Driver Blog: Fredric Aasbo>> Formula D Long Beach

First, thank you very much to Speedhunters for allowing me to up a guest blog. We had a really good time at Long Beach, going out there doing what we love the most! The support we got overwhelmed, and we are very thankful for all the kind words.

My crew guy and “right hand” Steffen and I have followed the Formula DRIFT: Streets of Long Beach closely over the last few years. We have been anticipating this event over the winter working hard to get the funding in place and I have tried to visualize and simulate the course we have been practicing.

Therefore, when we came to the track Thursday knowing we would only get a few practice runs in prior to qualifying, we still had at least some grasp of the course and that really helped me adapt to it.  A number of drivers, such as Pat Mordaunt, gave us hints and tips on the track surfaces and have they change throughout the course. I think that is a great testament to the spirit of the drivers and proof that Formula DRIFT is one big family!

So, keeping in mind the fact that FD is becoming more and more competitive over the years, my impression of the entire FD community is that is a truly great group of people who wants to put on the best show. Our first time over in the US ever, prior to the Red Bull Drifting World Championship, we went to SEMA Show in Las Vegas, and I saw Conrad Grunewald. Being a little afraid to chat it up with the big boys, I put on enough courage to ask him if he knew where a certain stand was. Conrad was the nicest guy, and he took time to show us around and getting to know us. Since, then we have met a lot of great personalities in the FD community, and that is certainly one of the reasons we put it all at stake and go for it

My spotter Chris and I had agreed to work hard and focused during practice to find the gangster line.  The new Falken RT-615K tires put us right up there  with the speeds and we had a really good feeling for the tires after testing them the week before.

Chris simply told me to have fun and get gangster with it – and it all
worked out. After the first qualifying session we were sitting in second
but I could not really believe it. “What is happening???”, I asked
Chris. He’s reply was “Gangster, gangster, gangster.”

The next session saw a lot of the drivers push it even further, and
being one of the first to guys in the row to qualify I got to watch it.
That reminded me  why I love drifting. Falken Tire driver Tyler
McQuarrie’s transition had me almost jump over the fence – it was
straight up BAD ASS!! I admire those guys so much and I decided to push
it even further now that we got through to the finals!

From our preparations to LB I knew the hairpin was going to be a tough one. A lot of upsets have happened going into the hairpin in the past, and this event proved no different. The various cars and drivers have very different speeds going into the hairpin, and you have to really watch out.

I tried be really focused on not messing up in the hairpin, and did not really do any major mistakes prior to me putting fifth instead of third out if it in my lead run against Tanner, which fried the clutch. Oh well, although the Supra has strong, Diesel-like torque, I guess putting fifth was asking a little too much from my beloved chariot.

Here I am in practice. I have great respect for Dai Yoshihara. He is a great ambassador for drifting, always greeting his fans and he is always very welcoming to everyone. Plus Dai looks like a cartoon character! J/K J/K

What I love the most about drifting is that you get so heavily penalized for just the smallest errors. For Steffen, my partner in crime, and me, the month we have over here in SoCal peaked and culminated with the two runs against Dean. That was two 20 second passes that set the tone and proved the outcome of a month of hard work.

When you are sitting there in the car, at the grid, with the most experienced drift drivers from the world around you revving out their high screaming engines and you know you have put it all at stake and you are next – that’s when you feel alive.

After we were able to take out Mr. Karnage from Ireland after two very even runs, I screamed so high in my radio Chris almost got deaf. Dean, with the problems and stress you had leading up to the top 32, I want to let you know I admire your driving and I wish you all the best in Atlanta.

It feels strange and at the same time overwhelming to come all the way from Norway and still have a lot of guys root for you. I am deeply and truly thankful fo the guys cheering us on, and we could not have done it without you – it really pushed us to go all out. We really really really want to do more FD rounds this year, but right now we don’t have the funds to do it. As you can see, we don’t have any logos on the shirt and the spot is up for grabs. We will put your logo close to our hearts.

I am a great fan of Chris Forsberg and we have followed his build and progress over the last years being in awe of his focused approach. In my eyes, Chris and the 350Z is the perfect package – a driver that is probably the most consistent out there and a car that is tweaked at all corners over time with an engine/transmission package that is scaled to be run at its full potential at all times.

After taking out Dean and moving on to battle Forsberg, the Japan Auto
and FSR team were at the peak of how  focused we have ever been. We were
so stoked to get the chance to go up against our idol!

The new Falken RT-615K’s really are the best tire I have driven on, and
they made me feel safe – a strange feeling to have when you are trying
to hold the throttle down and aiming at concrete walls.

You see, as our Supra engine has stock turbos we put out just 396 whp
and the engine is really limited on high revs – it’s almost like driving
a diesel and I need to keep the foot down to have it accelerate.
Therefore we are really focused to try to keep up with the other cars in
the start. Chris asked me to just go for it at the start.

That I did,
and the rest of the runs I can’t remember – they’re dug down somewhere
down my spine for me to bring up if I ever get old.

Forsberg is so smooth and consistent – he is literally flying through the course. The only thing I remember from the run, is thinking “This is unreal.” We are here to learn from the best and I am very thankful for being allowed to go up against the best.

Pat had a great event and that guy certainly has the future in him! In his lead run unfortunately he spun off turn 9, the first right hander, and I applied a little left foot brake and passed him, still getting fairly close to the first outer clipping zone. After the event I got told a lot of the spectators really liked that event, and I think that’s really cool.

See, back in Norway most of the events are run in a way where every car
is let out on the track at the same, be it a 1000 hp 4wd Ex-rally car or
a novice in a stock rear wheel drive Miata. Then we will just go for it
until a couple of cars roll, there is a crash or the spectators go

Hence, usually a lot of our practice back in Norway is done in
traffic on the track and it has us face a lot of different situations
and – how to put it – incidents. Check out GATEBIL on YouTube for a
little more insight.

Vaughn Gittin JR. , or “Captain America”, as my fellow Norwegians back home nicknamed him, was on fire during the event!

He certainly was a monster out there, blasting through the course. I
gave it all I got and a little extra, and it was the coolest feeling

We came here to learn from the big boys, and now we were up there
playing with the boys. What I think is cool is when you actually go all
out battling the FD top hitters it’s actually just the same as being
back home at a practice session kicking it with your closest friends.

It’s still all about going out there, learning, adapting, pushing it and

At this point I think I had stopped thinking – I was in a cloud of smoke doing what I love the most.

After the battles JR told me we did a great job and I really really
appreciate that, coming from the charismatic Chief Falken Tire

Thank you JR, and big congratulations to you and the entire Falken team
for a well deserved win!

Foust and the Rockstar Team has a very professional approach to drifting.

Ever since battling Foust at some of the Red Bull Drifting World
Championship practice runs back in 2008, I have noticed he runs a little
different line than most giving him extra speed. He is also extremely
fast going into the course.

To me, that is a true testament to Foust’s
skills and I honestly think the Foust & Papadakis way of “thinking
outside the box”
really adds to the diversity and forward thinking in
the sport.

The best thing about participating in Formula DRIFT is how much you learn. I have gotten a lot of pointers on my driving that I really want to work on, and with the Supra being almost stock suspension and engine wise I think we are nowhere near its limits in certain aspects.

After Tanners fantastic lead run I had absolutely nothing to lose, and decided to go a little harder.

So, I must have taken that literally as I hit the wall a little to hard,
which took out the battery and the ECU…

… for a second  I lost all
power for a short blink until it came back on. With no power to the
wheels, I straightened out.

Note to self: Concrete walls won’t move.

All in all we are deeply grateful to be allowed to go up against the
best at the Streets of Long Beach. Big thanks go out to Steffen, Chris,
Tom Ole and the entire Japan Auto Crew, the FSR Motorsport Creations
crew that serves our cars and all our friends and family in the US and
in Europe.

We got told that our friends from back home almost took over the Livestream, and I think it’s really cool to see how drift fans from all over the world embrace the Formula DRIFT Series. We will keep pushing to come out to as many of the events as we can, but right now we are about USD $7000 short to be able to run at Atlanta.  We are all up for it though – hope to see you there!

Many thanks,

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Good luck with the sponsorship dude. I know after that even you have alot of supporters


I was there. You impressed everyone... I'm stunned at how little your car is modified compared to the other competitors. Hopefully you'll be able to compete in Atlanta!


best of luck to you fredric!! you know we got your back no matter what


Great work out there Aasbo! I was rooting for you on the live feed!


håper dere kommer til atlanta, det blir hvertfall "support" der fra norge!! Lykke til!


Speedhunters sponsor him!!!!!




Dude you are one of the most exciting drivers to come into FD in a long time! Your attitude and your driving style are awesome. Its obvious you are loving every minute.


Fredric you definately have what it takes to make it to the top. We just need to get those on board to help us make it happen. SOMEONE SPONSOR THIS MAN! YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!! You thought Long Beach was crazy. Wait till you see him on his type track.


If I had 7k to throw around I would totally give it to you, great driving man


Honestly, my favorite FD car


You kicked ass man


That would be REALLY cool if you could hook up a sponsor for the rest of the season! Good luck holmes! It would be great to see you level up ;)


I will be in Atlanta, and I'm sure you will too! I know that me and everyone of my friends will be rooting for you!!


nice! Ive never seen another guy who can drift a MKIV Supra like that! well, theres Orido but damn, now we have Fredrick Aasbo! you did a really good job out there man. hope that you can continue on competing the rest of the FD events. also, if you guys need help specially in Round 6 in Infineon Raceway, I can help your team out! I have a shop that is only 15 mins away from Infineon Raceway and I can help you guys if you need help on shop space, support, acomodations, fuel, etc. Im really down to help specially since it looks like you guys are down to earth and rocking a MKIV Supra! Im a really big Supra fan. hope to see you guys compete here in Nor Cal on FD round 6 in Infineon Raceway.

aite, peace.


Ha|||on! Sure someone have to sponsor you and Team Japan Auto / FSR!! A Likeable and happy guy like you must have charmed someone with a large moneybag, so you can do the magic with your almost stock and dirty Supra!! Good luck!!


Fredric, I'm going to make this plain. YOUR A BEAST.


Thx for a good read! I really hope you guys find the sponsorship you need, cos U where killing it out there, ppl on the live feed chat was going crazy, it awsome. FD needs YOU to be at Atlanta.

Hey maybe set up a paypal donations type deal, I'd chip in, sure others would to. :)


i totally agree with everyone!

i like the fact that u are modest and u drive like a true gangsta!

the hallmark that distinguishes u from others is that u drive like lunatic!

keep it that way man and lets hope someone gives you a big sponshorship!

i can imagine what u could do if u drove a car like orido's supra!!!

2jz 4 life mate!


You're driving in that car is unreal. If you're show in LB doesn't convince any sponsors then what will? Oh and HOLD STUMT / KEEP FLAT!


Best of luck to you, your team, and your Supra. Seriously you have some talent and it's nce to see you back drifting in the USA. Keep up the great work. As for the cash you need to raise why not sell space on your car. Do the same thing that Taka Aono did in 2009. Donate some minimum amount of cash and get your name somewnere on the car. Not a bad plan because you really bring the fans into the event and the spirit of drifting.


Attention sponsors dont miss out on a great opportunity to get a new talented driver on you team. Becouse if you wait around his prize is going to skyrocket. Fredric don`t be typical northern european. And be afraid to apporching sponsors. How about the big Supra shops in U.S.A Titan SP performance etc.. Ask them if they want a cheap sponsorship opportunity.


awesome driving last weekend. Gangster indeed. fast ! , solid entrys! and hard transitions....i honestly thought u took may have squeaked by JR. Everyone did really well


The Norwegian Slider was whooping ass!


You are one of my favorites now for sure Fredric!!!

Good, luck, but with that impressive performance in Long Beach you will get those 7000$ for sure!!!


Man! If the sponsors really don't see the value in sponsoring Aasbø, then I have no clue about what great drifting is!! This guy can take on whoever (as proven when he went against Forsberg in his not too far from stock car) , all he needs is getting some expenses covered! No matter what happens we're rooting for you Aasbø!

Drift love from Finnmark, Norway!!


insane Aasbo!!!

congrads man, was super happy to see this link on my facebook this morning !!

Hope Atlanta works out for you!

Excellent driving, as always :)


If this means anything coming from someone who does not know what good drifting is supposed to look like, I thought you drove the best out of anyone there and deserved a podium.


What a nice spirit, you look like a great sport. You really seem like a good guy for drifting, you do it for the love of it, just enjoy yourself. Thats whats its all about : go as hard and as fast as you can to thrill out yourself and people watching.

If I wasn't that poor I'd definetly be donating some to help out !

Good Luck getting that money for Altanta !


Im rooting for you. You drive my favorite car in FD


I was in Long Beach and since I hadn't heard of you before Qualifying it was a shock to see your Supra come flying out of first turn into view sideways as f^#& and the hugest smoke cloud behind it! We all love the "underdog" and I was for sure rooting for you shouting "one more time!" every chance I got. Set up a paypal donation bank and I'm sure you'll be able to make it to Atlanta 'cuz You and your team are what fans REALLY want to see in Professional Drifting. Factory support is awesome and all but those teams forgot that we're broke and can't relate to those fully-prepped purpose built RWD-conversion-with-a-NASCAR-V8 type cars.


Fredric, I had never been more excited and thrilled at an FD event until you rocked the house. You've made me very proud, buddy! I really hope you can get picked up and show them what you can do in a machine that is up to par with theirs!


wow, only 396 whp? I watched on driftstream and i would have thought your car had at least 600hp, the way you were able to keep up and pull away from everybody, you were throwing up tons of smoke to! Somebody sponsor this guy!


You drove sick!!! at Formula D. I was so impressed!!! Can't wait to see you again rippin it up the track.


Thanks for the write-up, mate. Your driving at LB was insane, I remember Jarod DeAnda saying "Woooot .. Aasbo transitions like a maniac ". You have some serious talent and it would be shame if no one sponsors you. However, with such extreme drifting I am sure you will get the funds needed to compete in the next rounds.

Gratz and good luck!


Go Fredrick!!! You kicked azz at Long Beach

what a awesome sight seeing that Supra compete against the big dogs

hope you get sponsored and make it to atlanta

good luck!!!


Awesome, love it. Hope to see you kick som ass at gatebil this summer.


some 1 give this crazy norwegan ba%%%%d a full drive this year!!


Awesome !!! Without words !!!

Go mate, go!!!


C u in gatebil/rudskogen ;-)))


keep up the good work my man... "slide or die!!"


I remember gatebil @ Mantorp 08... No one where near your skills. Will you come "home" for gatebil? Gatebil is the shit!


I wish I could sponsor you my self just to see you run more. 7K really isn't that much, I'm sure with you performed you get that in a minute. Don't be nervous, you're obviously awesome!


Hey man, i know this comment is a bit late...ok very late, but dude i was there and you did a fantastic job! lol i know this is like some random comment from some random guy-just-turned-fan, but just wanna say out of everyone there, i think you did deserve the win. Enjoyed the show you put on, and that supra is SICK! Good luck with the rest of the season!