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You'd be mistaken if you thought these photos were taken at an exotic location in Japan. They were in fact taken in Milton Keynes, in the United Kingdom on what looks like the first sunny day of the year.

The event was just a gathering of a local club of sorts, the Okishima Program. A group of enthusiasts who love their cars, some good stance and nice styling. Just a bunch of like minded people with interests in grip and drift alike.

Take this FC for example. Nice, clean, cool wheels and a decent ride height.

Loving the spoiler options here on both cars along with the wheels and bodykit choices.

Like the Irish scene, the UK weapons of choice are usually Nissans of one sort or the other but rarely do they ever look this good.

Maybe if it was a little bit lower, but I can sympathise with these guys as the roads in both countries are pretty poor. Still looks awesome.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say this is probably my favourite S13 ever. I just love everything about it.

I'll leave you with this closing group shot, where some cheeky sod in a TVR snuck in.

UK Driftographer Stephen Brooks put together a cool short video which you can view here.

Thanks to Jordan Butters for the photographs !

- Paddy

Okishima Program



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Hey, a TVR is fine with me! Awesome photos Paddy, you really outdid yourself on this one.


Can't take credit here; the photos are by Jordan Butters !


Yes I know my car is too high! Thanks for the feature Paddy :)


Awesome S13!!!

I agree with you Paddy that shit is tight.

Great set of cars. They look driven, Know what im sayin?


Patrick I am LOVING your articles & photos, keep it up!


Tasteful, UK is doing well...


all those nissan 180's look fantastic.


There is some "Fatnes" going on here!

Love it all!


yeah great article paddy! Nice work.

Can someone list the rims here?

I think I see SSR Professors on the 200 and black 180. But what meshies are on the white 180? The mesh pattern is different to Formula / Reverse / Speedstar?? Anyone know?

A nice selection of cars. Including the TVR!


Thanks for the feature Paddy and the comments everyone.

jay - the White S13 is on BBS wheels with custom lips.


"....Nissans of one sort or the other but rarely do they ever look this good.." with comments like that man you better not Patcrick you better not come to my neck of the woods LOL - we (the modding public) can turn out cars that can make most large 'modifying houses' quite jealous.. and thats out of a 2 car garage.. come on now take a look around - the UK scenes are alive with all kinds of ideas and creations. On another note its funny to see Milton Keynes connected to such a 'happening' scene.. these guys should be drift experts!! - doesn't Milton Keynes have the most round-a-bouts in the whole of the UK? oh yes love white FC on Green rims - sweet - keep looking Patrick.. the truth "is" out there - ev-ery-where!


Sweet feature, i'm pleased to see my 180sx on Speedhunters :)

NuggetG60YorkshireUK ~ Pics or it didn't happen ;) Only a few of us live in MK, we just chose to meet there.


cheers jord...I had a feeling it was bbs but had never seen dish like that on their meshies. The photos are great btw!


That's a tight pack of goodness, thanks!




Jay, Ali, the owner of the white S13 bought some BBS wheels are had custom outer rims made for them :)


photos of the TVR drifting!!!


I want wallpaper sizes of all the pics!!!


Wallpaper of Pic #4 (two 180sx's)???


The White 180SX is the nicest among all~ gotta love those oldschool touch~

It is actually sporting the 240Z rear spoiler and the 240ZG wheel arch~ Cool!


Saweeeeeet feature Paddy, good call!


Are these cars drifted, or internet show cars? Look suspiciously clean. Dont really understand having a sports car, especially one styled in a hardcore motorsport and not using it for the purpose.




man these cars are clean ...... Im just laughin so hard at the last pic .... s14, s13, gt4 and then a cerbera ??? that would be wild to watch tho



The white S13 and TVR Cerbera are used on track (grip) on an extremely regular basis. In fact, the S13 only had 3 gears at the meet thanks to chewing up its gearbox at the last track event.

Barry used to drive the white GT4 in the Toyota Sprint Series, and did very well IIRC.

The white FC is a drift car, and its owner is a very capable driver with another very nice drift car that he needs to finish building (hurry up Jord).

My car (blue S14a), and the other S13s are all street cars which get beat up on on a regular basis.

So no, sorry, not a group of show cars. Thanks for all the comments guys. A few of the cars went for a hoon after the meet. The TVR is silly quick!


Cool cars

Pics of these cars in action or it didnt happen.


Haha thanks for calling my FC a drift car, although it has like 6 bhp, maybe 7 bhp.

The PS13 will be finished for Okishima Summer BBQ!


I'm not about to waste my day finding pictures of all the guy's cars on a track, so you'll have to take my word for it! Scouring the blog will probably result in some pics though:

Heres an old pic of Ali's car on the ring to tide you over:


Oh yea, I forgot it was a tad underpowered. Its a drift car (when its raining!) Haha


Love the fc.