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Nearly all major drift events are accompanied by a car show of some sort. Usually these gatherings are mere sideshows to the action on the track, full of "tricked out" relics of the tuner scene, but Fatlace is out to change that.

Based on the first of the Fatlace 1 of 1 Car Shows, Mark and company seem to have succeeded.

I was only able to take a quick walk through the show on Saturday morning, but it was more than enough to see that this was a gathering of high quality cars.

There was a bit of everything really.

From nostalgic Japanese machines…

…to modern Japanese machines…

…a few European cars…

…and even the occasional American car, such as Artee's badass Dodge Charger.

Without a doubt one of the largest representations was from the VIP community.

There were slammed and flushed luxo barges of every type out there.

From luxury sedans to two-seat roadsters. There were several Miatas out there, including this one. Oh Garage Vary tail lights, how sweet you are.

Here's something I've never seen before, C4 Corvette wheels on an Impreza Wagon. Hmmm.

Classic Toyotas anyone?

This is the first time I've seen this first generation Cressida Wagon. Beautiful.

There are lots of tacky Scion xB's out there. This is not one of them.

Not every car out there was slammed and stretched like crazy, this STI was a fine example of the mild category.

It might be a common thing for our European readers, but this Ford Escort is a very a rare sight on US shores.

R33 Skyline done right. Somehow the two-door R33 body lines really lend themselves to aggressive aero and wheel combos like this.

Mr. Mark Arcenal living the dream with his latest acquisition.

AP1 S2000 doing the low thing.

New M3 sedan on BBS LM's – another one of those cars with a spot saved in the dream garage.

This S13 looks it could be straight out of Nikko Circuit, circa 2000.

This Autofashion-built GS never fails to impress. Just look at that beast.

Some more Euro flavor with this sexy looking Audi Wagon.

Another one for the Roadster fans. Wheel fitment doesn't get any better than this.

Or maybe Honda's version of the two-seat roadster is more to your taste?

Plenty of hot looking Z33's to go around as well. How can you NOT want to build a Z after looking at cars like this?

This generation of Civic doesn't get a whole lot of love from builders, but it certainly has potential. No?

Man, I can't wait to see what other kinds of cars the Fatlace show will bring out as Formula D makes its way across the USA.

That will do it for now. I hear there's some street drifting going down in Hollywood tonight and I'm off to have a look.

-Mike Garrett



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nice to see some em2 love!


do i see an evo 6 behind the silver r33


I was there, but didn't get to say "hi, Mike!" since I have no idea what you look like. My roommate brought her white zenki s14 (with the hearts) and a good time was had by all! I only hope Fatlace (the brand not the man) can be more clear about what "includes two tickets to Formula D" means, next time.


That is a very rare Mk2 Escort in Global terms. It looks like one of the X-Pack cars. This was a bodykit fitted to very few Ford Escort Rs2000's in the early 80's. The kit was developed by Zakspeed originally on their track racing Escorts


Eh, not feelin the Subie w/C4 rims at all, but that's Cressida & STi make up for it. And is that an Evo VI I see behind the R33? I'm bummed I got to miss it this year, it looked like it was a great year!


wow, that maroon s13 coupe is SICK. Who does it belong to?

Super basic style. GTRs ganadors. Needs a 5 point saftey21 though! haha


More coverage guys..


what a beautiful z33.......... any more pic of that???


i sure hope the other shows in other states would be like this, but i have a feeling it won't.


Wow! Entertaining coverage guys! Yes more pics please :D


this event needs to be annual


damn, that escort looks to have a cosworth yb in tehre too! lucky sunofabytch right there.


Wow, im impressed, an RS2000, 2 R33's, an Evo 6 and a suka. none flushed out, win!

finally the americans are doing something right - leaving shit alone.


@ Jon - no it is an Evo 6.

The R32-R34 Skyline's are quite rare in the United States, however they are dime a dozen over here in Australia.


Dam Mark finally got himself a vintage skyline!finally


what wheels are on that r33?


Nice scooters too :D


man forget this, i want to see some coverage of this Hollywood street drifting you speak of! hahaa


Whats the car in between the Charger and the LS400?


Car between mine and the Lexus is a Infinity Q45.


desktop on that first gen cressie purdy plz?


The black NA6 is killin fitment that thing is dope


Perfect in so many ways!


Sorry,I have to say, I think that R33 looks absolute garbage, especially with those wheels, like one of my old matchbox cars, somethings wrong. However I dig on that Cresseda Wagon, Red Sti and S2000 and the zipped-lip roadster. Also C4 Corvette wheels? haha, nice, I like it. Cool event, Thanks.


Love that Evo VI Tommi Makinen Edition behind the R33!


Love that Subie with the C4 wheels , awesome cars!!!!


some awesome cars here.. plus an RS2000 with 'thunder-saloon' arches.. some many noteable entrants.. thanks for the blog!!


Loving that Cressida wagon and I wonder if that's a genuine x-pack body kit on the Escort?


Nice coverage!

Do you have some more pictures of the white R33 GTR in the 3rd picture?


That S13 coupe is awesome. Perfect stance, rims, and it reminds me of all my old Doriftu Tengoku videos I used to read, and option videos from ~2001. People could learn from this car. Purple projectors would make the car impossibly cool haha.

@BH. It certainly could use a nice blue Cusco 5 point in there, haha.


Shake Junt representation... LOL


Seems like Hakosuka's are getting pretty common in the states now ... more then in australia, unlike the R 31 > R 34 which are everywhere haha.

I have to agree with ZerøG though, the silver 33 does look pretty garbage.


I am a sucker for anything old school Toyota. I love the first gen Cressidas


Unfortunately the quality of cars like this are only in certain areas such as LA. I would be surprised to see Fatlace succeed the rest of the country...


Absolutely correct on the quality part. Due to limited space in New Jersey, we were only alloted 15 Spots so we're doing NJ as an invite only. For atlanta, we're wOndering if there's even enough cars to represent. The rest of the evnts should be awesome. Looking forward to Seattle and Vegas.


"This generation of Civic doesn't get a whole lot of love from builders, but it certainly has potential. No?"



Did this guy not see that evo 6.


Fun event all!

@ BH thanks for the comments man. My s13 is electric razberry not maroon! Lol I'm Daren's friend Tyler. Those might be your ganadors actually haha. We should get in touch! Tmarkman@gmail

@ dietmar thanks a lot. I really appreciate the respek.


Mr. Garett, you got any pics of my Z? It was the 350z with the orange wheels and grey paint?