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Just uploaded this desktop from the RX7 feature to the desktops section. Head over to find both regular and widescreen versions.




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that is a good photo! ...and better wallpaper :)


i wish mazda would bring back the rx7


They did, the odd looking, lower powered, weaker chassised RX8,.......................wait its sorta got 4 doors and you can fit a slightly larger set of migits in the back.. That is the main thing you look for in a sports car right?


People need to remember that the RX-x series has never gotten progressively faster. You shouldn't compare the RX-8 to the FD RX-7 on the basis that the RX-8 is the next in the series. Observe:

RX-1: Cosmo Sport (Never called RX-1, but it is Mazda's first "Rotary Experiment")

RX-2: Capella Rotary Coupe "Lord of the Road" (A truly massive piece of trash. Pretty, though.)

RX-3: Familia Rotary Coupe/Sedan (Quite a car in its time.)

RX-4: Luce Rotary Coupe/Sedan (Think of a 929, a full-size boat, with a tiny little 12A buzzing away.)

RX-5: 1975 Cosmo (Like the RX-4 and RX-2 before it, it sucked. Not even pretty like the RX-2, though.)

RX-6: Roadpacer (A notoriously horriffic car. Thankfully never wore an RX badge.)

RX-7: Anyone who doesn't know about the RX-7 needs to get out more.

RX-8: Look outside; they're everywhere.

That's not to mention the R100, REPU, or any of the more wild ideas (A 26-passenger bus powered by a carb'd 13B N/A? Why not?) Mazda had over the years, and especially not the 717C, 727C, 737C, 757, 767, 767B, 787, 787B, and RX-792P rotary-engined sports prototypes.