New Cars>>the Sti Goes Four Door Again

Right now in the Big Apple, the New York International Auto Show is in full swing, and we’ve seen some pretty interesting new models revealed this year. This morning Subaru unveiled the 2011 Impreza STI, which will once again be available as a traditional four-door sedan.

This didn’t come as a huge surprise of course, after we found out that the standard WRX four-door will also be receiving STI-like bodywork for 2011.

A new STI sedan wouldn’t be complete without a big rear wing, would it?

The hatchback version of the STI will also remain in the lineup, meaning you can now get the STI in your choice of body style.

For 2011 both STI’s also get a revised suspension with beefier anti-roll bars and stiffer springs.

Even though I’ve gotten used tot he hatchback version of the STI, it’s nice to see Subaru bring the car back to its four-door roots.

Look for both versions of the STI to hit dealers later this year.

-Mike Garrett



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It looks even worse as a subaru....


????? ????? ??? ?? ????????


Taillights suck, rest is nice.


sedan ftw. Looks sooo much better.


They need to quit toning it down for the streets...I need to have that rawness of the former 1st and 2nd generations of STI's.

This reminds me more of a Legacy than an STI. Don't get me wrong it's still cool and everything, but as stupid as this sounds I wish they would stop trying to make it appeal to everyone.

This gives of the "family sports sedan" vibe more than the former "RALLY CAR FOR THE STREETS" vibe of yesterday. Because isn't that what the STI's are about? Not being sold for mass appeal, but rather for the sake of competition?


Both look bad ass! Good job to Subaru.


Ehhh, is it me, or does the sedan's front fascia looks like a Mazdaspeed Protoge? The headlights need to go back to the cat eyes!!! Actually the head lights on the 2010 sti is still kind of cat eyed, 2011 gets rid of that? WHY IS THIS? -_-


I know this is blasphemy but I really wish they'd drop a WRX or STI with DSG, Sportronic or whatever they want to call it. I actually love the 5door, I think it looks better than the EvoX actually, but I live in a city with tight streets, horrible traffic and hills (god the hills) and an auto mode would be nice from time to time.


The current hatch looks 100 times better.


Looks aside,it's still a subaru at heart and should provide all the fun you need


looks soooo much better as a 4 door again. the hatchback was just horrible looking




this sedan version is as ugly, lame and late as this website....speedhunters stop stealing stories from other websites----ehem autoblog ehem


Dear Subaru,

Bring back the coupe.


Hideous. 07 body style plz and thanks


This is what i've been waiting for! Although i do wish they would go all crazy and make a 'Rally car for the road', or even better a 'Rally car with Numberplates' :P

The impreza has a base edtion for people who dont want to sports saloon, the STi is for pople who want a Evo killer!(the Evo is just a really modified lancer). You dont see mitsubishi offering a Evo without the wing and other why is subaru? or even making the Impreza look like a car thats had a Spoiler added on?

Also any word if this'll make it to the Uk or Europe? as i've read elsewhere that it'll be a US only thing! :(


tail lights make it look incomplete


the tail lights look like their missing something.... it looks like they intended to have a center piece that extended inwards to the trunk... and its missing the 07 sti wing.... the headlights look too butch...the spoiler is fresh and the bumper looks m3ish... i agree with mr. moon but im affraid that subaru is going to mess that up as well.


The sedan version looks nicer than the hatchback one though I like the old sedan version more.


Sketch said:

this sedan version is as ugly, lame and late as this website....speedhunters stop stealing stories from other websites----ehem autoblog ehem

what the hell are you going on about . subaru released the news to the whole world not just to one individual website i.e autoblog , idiot . look on all of the main automotive sites and i bet they will all have this story . what do you do for a living lick autoblogs - editors ass.


The four door STi of 2009, it just don't fit, leave it with 2 front door's than I'll be happy, so do other people



dammit, new cars are hideous. i think i'll just take a nice r32 skyline, thank you.


so ugly...they should go back to the roots...the rawness


M5/M6 called, they want their rear bumper back.


Not gonna lie, I like it! seems like the entire car didn't turn complete bulbous. The problem with the previous gen wings is weight. Who cares what it looks like, the GD wing was heavy, it wasn't carbon it was asb pastic. It seems like they took the evo approach with this wing, which is good.

The car is cool on the exterior because it still has that rally look to it. (my rant) The problem is the Interior, especially the seats (specifically talking about the US spec). If you've sat in the 08-09 hatchback you know those seats are complete shyt. No side bulsters, NON. Stop with this shyt, fat people don't buy these cars by bulk why change the dam seats? Or at least offer the Recaro option like the rest of the world. (end rant)

I own an 07. Would I trade in? Probably not, its too early for that, but this car definitely does not disappoint. Price point is the problem. the GD chassis sold for 32k, why did this car go up to 39+?


"D.Huang said:

M5/M6 called, they want their rear bumper back."

holy shit, that bumper is unnecessarily similar!


The rear still looks like a KIA Rio to me. Overhaul time!

The hatchback-only thing was a bad idea.

But hey, the STi is back.


now all it needs is an SST!!!


Everytime Subaru comes out with a new bodystyle most people don't like it. That is untill yet a new bodystyle comes out and everybody suddenly likes the previous bodystyle. HAHA. I'm just going to say I love it even though I don't because in three or four years when they come out with a new bodystyle......... yeah, you know where i'm going.


if it didnt have that rear extra window on the sedan, it would be hotter.


Looks like a Mazda Speed Protoge


This new STI just reaffirms one thing..... that the Subaru WRX STI 22B, is the only STI worth looking at.


id like my hideous car back, thank you very much.


wait.... this is april fool right???


It looks very tame from the side, though. And uh, the design of the tail lights look like it was hurried. However, I would still take a sedan over the hatchback.


starting to look like a hyundai/kia at the rear..


I had an 05 sti and then got an 07 when I saw how bad the 08 was gonna be... And haven't thought about buying another sti since. They got it right back then. I'm thinking my next new car will be the Subaru version of the FT86; they ruined the sti...


it's good they brought back the sedan...but for me, the damage has been done... i stopped liking the STI since it came out a hatchback...

my favorite STIs are always the classic STI and the '06 STI facelift version...


the rear end on the sedan is so ugly... shame shame subaru, RIP 06' and under sti's...


both cars r ugly. they look like regular cars not like the older generation sti's... I have a 06 sti n in my eyes its one of the sexiest cars ever for the simple fact that there's nothing that looks like it. buut I guess a subie is a subie


honestly it looks like it shud b the 2011 mazdaspeed protege


Sti'06 was badass

Sti'11 is fat ass


wow. copy the evo 8 wing much? pity its 8 years too late. Ewww and Ewww.


DISGUSTING is all I can say. WTF Subaru.


too late subaru.. make a new gen impreza. and this time, make it right..


2 doors look so ugly ....


i dont think it is that bad


rear bumper is copied off M3, back still looks like a kia, front still looks like crap, i dont think this thing is aerodynamically sound at all, i wouldnt buy one, ill stick to evos


This thing is a complete disappointment. Subaru of America and Fuji Heavy need to stop making these piece of shit cars that "attract the bigger populace of fans" by addressing the needs of "everyone" by adding all these luxuries. The STi was never meant for that crap. If you're gonna make an STi, give me power and suspension. Forget cupholders, 6 disc changers, heated seats, all of it.

The hatch is an abortion of a minivan and this new "sedan" looks like the Legacy went on steroids.



As each year goes by, Subaru's cars get uglier and uglier. What a joke.


coupe 4 me, the 4 doors is ugly; the side of the wing, remember lancer evo wing !!!


Pure win! Love it Subaru! Hate the damn hatch! Ya'll can scream how ugly it is on the pics, but I bet when you see it on the street, you will change your mind real quick.


I seriously just warmed up to the hatchback STi and now blam, it's back to four doors. I will have to think long and hard before my next purchase because I was almost ready to pull the trigger on a hatch STi...


Hella sick!


Ugly as fuck ='[


Just reminding you, THE HATCHBACK IS 4 DOORS TOO!!!!!!


just like the CT9A Evos (7/8/9, although they weren't too shabby), Subaru is losing their touch. No more race homologation = no more soul, just porkier and more luxurious. They are most certainly not the street warriors they once were. no thank you.


am loving it!!


Making inroads to the style they used to have. Back looks a bit Evo ish for me


The back looks like a Hyundai Elantra (1st Generation), not like a Subaru. Pity!


totally agree with paule, this is one butt ugly impreza, i think id keep my ver.8 maybe get a 9 but to heck with the hatch and this monstrosity. Damn the world economy!




do like it but the hatch back is looking better every time i see one


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