Guest Blog: Gabriel Tan>> Formula D Singapore 2010 Part 1

Over 8,000 folks turned up for the 3rd installation of Formula Drift Singapore from 24th to 25th May. For the first time ever, the event was held at Turn 1 to 3 of Singapore’s F1 Street Circuit.

Before I cover the main event, I thought it would be interesting to give a flavor of Singapore’s motoring culture. For one, Nissan fever is very much apparent, from the older 180SX's right to the current R35.  

Modified Evo X's are also starting to be more common, as seen from this example with an ARC front-mount peeking out. I would have preferred it without the stickers though. 

Given Malaysia’s proximity to us, their street monsters were well represented too. This FD3S belongs to Grotorworks, a rotary specialist in Johor Bahru.

Either Takumi was participating at the event or this is a homage belonging to one of the guys from Drift Garage, a Singapore grassroots drift club. Go figure!

It wasn’t just Nippon love all around, a big part of Singapore and Malaysia’s current tuning scene is about the European marques, as souped up Bimmers…

…or Porsches are no longer uncommon. This is the daily driver of one of the Singaporean competitors.

Moving towards the vendors’ area, a big presence during the weekend was Sparks Motorsports, Singapore’s official distributor of Cosworth goodies.

This 9 second drag special packing a full Cosworth engine is probably just lost at this event… 

What’s a drift (or any motorsports for that matter) event without race queens? 

Famous Singapore tuners HKS Garage R, God bless their deep pockets, flow in a trio of all singing, all dancing Taiwanese ‘imports’.

They also entered a S13 and 180SX piloted by local motorsports fixtures Felix Lim and Jansen Tan. Both made it into the Top 32 from a qualifying field of 42. 

The Goodyear Racing/Sparks Motorsports S15 here taking a break after the qualifiers is Ryuji Miki’s steed for this competition. He was the top qualifier with a score of 85.3 and an entry speed of 122km/hr.

Although I mentioned earlier that I don’t like stickers on street cars (in my opinion I think they are cop magnets), cool graphics on drift competition only cars are fine and dandy by me. This one means “Corner Maniac” in Chinese.

While this means “Top Chaser”, which is rather apt as it’s on an AE86 – commonly seen nipping at the heels of more powerful cars during tandem drifts. 

In the next part, we’ll move on to the highlights of the Top 32 right down to the final battle. As the Initial D catchphrase goes “Don’t miss it!”.



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OoOoOooOoOOoOoOO I can see Fanga Dan's Commodore,beasssssssssssssssssssst!!!


....the picture with 2 race queen and a s15.......race queen? wait, how come they're wearing the vocaloid Hatsune Miku's outfit? strange........

what's Hatsune Miku? go look at the old Good Smile Racing Z4 or their new Porsche for the JGTC GT300 class


Get a better camera or take your pictures better ?? Borrow some pictures from Clubsnap singapore, theirs are way better......


good coverage.. as my man "NuggetG60YorkshireUK" would say.. but you need to sharpen up the image quality man.. thats half the fun of being on here..


True.. 'nuff said..


Picky picky. Not alot of people have nice expensive equipment like us U.S. counterparts. At least be satisfied anyone even took coverage. Spoiled brats. Lawlz Anyhoo, pretty sweet stuff.


do i see pantsu?


@Phil Jones

Nothing to do with the equipment. I've had better shots come out with my cell phone.

Definitely looks like JPEG compression.I see this all the time when someone "saves for web" or over compresses an image. Also, some of the shots seem really out of focus, maybe either faulty camera autofocus or user error?

Either way, nice coverage of this event. Really cool they're able to use the F1 track!


pics look fine to me.. wow you must be picky.. i feel sorry for your life.


hola soy de argentina y me gustaria conocer haya

y me gustan mucho los fierros


saludos ha todos


@Adobobro: Different strokes for different folks i suppose

Anyway, this is Speedhunters. Yes we are spoiled by the quality the guys here produce. That's why when we see this sub standard post with crap pictures, we give the necessary feedback. The author should take it as constructive critism and do better for his next post, or stop posting if he can't.

Anyway, this posts make the other posts b y Speedhunters look good!


Good Coverage... Pics can definitely be better though...

*Awaits Some Kia Su Singaporean response for this*


@ Jason. Ok we're all in different parts of the world. Some people can afford updated equipment. some can't. But true that, my crappy TracFone can take clearer pics. Too bad i gotta' reload after a few pics. Gay.


Not sure where u were seeing "top chaser" in that pick, last I heard "hachi roku" meant "86"

Good coverage non the less


@Vandal the deadpedal: The chinese characters translate something to like "top chaser".

@Keith Kundi: Well, i guess everyone has their standards for photography. In fact, i expect WORLD CLASS photos for a coverage from Singapore. Nuff said, totally agree with you. Need better photos!


click on my name for better photos! I SEE ME IN THE PICTURE OF THE FALKEN S13s!!!!!


frequency significantly united new findings response


The cars I see on this website is straight up BAD ASS! I 'm going to be a sudent in Universal Technical Institute in August. I hope that one day be part of the team fixing the cars and even be one of the drivers of Formula Drift. I really want to drift as a career. How much do you earn, win or lose. I love cars that are in this industry.