Banning of RHD cars), it will be hell. They will not take my RHD FD3S away from me, over my cold dead body.


Wasn't Quebec banning ENGLISH before? Seriously, they ban the stupidest things.


wow the canadian gov does not have anything else better to do? you cant tell me this was that big of a issue in qubec ..what a joke ...well at least you guys can still get them and drive in other areas..unlike lame california ....


watch all the Quebec skylines and silvias start popping up for sale on zilvia!

hahahaaa... maybe some of their jzx100s will be sold stateside??

good move Quebec. hahaa


SHIT !!!!!!!!!!! am really thinking of moving now !! that plainly stupid, i just can believe they did that ...


I'd like to thank the French Canadians for finally doing something to benefit the US, preserving and enhancing the value of expensively, difficultly, and legally imported RHD cars. Lax Canadian laws and a leaky northern boarder has eroded the value of my RHD vehicles for years. Now, by plugging that hole, the French Canadians have enhanced the value of my vehicles, and increased the exclusivity of owning a legal RHD vehicle in the US. I can count on at least another ten years of owning the only cars within the make and model category of my cars in North America, and by the time that they become cheap and easy to import, there will be none left in Japan to buy.


They did not banned the RHD vehicules, they put back the legal date of importation to 25 years instead of 15 years,

All the vehicules purchased before the 29 of april 2009 are authorized on the streets in Quebec.

This situation is not nice for car enthusiasts.

If you want to give us some help you can visit :

Here you can find the government link about this new law :


Maybe they should worry more about the state of their roads and bridges. Is it just me but I remember the last time I visited Montreal their roads were shit and didn't a few bridges collapse on people?

The Quebec Gov't is as backward as their views on Canada. Just another reason to laugh at that province.


I got a better idea...

how about they ban dumbass drivers?

that's what's dangerous. not rhd cars.


Man speedhunter isnt about politics, if you hate this beautiful province that Quebec is, keep it to yourself or go fuck yourself fucking morons....


wow. Quebec you continue to make the rest of Canada hate you. if this spreads throughout Canada, im gonna be pissed. Canada has already looked into pushing the import date back to 25yrs instead of 15yrs and that cause a huge uproar. I assume the cars already in Quebec will be alright, because that would suck for all those people who have to sell there cars. And the reason this would hit Drifiting in Canada pretty hard is our major drifting scene "Drift Mania" is out of Quebec and most of their east coast races take part in that province, all except 1, being in Toronto..and then the west coast division. Wow, i just cant believe this....If it goes Canada will get a big big protest. there are probably more skylines in BC than in


Man for a second there I thought that said QUEBEC BANS RWD VEHCLES


This law won't really affect our drifting scene.

most of the cars in Dmcc are Lhd anyways.....


Hopefully people will start importing proper German sport cars instead. And to the Quebec haters, your ignorance makes you shine.


i live in quebec province damn thats suck all because of wannabe douchbags that crash in they import and it is little harder to do legal left turn at red light and the police here are paranoiaque last year they kill a young spanish just because his big brother is in a gang and the orientation of the road rhd are made for safety in japan or uk .... but damn that suck no jdm here no more + last year they taxe the biker 3x more for plaking and assurance just a old kawa ninja 80`s cost min 600$ to plaque and 1600$ to assure that is the prize of the bike for the same here , just 2 hour of pratique in motorcycle cost 200$ osti de jean charest pi ses criss de marde de politicien tabarnak .....


Keep in mind that this only affects NEW imports into Quebec. People who brought them in before the ban can still KEEP them due to a grandfathering effect.

If this spreads west, I'm gonna blame those morons who are against RHD, but have NEVER driven one before. I'll be damned if I can't trade in my MX73 for a JZX100 a few years from now.


Wait... some of you are writing such stupidities as "Quebec sucks" and "fuck quebec" because we are no more allowed to import beatten pieces of s*it? Haha all right then. For those from Quebec saying this, what are you waiting to move the f*ck away? And for those living elsewhere thinkin' this way, you should come here only a day or two ( or longer .. as you wish ). Even people comming from california told me that they love it here and that we have the prettiest women in the world around here, so keep your jdm's, I can live without em ;)


Hope you Quebecers get that sorted out. That blows.


Quebec province is a very good & Beautiful place. Québec is also the most corrupt of América: Yeah I know. IT's all about Money Money & corrupt. The gouvernement of Québec sucks like all the others Gouvernement of Canada & gouvernement of USA. All these governements are liars and corrompt. Québec ban RHD : it's not about peoples. IT'S about Gouvernement, Money, corrupt & manipulation like everything. I got English Canadian friends, I got Americain Friends, I got a JDM FD3S, and then what. You want F@#? with me for what. Québec: We are the best drifters We are the best in hockey; and then what . . . sucer ma grosse queue


This is just plain stupity, I own a 1993 300zx Twin Turbo that is RHD, luckily it was purchased before the ban. I just think that a lot of people are right, living in Quebec, the government should be much more involved in fixing and re doing the roads then the accidents reports of RHD vehicals. Maybe if there weren't potholes, gigantic bumps and bridges falling down accidents would be a little less? Oh and btw, in their so called "study" they compared the accidents between left and right hand drive cars, but didn't even use the same cars, I know they couldn't do it for some but even of the same class!


quebec is such beautiful province to canada, now my rhd car is no legal? why my car no legal? because my quebec style hurt most people eyes? my NOS sticker too grande? shame, now i go back to racing bicyclette on le road instead, oui?


guys i live in quebec and this law is the biggest load of bullshit ive ever seen.. my brother n i both own right hand drive cars and we have to suffer because of the retarded people buying their 16 yr old kids a rhd as thier first car then they act stupid and smash into everything and people like us have to suffer!...