Event>> The Texas Mile Part 1

There’s something just complete addicting about speed. As enthusiasts, speed envelopes a good portion of our daily mental space. The addiction just completely takes over. It makes you crazy in the head. And the only remedy to this addiction is a release of some sort. Some of us help just love killing the ozone by burning up tires, others relish the feeling of g-forces as cars swing around a corner, and others simply just love the feeling of slamming that right foot as deep into the firewall as possible. The pursuit of speed at Texas Mile is one of those releases.

Located in-the-middle-of-goddamn-nowhere of Goliad, Texas, lies an abandoned airplane runway –a very long one. Once year, people with self-aware addictions venture out to the middle-of-no-where to release. Oh, and tuning their individual cars to go really, really fast helps too.

Like the previous mile event that we attended, the Mojave Mile, the Texas Mile featured a lot of Corvettes and Ford GTs.

Anywhere people have the opportunity to open up the taps to their
cars, you find massive amounts of vehicles with V8s under the hood.

Toyota Supras are just as popular of a straight line car as cars with American V8s in them.

But unlike the Mojave Mile, the Texas Mile has become the established mile event in the United States. The line up of cars, and the shear amounts of money that these guys throw into the cars is just on a different level. You can walk the starting grid and see the vast variety of cars that are out in attendence.

There are exotics like Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s, Ford GTs, Vipers; cars
built for a mile event like the AMS Evo; and of course there’s the everyday man bringing out his simple Sunday cars just for the simple fact of driving as fast as possible in a mile. Seeing cars like this and the Subaru above makes you wonder what speed the engine stops pushing and the cars’ boxy design stops the car from going any faster….

At the starting grid, there’s a lot of standing around, talking to other drivers and pushing your car ahead as the line moves forward.

Another car not designed for extremely high speed runs, but still cool. I love Mark III VWs.

Seeing this hotrod made me nostalgic for the lakesters that were at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

This hot rod just looks badass.

Here’s one of the many Ford GTs.

The Underground Racing twin-turbo Lamborgini Gallardos were definite speed demons at the event. This black Gallardo broke 220 MPH by the half mile marker!

The AMS Evo managed to get a speed of 228 MPH making it the fastest Mitsubishi in the world! Unfortunately, the engine caught on fire engulfing the whole front end and thus ending the Evo’s continued campaign at the event.

The AMS R35 GTR.

Here’s some extra serious V8ness.

There were even some rock stars on grid (pun totally intended)! Pro drifter, TV show presenter, all around car guy, Tanner Foust was out there in a silver Mustang Cobra with SpeedTV cameras following him about.

The amount of money spent on cars is coincides with how luxurious the accompanying RV is.

Check out this cool fourth generation Mustang! I have not been much of a fan of this generation until just recently.

More to come from the Lone Star state!




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wow. what a collection of sick cars. you had too much fun.


jesus your photos are amazing


Finally someone does some coverage on this event!

Thanks Lindbergh......great post.


psssst ... GT418 ... FAIL !!!


Awesomeness. Flat-out awesomeness.


Does anyone know how fast that vw golf got up to?


One day I wish to participate. I look forward to more photos!


how about that first picture of the camaro in wallpaper size?!

please and thank you :D


Wow, the fastest Mitsubishi in the world. Wait, 'til Japan hears about it...

And what's with the tape?


The tape is to prevent paint scratching from rocks and dirt and other stuff on the road. Its mainly used when going long distances, and im sure the GT went a long distance being that this place was described as the middle of nowhere


Well, you can use tape to prevent paint scratching from rocks and dirt, but it is also used to cover up all the seems around lights and vents making the car more aerodynamic and hence getting a faster top speed.


These photos are AMAZING! I have a good friend who attended this event and he must have sent me 40 pictures from his iphone in less than 48 hours and they were all amazing! Glad to see this post and how amazing is it that a place like this exists where more than just a few twin turbo supercars come out to play? Where else are you going to see 10 or so twin turbo Ford GT's and Lambo's with laundry hanging out the back door?

Side note, if memory serves me correct, the previous fastest Mitsubishi was only running like 200.XX or 201.XX mph, so by going 225+ AMS has yet again broke out the ass whipping stick and slapped all of us proud!


I heard through the grapevine that a NEW VW Scriocco would take part... If it did, I'm VERY surprised you guys didn't catch it.


Awesome events, I love those exotic cars, and there were really plenty of them. Nice! I love the GT´s


hey whats up with the first photo in the back ground a f-150 Raptor mmmm?


surprised that you didnt mention that the mk3 gti was running 208mph. they were shooting for higher, but had the wrong gearbox in the car.

the Scirocco that was there is a re-vin car built by HPA. the owner of it lives in Texas (it was delivered that day).


Could u make a desktop with first picture?


That little MK3 was a real hot rod. They beat that thing all weekend and the damn thing just refused to quit going blindingly fast. I know they were aiming for faster, but when your going 200mph for half to a third of the cost of many of the cars in the 200+ club, you got nothing to be ashamed of.

The tape, is sapposed to be for aerodynamics, which is completely usless considering the boundry layer of air around the car at speed. The boundry layer is a layer of air about 1" thick that is somewhat stagnet and has no effect on aero. It's mostly on the sides and top of th car. The front, on the other hand needs all the help it can get, so the tape helps there. Besides that, as said earlier, it stops paint chips. A racer can also tape over side ducts or place foam or something else under the tape to drasticlly alter the aero. See this article for reference http://www.hotrod.com/techarticles/body/113_0703_car_aerodynamics/index.html

Fantastic event, great people, and way to many cool cars do see em' all.

Where is the coverage of all the bikes that were there? I talked to a 15 year old kid that went 184mph ( i saw the slip to prove it), that got to be note worthy.


that red pre-new edge mustang is actually a diesel. i remember seeing it covered in the Hot Rod magazine Drag Week coverage.


i think i read somewhere once that a B5.5 Passat (~2003-2006, approx) had a better drag coefficient than a C5 corvette.... i wonder what would happen if one of each with the same power and gear ratios hit up a runway... :)


i think those wangan blasting demons should do pretty well on the mile... cmiiw...


<3 Underground Racing. I have recurring dreams of being behind the wheel of a murdered out twin turbo Gallardo. *sigh


The AMS Lancer is NOT an Evolution, just a standard Lancer. Mitsubishi NEVER made an Evolution out of that model.



So they put the Evo MR doors, fender, roof and lights onto a Lancer?

I think that would be a complete waste of time.


some very special cars in this mixed bag of goodies.. respect to the MK3 Golf.. honorable mentions love the AMS R35 GTR & No. 900 Mustang in red.. - bring on Part 2.


The black Mk3 VR6 Turbo managed 205 or 207mph at previous Texas Mile events.

Has anyone got a full results list anywhere?



Peep the vid Garret just posted on the run. Its most deff an Evo, bro


@Nisslehoff - Mitsubishi never manufactured a Lancer Evolution from that specific model Lancer.