Driver Blog: Mad Mike Whiddett>> The Badbul Comes To America

Hello Speedhunters!

It may seem to some of you that things have been quiet in my corner for the last couple of months, however life has been absolutely berserk here for me!!!

Firstly I am ecstatic to announce that I will be running a full program in the 2010 Formula D Championship. So without further delay, I am very proud to announce my new team “The Madmike Need for Speed / Redbull / Metal Mulisha crew!”  This really is a dream team and I am prepared for both the hard yards and fun times ahead.  For all those people who have wanted to get behind the wheel of my machine – my venture with Need for Speed might just be your ticket!  I’m also looking forward to joining my new teammates who are under the same umbrella of sponsors and would like to wish them all luck with their builds as we count down the final days of preparation.

You will also notice some new logos on the car. Also joining me this year are Twins Turbo Motorsports, a Long Beach based outfit who, with their knowledge, facilities, motivation and style will make us a force to be reckoned with. Twins Turbo will become our new HQ and home away from home.

Another major change is our move to Falken Tires. You may all think “wow?!” after 3 solid years with Goodyear!  Goodyear isn’t eligible to run in the FD USA series so it left me in a very awkward situation having to sign up with another breed for USA . I am yet to test the new release Falken 615-K on the RX8 but am confident with the feedback from fellow Falken drivers and am just edging to roll it out of the trailer for testing at round 1 and show our mad kiwi styles now just days away!

Other activations across the globe for 2010:

JAPAN – we now have our own 13b turbo FD RX7 from Magic Total Car Produce (which was used for the Redbull Drift n Ice Project) ready to do battle in as many D1GP events that my schedule can accommodate.

AOTEAROA (NZ)  – For my hometown supporters, you will be glad to hear that the quad rotor FD RX7 is now back home and under construction and will do battle in activations all across New Zealand.

FD is an amazing series to be part of and I hope this year there is something for every fan out there no matter what your taste – so come along and support us and we’ll do our best to put on a show!  **Come and meet our new team at round one in Long Beach 9th and 10th of March.

-MADMIKE Whiddett

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To be honest - those wheels are ugly. The rest for the car is neat.


Good luck Mike...the car looks awesome.


I still don't understand negative comments on this site. I'm liking the wheels, they're Weds, right? Everyone has a different style and I can't wait to see his mad Kiwi style in FD this year!


i wonder how wide those wheels are..


Just the opposite~ I'm quite a fan of those wheels that Madmike is always having.. deepest dish, widest bodykit, lowest stance, loudest....

By the way~ good for ya Mike! All the best


he's gonna have to redo that exhaust. In FD regulations say it must come out the factory location, I don't think front bumper is that location.


Loving the wheels to be honest ! and the car is looking nice.... :)

GOod luck !


I have a question to ask !

well if you see the first picture carefully, the rear wheels are so into the cars body ! can you actually drift ? wont this harm the rear bumper ?


I think that's a screamer pipe Alex for the turbo ...



Whoever said something about the wheels, they are the best thing about this car. :)

Mr. Mad Mike, you seem to have nice car style, please do not let the peer pressure of American drift racing get to you.


First post....of everything Mad Mike said and all the pix...all you can say is "those wheels are ugly".


Because I assume the wheels YOU run on your PRO FORMULA D RACE CAR are oh so much better looking, right?


Good luck Mike, see you saturday!!


@Prancuzas wtf are u smoking?! those wheels are the shit!


yeah the wheels are not that bad they looks good...they looked better on the fd but the stance is wicked on that rx8 luv it ........


These will be the fanciest wheels in FD this year.




Wheels: Kranze Bazreia


livin the dream dude... LIVIN the FUCK'n DREAM!! kiwi respect man.


livin the dream dude... LIVIN the FUCK'n DREAM!! kiwi respect man.


This car looks sick! Good lock Mike! Also, does anyone know if there will be TV coverage of Formula D this year, and if so, which channel?


How do can anybody not like WEDS Kranze Brazeia wheels?!this car just might be one of the most baller cars in FD?while other cars have big corporate sponcers....their cars look like $h!t....Rhys Millen,Sam Whats hes face

im wondering...why is Good Year not able to fun in FD?


Good luck Mikey! Keep me in the loop bro!


Yea boi, NZ represent man. You've come a long way Mike. Go get them


Glad to have you on board for FD.. Love the Weds on the Rx8 sooo sexy.. Can't wait to see you rip at Rd 1 on know you wont disappoint at all..

Talked to you shortly at Import Reactor in front of your sick slammed Dually. Was a honor to meet you and wish you the best of luck..


Good luck this year with FD Mike!

Also - BIG UP on hooking with Twins Turbo Motorsports. They are absolutely top notch , as good as it gets in the states.



Fuck yea, team NFS is looking HOT! As for whoever said the wheels are ugly, you are fucking insane! Weds Kranze Bazreias are BALLER!


Gonna be cool seeing him a full season in FD.

But we need a 4 rotor motor in the series. just add a supercharger :D


Gonna be cool seeing him a full season in FD.

But we need a 4 rotor motor in the series. just add a supercharger :D


Sweet. Cant wait to see you guys out there. I have been wanting to meet Twins Turbo forever. Good luck


why cant goodyear run.


So cool you already have action shots with the new livery!

the rear dish is INSANE! Cant wait to get some tandem going!


Coolio bro!

But like most I'm sure, I'll be awaiting footage of the 4 rotor FD!


Chur Mad Mike!!! Show them Yanks what this "pert little country of ours" is made of!! Aotearoa represent!!


New colour scheme looks cool. Good luck over there.


Why can't Goodyear be used in FD???? its used in japan.


I'm with sam here on the tire thing. What qualifies a tire to be used (and not be used, besides obvious ones like semi-slicks) in Formula D?


this car looks tough.. love the livery!! and those rear wheels are 'tucked' up "tight as badger nadgers!!"


No!!! RX-7 is better! never liked this car...


car looks awsome. metal mulisha as in the fmx crew?


just saw the other post, it is the fmx mulisha. awsome to see you bringing some of the style from fmx to drifting.


kia ora Bro,

on ya, well earned brother give em a bit of Kiwi, kia kaha


Ugh...Metal Mulisha?! Really...Those guys are clowns but I guess if they're willing to cut the cheque....


so what has happened to the OG 20b white fursty?????? bring it back!


@Prancuzas: UR AN IDIOT :(


The OG 20B FURSTY turned into the 26B MADBUL. The RX8 is the umpteenth reincarnation of FURSTY


Mike, you just hooked up with the best, Twins Turbo Motorsports. These guys are the most dedicated on the planet. They are super good at what they do and have all the heart you'll ever need. Good Luck!


Wish you all the best for 2010 Mike, You gona show the world what KIWIS are made of and how we dooz it down here :D


I Like It