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Well I'm dead tired and covered in rubber bits, so that must mean that another season of Formula Drift has started.

Today was practice and qualifying in Long Beach, and I figured I'd make a quick post highlighting some of the action before tomorrow's main event.

With over 50 cars battling for a spot, qualifying would be a long, though process – with nobody guaranteed a pass to the Top 32.

So how did qualifying go?

Taking the top spot was Rhys Millen, who seems ready to put his Genesis Coupe into contention this year. Rhys' 89-point run would be the day's best.

And finishing just behind Rhys is a string of ASD-built Falken machines, starting with Tyler McQuarrie who rocked faces with an 88.3-point run

It's been a good event so far for Vaughn Gittin Jr. and his new Monster Mustang. JR took third with an 84.7-point run.

Next up was Darren McNamara, driving his Saturn Sky to fourth place with an 83.9.

Tanner Foust seems to be right back on the path to success in 2010. He put down an 83.8, good for fifth overall.

Last year's Long Beach winner, Ryan Tuerck took sixth with his 81.2-point run.

Fredric Aasbo smoked his way to 7th place with an 80.9. Very impressive considering he'd never ran at Long Beach prior to today.

Sam Hubinette already seems quite comfy with his new wheels. He drove the big Challenger to eighth with an 80.7.

Speaking of new wheels, Justin Pawlak battled back from some mechanical issues with his Brostang to take 9th place with a 79.3.

And rounding out the top ten qualifiers is Chris Forsberg, who began his title defense with a 79.1-point run.

As for Team NFS, Matt Powers got into the big show taking 25th position.

While Mad Mike on the other hand just missed, qualifying 33rd. Bummer.

It wasn't the best debut for Michael Essa's BMW. He hit the wall hard during practice, got the car running again, but was unable to turn in a passing qualifying run.

Jeff Abbott managed to get his little NB Roadster on the grid for tomorrow, taking 27th spot. Nice one!

Tommy Roberts had some awesome runs during practice, but was unable to repeat in qualifying. Still one of the coolest looking cars out there.

Ian Fournier didn't quite make the cut either, but damn his R32 sedan looked mean out there.

Conrad Grunewald's Camaro has got to be one of my favorite new cars this year. Conrad qualified 18th, putting him in a good spot for tomorrow's tandem action.

I'll leave you with this shot of Ross Petty, who qualified 22nd.

And the complete results from Formula Drift -

Driver:                  Car #:         Score:      Speed 1:     Speed 2:
1 R. Millen             6                   89             61.8            50.6
2 T. McQuarrie     17                 88.3          58.9           51
3 V. Gittin              25                84.7           58.4          43
4 D. McNamara    8                  83.9           56.4          50
5 T. Foust              34                 83.8           57.4          48
6 R. Tuerck           44                 81.2           58.8          50
7 F. Aasbo             151                80.9          57.3           48.5
8 S. Hubinette      77                 80.7          56.9           48
9 J. Pawlak            13                 79.3          56.8           50
10 C. Forsberg      64                79.1           55.9           50
11 R. Miki              26                78.2          58.8           51
12 D. Yoshihara     9                 78             58.6           49
13 K. Gushi           33                77.5          56.5            50
14 T. Aono            86                76.3          57.7            47
15 P. Mordaunt   90                75.3          54               49
16 A. Pfeiffer       88                74.5          59.9           48.9
17 S. Verdier        12                74.1           57.3            49
18 C. Grunewald 79                73.6          58.2            49
19 T. Brakohiapa 18               72.1           57.5             47
20 J. Deane          16               71.9           56.3            48.7
21 J. Russakoff    87               71.2           56.2             51
22 R. Petty          808             70.6           58.9            49
23 K. Mohan       99               70.4           54.6            47
24 F. Wang          30              69.3           54.6            49.7
25 M. Powers     665             68.8           56.5            47.7
26 D. Kearney     43              66.9           57.2             47
27 J. Abbott        518             66.8           53.4             51
28 J. Maeng         51              64               55.1             50
29 C. Ng               84              63.9           56.4           48.7
30 D. Mertzanis 323            63.5           57.2             50
31 M. Takatori      5              63.2           54.4             50
32 J. LeJeune     333           60.3           55.7             49.7

OK time for a shower and some dinner. Much, much much more to come from the streets of Long Beach.

-Mike Garrett



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Noooo... I was so excited to see Mad Mike compete again... -_-


fricken hell mad mike just missed out grrr thats frustrating but oh well haha the car loks so good i reckon maybe the rx-7 shoud maybe get a makeover to suit aswell. cant wait to see how matt does and well just a little bit sad that mike didnt make the cut nz represent


whaaat Mad Mike didn't qualify?Cool that Powers did.

Too bad none on the NW guys cpuldnt make it to the big show along with Tommy Roberts sexy machine...


Hey, Takatori's up there. Mike, can you catch some pics of his car this year? Also, a little news on the other Hawaiian, Mr. Wang. (Lol, NoHomo.)


That Challenger is just way to ugly for words. And I HATE when people talk trash about how FD cars look...


must have a wallpaper of the R32 sedan.


Too much dish? lol. Conrad's camaro looked great.


Hell yea Powers and Maeng!


F. Aasbo is going to destroy all


when i saw it live today powers had some sort of breakdown, he still in for tommorrow.

Got to see alot of great runs and alot of cool cars,its also great that pro drift drivers are coming in giving it a kinda international feel.


Great event today. hopefully MadMike can get in there and start to shred. Another couple times with those tires and you'll kick ass


ian fournier's R32 looks sooooooo sick. love the paint!, he juuuust missed it... too bad. BC represent


i agree the challenger could do witha wider body kit and a lower and maybe some white wheels to liven up the car all over haha


Man, those muscle cars NEED MOAR LOW!

They should do 2 entries who didn't qualify but have the most rockin' style and still get in the big show.


aasbo tore shit up


You guys need to use the pic of mad mike in this thread as a desktop picture not the other one.


yeah ians one hell of a driver too taking firstplace at the pro-am nationals! oh well it was just the first event we will see him hit top 32!! canada represent!


Matts gonna take home the win with his zebra rockin 14 go matty cakes!


all I've heard usually about mad mike is that he isnt that great of a driver, just a sick car and wicked sponsorship. Competition isnt that hefty down under, and it seems he got served here.


Hey Mike great coverage! It's too bad I missed meeting you today, hopefully I can meet you tomorrow at 1of1 show if hull be covering that. I'm in the black charger srt8 you covered earlier on this site of course.


Unfortunate for Mike, you could see in his runs that the car was hard to handle. Congrats to Mattycakes, hope you get the drive shaft repaired in time for tomorrow! Good luck to all.


Go Aasbo!


great result for the 3 irish lads to quailify for the dirty 32, hope 1 can get on the podium best of luck lads..


James deane for the win!!!!!!!

That old challanger sounds awesome but is one of the uglyest cars i have seen in fd


GO AASBOO..........................


fair play to james deane and dean kearney,first time at long beach.well done lads.james will be right up there with the big boys i think.watch this space.lol...


Vaughn Gittin Jr car is too bloody high! but hey americans like it that way to produce body roll aparrently! that was a interveiw with mad mike here in nz. And drifting down here is top standard thank you he used to run on good year asymetrics and changed couple days ago to these falkens


Ouh.. I was expecting Roberts and Fournier to qualify.. =[

And the Hankook Maro looks too badass, I'm even afraid ;)


Russakoff and Powers reppin San Diego !!! Nice work guys.. Good luck in sat comps!!


I think Sam Hubinette has a thing for ugly cars. That Challenger wins the FD Ugly Car Contest hands down.


You've been warned, but now you can see it for yourself - AASBO FOR THE F***ING WIN!?


how about robbie nishida? the r35 rolled or what?


Fredric Aasbo!!!! :D


ugh these cars are hideous.

pops to matt powers and mad mike (ians car is iight too) for bringing some style to fd.....god knows they could use it.


Does Rhys run now with a Hyundai motor or still with the Nissan VQ?


My favourites are the NFS team Mazda RX8 "BadBull" and the Hankook team Chevrolet Camaro... Especially the 'Maro... It's mean machine...


I don't know if any of you know this, but if you go to hxxp://formulad.com/live/ you can watch Free live streaming drifting video from Long Beach, Ca.


I don't know if any of you know this, but if you go to hxxp://formulad.com/live/ you can watch Free live streaming drifting video from Long Beach, Ca.


Gino, Rhy's only ran the VQ for the first event of last year, since then he's been running a Hyundai unit.

And and btw, after looking at a stock challenger today, I'm pretty sure Sam's car is HIGHER then oem...


I'm sorry but that Challenger looks terrible, the Supra looks most impressive. As for JR's Mustang I'm happy he gets a crappy livery :P


Hey xtremeimport7, If Mikes no good then why did he get a top 8 finish at he Red Bull worlds in 08? Just wait till he's used to the grip of the Falkens and he'll be up there.


FORD waaaaaaaaaawwww I want to be like youuuuuuu tu es meyer pilot for drift


good first go e hella props to ya bro


Great coverage any videos of powers?? Or maD mike in HD for us??


mad mike didnt make it because his runs were awful.

deal with it.


^^^ your a knob thats the truth. deal with it.

is it just me or does frederic need to lower his seat it looks like he is driving a land rover. he is ducking his head so it doesnt hit the roof


wallpaper for the last pic!! awesome coverage, shame mad mike couldn't get through... his ride is just sIIICK!


super sexy cars


more like mad hype.


nice one Rhys!! i was hedging my bets on Vaughn Gittin Jr. and his Mustang to do some serious damage to the competition, Tanner Foust is another one of my faveourites who's going for it this year! as for Mad Mike.. i feel for you bro. "Bummer in deed".. - love this update & photo's..