Car Spotlight>>the K-pax Volvos

The SCCA World Challenge series has one of the most diverse grids in motorsports, with everything from Aston Martins and Vipers, to Civics and Scions competing in the series' three different classes. Without a doubt, two of the most unique cars in the series are a pair of Volvo S60 AWD's campaigned by K-Pax Racing.

We first spotted these cars during last year's Grand Prix of Long Beach, but this year I made a point to head over to the WC paddock for a closer look.

Under the hood is a race-tuned version of Volvo's 2.5 turbo engine, while the exterior of the cars are a mix of touring car and GT elements.

It might not be apparent from the side views, but the car has some pretty aggressive bodywork.

Here's a better view. Check that rear bulge.

The exhaust is dumped from single outlet just in front of the rear tires.

Sitting in those widened fenders are a set of center-locking BBS race wheels.

Here's a look in the cockpit, showing a carbon dash and the shift lever for the Weismann transmission.

The livery also looks great, giving the Volvos a nice touch of class.

And finally, an action shot. It's always nice to see Volvos ripping it up on the race track, and K-Pax has certainly done the brand proud.

For more on the team, have a look at the K-Pax Racing website.

-Mike Garrett



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Interesting to note that they have at least a cursory passenger seat. Wonder if that's a class requirement...


The K-Pax cars sound really good with the throttle wide open. They are a unique addition to the usual cars found in racing.





I have to say I didn't spot any seriously tuned Volvo before,but this one is insane.


nothings better than these swedish brutes..


That's a mean wing.


Great article, always wanted to know a bit more about these Volvos so thanks. They look very nice in that livery.


K-PAX was easily the most impressive of the SCCA World Challenge teams to me when I saw them at Laguna Seca last year, their paddock was just so professional appearing that it could have easily been mistaken for a works team. It was crazy seeing some Volvos being followed by Vipers & Corvettes! Plus, the shot I got of them was one of my favorites for the whole day.


Mike, could these cars do Redline Time Attack? Or are they outside the rules?


those rear arches are worked to perfection plus those BBS 'boots' suit it down to the ground.. its hard to picture a heavy-looking car like this model (in its standard form i mean) tearing up the track - but i'm it will..


love those cars.


Racing volvos is probably the coolest shit ever.


I know it is a super old post, But I had to comment on how good these cars look. I have always liked volvo's seeing on the track.