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One of things I've really grown to appreciate about the traditional hot rod and custom scene is the details – the design of the period carburetor setups, the intricate paintwork, and most of all the car club plaques. As I walked around the Viva Las Vegas show a couple weeks ago, I thought it'd be cool to gather some of these "detail shots" and put them up in a separate post.

Now I know these posts don't generate the same response as one about a hella flush JDM machine, but to me this one of the most vibrant parts of global car culture.

Even if you aren't a fan hot rods and customs, there's lots of inspiration to find here.

Checking out all the different club logos is one of my favorite parts of these events.

Some of them were local to the Vegas area…

…while others made long road trips to get there.

I think we should have some cool Speedhunters jackets made, kind of like this…

Vagrant – One who wanders from place to place without a
permanent home or a means of livelihood.

Who needs liters when you can have cubes?

SoCal High Desert represent.

The beauty of carburetion.

You can never have too much flake.

Some people choose to rep their club with some artwork on the door.

This was painted on the side of a Willys gasser.

As was this…

Representing the land of Bonneville.

Somebody call AAA.

Stickers anyone?

Long defunct race tracks go hand in hand with old hot rods.

The Shifters CC was actually in charge of putting on the car show at Viva Las Vegas.

Uh, no caption needed on this one.


Another club that made the journey from Southern California.

Wide whites and Astro Supremes….timeless.

OK, that will do it for my Viva Las Vegas show coverage, with the exception of a couple Car Spotlights coming later.

Now back to sorting through FD Long Beach pictures.

-Mike Garrett



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The Roadmen guy reminds me of a gangster in an old Bugs Bunny cartoon.


This has been some fantastic coverage of Viva Las Vegas; bravo, really – keep up the superb work.


I love these old school rod and custom posts personally. Picking up a subscriptions to Hot Rod, even though I never have owned or built a big American V8 car, there is just so much to learn an appreciate with the history alone. Cool stuff


this whole post reminds me of an article just done in Hot Rod Deluxe on Club Plaques, I think it was the March 2010 volume, nice pics Mike I still cant figure out why some people don't like this stuff..


lol i love where "Is there a problem, officer?" Is located


Aint it funny, this has got to be one of the best posts in a while and there's not a single full car to be seen! crazy


That picture of the flakes brought back vivid memories of being a kid in the '70s!


Senhor Garrett, you rock sir! One of my favorite posts. Love the rods and customs posts you do. I think you're a huge asset to the Speedhunters crew.

I think you should definitely do some hot rod jackets with Speedhunters on the back. :)


nice.. these 'guys' are deep in to their scene. a cool insight - some classic machies too


deatails make the difference.


Leafsprings as a bumper... Hmmm, interesting thought.


Awesome stuff.


nice write up!

lovin it

no more pin up girls?


Thanks for the words guys!


How can I contact Mike Garrett? I tried to find a link on this site to send him an E-mail message but couldn't. My E-mail address is



Thank you for posting these pics. Desktop plz....


Some sweet shots in there Mike. Always like to see some old school on speedhunters.


I absolutely love the hot rod coverage. I like hoe speedhunters is wiling to explore car cultures other than drifting


Welcome to December! With the coming of the last month of 2010, all of us Speedhunters go through our photos and choose our favorites or the most memorable images of the year. Let's get right to it. Here's my first batch, spanning from January