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Well, the streets of the Long Beach waterfront have ceased to be a racing circuit and are now to back to being just…..streets. 

It's been a great couple of weeks in the LBC, and I want to wrap up my Grand Prix of Long Beach of coverage with some final photos and observations from both on and off the track.

I wasn't at the track to see the World Challenge Race, and I'm kind of regretting it now. Here we have a GT-R chasing down an Aston martin during practice on Friday afternoon.

Besides just the action on the track, the GPLB offers a lot for race fans. For example, they can take a stroll through the ALMS paddock, which is open to everyone – unlike the Indy Car paddock.

The inside of the convention center is also filled with a bunch of displays where you can kill time in between in the track sessions. This slammed Mustang fastback was in the Meguiar's booth. Not sure about the tilt-hood, but the car otherwise looks pretty mean.

Chris Rado's time attack Scion tC was being shown in the Toyota booth, with a massive crowd of people around it. The fwing just sucks them towards it!

As usual, Tamiya had a big booth that could bring out the 10-year old boy in just about anyone. This Baja Bug is so cool!

Or how about a Safari Rally 240Z, complete with off road tires? This is one RC car that needs to get banged up and dirty.

And finally an RC big rig tanker – the toy you always wanted, but never got. Hey, it's not too late!

Here are some items for the Steve McQueen fan. Bullitt or LeMans…tough choice.

Back in the ALMS paddock, the Risi F430 rolls in for an inspection prior to qualifying.

A GT Challenge Porsche is prepped for the race on Saturday afternoon.

Of all the cars I saw at Long Beach though, it was this one that stopped me in my tracks.

Yes, I know I'm strange, but this custom Ford van is just too damn cool.

The van is actually a demo/shop vehicle for Harveys, a company that makes some fashionable handbags out of seatbelts.

The interior of the van is just as cool as the exterior.

Shag carpeting, oh yes.

One more shot of the exterior. Man I love old vans, especially customized ones like this.

OK, sorry for that detour, now back to the action. Here the excitement builds as the field enters the track for the first formation lap.

Ferrari and Jag literally go bumper-to-bumper around the hairpin late in the race.

A final shot of the GT class-winning Flying Lizard Porsche.

In closing a, shot I snapped of the crowds leaving the track on Saturday evening. I think it took me about 20 minutes to walk from the media center to the parking garage.

Well, it's been fun Long Beach. See you next year.

-Mike Garrett



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Could we possibly get the 2nd picture wallpapered?

It would be greatly appreciated.


I wish i was at that race!


love those Jags man.. the van is cool.. plus the idea of is recycling seat-belts to make bags makes sense?? - all it needs is one those over-priced designers to get on the band-wagon and the rest is history.. first time i've 'seen' a Mustang fastback!! the race looks awesome, i imagine the noise must have been loud!