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You are looking at a very special Fairlday Z. Unique doesn't even begin to describe this completely custom project that has become very well known in vintage car circles in Japan. The owner and creator of this S30 is Tomimatsu-san, an engineer and development team manager at OS Giken in Okayama. Tomimatsu has been working at OS Giken since 1994, driven by an incredible passion for cars, but more to the point tuning them with state of the art parts. Away from his day job he enjoys looking after his own vehicles, and working on projects in his fully accessorized garage next to his house. Welcome to Office Tomitaku.

The name Tomitaku probably comes from a combination of his name and the Japanese word Otaku, used to describe anyone with an obsessive passion or interest. And there is no doubt that only an extreme Otaku could have created something like this Zeddo. Tomimatsu wanted to create the ultimate S30 and began his project over 5 years ago after finding a suitable car to base this build on. While the body was sent off to get restored, stiffened up, spot welded and repainted he got to work on the Nissan L24 straight six engine.

Being part of OS Giken allowed Tomimatsu to get hold of one of only nine OS Giken TC24-B1 complete heads. This very special assembly is probably the most sought after item in the Fairlady world, with them almost never coming up for sale. Forget your S20 engines, with enough money those are relatively easy to come by. To the right person the TC24-B1 head is worth its weight in gold! The history behind it begins way back in 1973 when OS Giken president Osamu Okazaki decided to see just how much power he could get out of an L16 engine. He ended up casting and creating his very own 16-valve complete head which allowed the L16 to be revved well past the previous 7,000~7,500 rpm limit, allowing for much more power to be developed as well as better low-rpm torque. The T16-MA2 equipped L16 he built revved to 9,000 rpm and managed to develop 232 HP at 8,500 rpm making his Datsun Sunny 1600 a very, very fast car. After this first head Okazaki-san created one for the L24 straight-six engine, following pretty much the same configuration of 4-valves per cylinder and allowing the engine to rev to 9.000 rpm and develop well over 300 HP depending on configuration. This is precisely what Tomimatsu fitted to his L24…

…hence the badge on the trunk spoiler. 

The car was finished off with in a mustard pastel hue and, as a hint at the performance within, a dry carbon hood was fitted.

The interior looks mostly stock but is fitted with modern and accurate Defi gauges and fixed bucket seats. The roll cage helps to further stiffen the chassis without being too intrusive.

Watanabes and Neovas, a great combination to say the least.

Tomimatsu built up the engine in his garage documenting all of the progress for this website The block is fitted with a stock but balanced L28 crank and ø 87.8 mm forged pistons that help raise capacity to 2,870 cc.

The engine bay is nothing short of a work of art, simple and clean down to the custom made headers. The TC24-B1 head breathes through ø 55 mm Weber carbs allowing it to develop a little over 300 HP. This is probably because the rev limit has been set at 8,500 rpm as most people are sure it could crank out a lot more. Tomimatsu also rebuilt a TC16-MA2 which he found lying around at OS Giken, which ended up being fitted to a H510 Bluebird 1800 SSS sedan. The engine in that car revs to 10,500 rpm with plenty of torque being developed throughout the rev-range.

This S30 is up there on my list as one of the most desirable cars, ever.

I'd like to thank Tomimatsu-san for taking me to his house to kindly show me this stunning machine and his other collection of cars. For more info on the build of this car take a look at the respective section on his website. While you are at it check out his other cars.

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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that is the best looking fairlady z i have ever seen! props.


This car is fully sick... I love it!


Hi can we get some desktops on the motor especially the one with the exhaust manifold visible. and maybe one or two of the bodys40z pics are hard to find in good quality


In-frickin-credible. I've watched a video about this car, the noise it makes is breathtaking. Man, I wish my 240Z looked so good. Someday...


Oh my ... straight from the seventies...only...better!!


wors cannot describe the awsomeness of this car


Wow is that what I think it is!!!!!!!!

Totally RAD!!!!!!

WOW . . . just WOW!


Finally! Someone has had the opportunity to feature this unbelievably fine example of a classic Fairlady Z! :) Now maybe the search for the blue elusive VH45DETT Fairlady Z will be in order as well


i was waiting for someone to cover this.. they have a video of it on youtube SA WEE T




That is the epitome of old school Z building! I've heard/read somewhere that these OS Giken heads can or costs $30k US freakin dollars!

Listen to this beautiful motor on youtube:


Damn that is a nice engine!


Dino....I am speechless. A breathtaking example of the S30 Fairlady. This (and the SSS S30 *hinthint*) are cars that I use as inspiration for building mine. Please keep seeking out these Kyusha gems!


Always been a huge fan of this car! I'm stoked you guys featured it


I wish I could here that engine and see this car move! Truly a work of art!



Dino, I so wish I was you when you took these pics!

My camera would have went off non stop.

The OS Giken TC24-B1 engine is great.

Lucky for you, welldone!


Dino, jealousy can’t even start to explain how much I want to have your job. Another Remarkable JDM find!!


Beautiful car. I would love to see a feature on the Bluebird as well.


desktop please


2nd pic would make a great DESKTOP.... please? I could look at this car all day.


excellent photos, excellent car.


this car is 'ultra' special - love it... a piece of history..


Automotive Porn! Wallpapers, please... a real dream machine!!!!!!!!


Great idea! Love seeing a creative mind work and gain success!!!!!! Hope it continues to grow!



I need a change of underwear now...


v13esim is right, we need wallpapers!


Exquisite execution and a lucky man to have access to such parts. I don't understand the combination of '260Z' dash and console and '240Z' rear lights and I think the black bumper-corner rubbers would look better than the rivets, especially in the chosen bi-tone colour scheme. It's the crank-shaft that limits the engine revs so a steel crank would be preferable for reliability - no ?

I'm not convinced that the 'roll-cage' is for body rigidity - I suspect it's more for a 'racy' look as a pair of strut braces would be probably more efficient. The engine bay is beautiful and I hope he doesn't drive on dusty roads.......I wonder what the exponents of cold-air induction would say......................? :-)

A gorgeous car - I hope he does drive it 'cos they all deserve to be - museum pieces mean death but to finish, I hate the tacky badge on the rear spoiler and a typo Dino - first line - it's a Fairlady S30Z ;-) and you're a lucky man too to have seen it close up - I too would love to hear it going.


Kevin Truong: When the TC-24 head was created many a decades ago, it msrp'ed for $12k. OS Giken brought out a set to SEMA to judge the reaction as a feeler to whether they should be reproduced. If they were to reproduce them, it would retail for over $30k.


Holy S30 that is one mean machine! What perfect attention to detail and exquisite motor parts as well, great story and pics, will check his site for much more info! We will need desktop images! thanks so much, such a beautiful S30!


Such a beautiful work of automotive art ! Dont understand with so much detail everywhere why the radiator looks so ratty...


i want to hear this car


Please...for the love of God and all things holy, give us a desktop of the first pic...


heh, they mentioned those os giken twin cam heads in a book i have on datsun tuning. too bad they left out the fact they only produced 9 ...


I just love guys like him. When you look at his other cars you can see he just loves cars and not just one brand/type. My deepest respect Tomimatsu-san!!


A true piece of art

thee single best S30 i have ever scene

where car i find info on the Bluebird that revs 10,500???


i want this!!!


FINALLY! A write up on the Office Tomitaku S30. I have watched the youtube video for over 2yrs in awe. It was like a myth in my mind. Thanks for making this car real to me lol. I love the plate logo, their dyno graph, so clever! It always tickled me that I have the same Defi gauges in my S30. I liked that they were green and mimicked the stock gauges.


Always have to come back to this amazing creation


Any articles in future of the new ones that have come out?