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What up my Speedhunter followers!

Woah, I don’t know where to start. This first stage of our 2010 program has been intense! I have been in the USA for over 2 weeks now and Toni and I have driven 3683 miles!  

We flew into LAX on the 2nd and went straight to another check in for a plane to Denver then to another connection to Houston Texas where we picked up our ‘BRO DOZER’ dually. While in Houston we hooked up with J-Rod (the voice of Formula D) who was in town for a car show promoting drifting, JR and family were also in town so we cruised out for pizza and drinks, after dinner we checked out the anime convention which was at the motel, that was colorful to say the very least.  We also got to meet a few new faces that are involved with FD including Linhbergh! Mate you are crazy and really know how to raise the roof!!!! Haha good times! 

J-Rod invited us to stay with him, wife Steph and their awesome lil son Parker at their pad in Arizona as a pit stop between Houston and Long Beach. After a 17hour drive we arrived in Arizona at 2am then spent a couple of days just chillin and checking out Arizona.  Almost right after Jarod assured Toni he hadn’t seen a scorpion in months she spotted one next to my bare foot in his garage! After that we kept our shoes strapped!  

Back on the road and 6hours later we would arrive in Long Beach Cali to meet my NZ chief mechanic Cromey that had flown over to help with round 1. The next day was the big day where we would meet for the 1st time our new crew @ Twins Turbo Motorsports. Eric, Marc, Carlos and Kev, I can’t say enough about these guys, I’m sure this year will be one of innovation and I’m looking forward to what they will bring to the world of drift.

Next stop: media/test day for team Need for Speed at Willow Springs
Raceway which is an unbelievable facility made up of everything from
gokart tracks, dirt and paved speedway ovals, drift tracks, skid pans, a
drag strip, circuit racing tracks, an autocross circuit, off road
trails, dirt hill climbs and not to mention the famous international
grade circuit.

 Re-uniting with Matt Powers after meeting him at the Red Bull World Drifting Champs in 2008 I am stoked to be paired up with such a cool individual with his style and my style put together we can really bring some thing unique to Formula D.

We fired up the RX8 eager to fry up some new Falken 615-K tires and see how the car would perform on track, unfortunately it only lasted one short session after we broke a mount for the steering rack ending my only chance to test the new tire before round 1 leaving me not so confident.

Thursday: set-up day, It was a great feeling to be welcomed by all the familiar faces of FD and the drivers as everyone was setting up their team rigs/booths etc.

As intense as Formula D looks through the media it is really like a big family and has a great vibe.  

Really cool. Matt and I were pumped as we watched our pit set-up come together full of XBOX consoles, big screens and couches for the public to enjoy and interact with our team. Also a full DJ set-up for Miki Taka to play phat beats all day.

Friday was testing and qualifying.

With over 50 drivers entered it would mean only minimal time for testing.

I was confident with learning the track as big concrete walls are my specialty

but after my first lap I was blown away with how much grip the new Falken rubber was producing, they would tack up straight away.

I only managed to get 3 runs in for testing and then my 2 qualifying runs.

Unfortunately it wasn’t enough seat time for me to get the car set up right and I just wasn’t able to throw my car around the track from lock to lock like I would have liked to.

Although I didn’t qualify for the main event I am stoked my set-up has an ample amount of grip to work with. 

Saturday: the main event, I still showed up early to attend all the drivers meeting to get myself familiar with the structure of the events they run for the series.

I supported my team mate Matt Powers who was unfortunately knocked out early against the Swede.

Watching the battles I was pumped and on my toes throughout the entire top32.  

The competition here is on another level and I can’t wait to contest with them again in Atlanta.


MADMIKE Whiddett



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Really nice!

Goooood...i like this mazda :D

Good job!


Nice write up!

Too bad you did'nt make the top 32, would have like to see and hear more of that RX-8 :) Good luck in Hotlanta.


Can't wait for you to bring the heat MIke! The RX8 is amazing looking and hopefully you can show its true potential this year. Good luck mate!


real cool mate he is one of my favorite drivers


Cool read dude...

We shulda brought a camera along to hooters and then the oul dubliner on Saturday haha Gud times...

And best of luck with the rest of the season...

Hopefully il catch ya in New Jersey :)



That is some ridiculous amount of dish....yeah too bad about the 33rd position...but best of luck next time bro....

PS, your tow truck is just AWESOME!!!!


this car looks sooooo good... makes me really want an rx8 :)


keep up the positive attitude good luck on the ATL


Cool blog Mikey, good work.


wheres the nz flag, good sheyt mikey, doing us proud, next round kick some yank azz


Great Stuff Mike!!!!

As always great to be associated with such a professional team!

AWESOME looking car!!!!!

Good Luck for Atlanta!


TengTools NZ


cant wait to see ya in atlanta man. Ive been waiting a bit to see you drive. should be a good time.


Very cool write up Mike,,, Can't wait to see what you bring to the table. And again it was nice meeting you in front of the Hotel in Houston TX while you were parking your truck. Good Luck in Atlanta, I know you will do good there..


Awesome blog Mike! Great detail and I love the color commentary for a fact!

Congrats on everything mate - and props on hooking with Twins Turbo - they're the shit. Should be an amazing season !!!!


Hope you can get some good practice in before Atlanta! Always good to see another kiwi over here giving it a go.


such a pity you didn't get enough practice time.. love the truck to death.. keep it my man - oh and watch out for those scorpion's - cool blog too..


Mike you rock


mean blog bro. can't wait to see you carve em up kiwi styles once you're dialed in. truck's sick too.



Awesome write-up! Can't wait to see you and Toni in ATL! Its been way too long!


Just a heads up to anyone wanting an RX-8.... the gas mileage blows. haha


Hey Rod ,You still heading down to NZ ,Robbie Wards RIPS f.e.d is going hard now ,Cutting mid 7s .

Shot Mike ,Repin Redbull,Twinturbos,Metal Melisha ,NFS & Da Kiwi Rotang Klan Hard brother!!!!!!!!!


ima be honest, im not a big fan of RX8s because of how fat and tall the look compared to the RX7s but damn, Mike really knows how to make this one look gooooooodd. hellaflushness is freakin sweet with that RX8


kia ora, big ups bro, cool to see the silver fern on the car


damm good blog cuzzy!!! you an sister covered

some mean ground over in the states!!!!! you will get tour mojo sett for your next round my bro!! take care give toni an linky a kiss an hugg from me!!!! .... like the fern..... dude


Dude, RX8's are ugly as sin. Bring your smoking hot RX7 out!



Is it possible to get a wallpaper size picture of the starting grid one whit the red lights on and both cars in the picture?