Behind The Scenes>> Boost Logic @ The Texas Mile

A few months back, I was contacted by Texas drifter, Russell Walker. He mentioned that he works at a shop called Boost Logic and that they were planning on going to the Texas Mile with a million-billion horse power Supra that'll do the mile at Bugatti Veyron speeds of 250+ miles per hour. After weeks of correspondence, I flew straight to Texas to see what these horse power hungry nutters were all about.

After landing in Austin, I was trucked straight to the shop. And as I entered the shop, I was smacked hard with a giant wall of horse power. I've witnessed a lot of horse power in my time, but the cars that laid about the shop floor was impressive.

Quarter mile drag Supra, Texas Mile Supra, and GTR were all laid before my eyes.

The Boost Logic drag Supra was a very impressive sight to behold.

How's 1560 horse power sound? Or 7.59 seconds at the quarter mile? The supra holds title of being the fastest car with independent suspension record in the world.

This is the Boost Logic GTR. When I first saw the car sitting with the time-attack style wheels, I was rather turned off by it. But after staring at it for a few days, it really did grow on me.

Call me Mr. Uber-ricer, but the jet engine tips on the GTR are amazing. Why hasn't anyone thought of this before?

There's a whole lot of dormant horse power around the shop.

Some of you may be familiar with Texas drifter, Russell Walker. He works at Boost Logic and working at a shop like this has its perks, like being able to work on his Boost Logic/Tuning Concepts drift S13. The S13 was being worked on for a local drift event the in a few days… more on that very soon!

Sitting quietly in a corner of the shop sat Russell's 2010 Formula D STI.

All the major work to the car has been finished. Just putting everything together was the next part. Russell says it'll be ready for Formula D Atlanta. Let's all wish him the best of luck!

This Supra was the shop's hard parking show car.

The GT style wide body kit looked fantastic. I forgot to ask what was sort of Greek titan slept under the hood, but I'm sure it was something that would make Hercules or Odysseus tremble.

Walking around the shop a bit more, I spotted this rather unimpressive looking 300zx.

As I got closer to inspect the car, I noticed something that stuck out quite a bit…

…the car housed a built 2JZ with a compound turbo setup. Upon further investigation, the car turned out to be one of the guys that works at the shop. The car was a street tuned highway romper. Try taming 750 horses on the street! This 300zx is what you call a sleeper.

This 1150 horse power Supra was suppose to be the Texas Mile candidate for the shop, but the car ran into some major problems in the days leading up to the event.

This was their second engine that was transplanted into the car for the event. The first engine blew and the engine that now sat in the car was not circulating coolant and the crew also thought they blew the head gasket while doing pulls on the dyno. All this happened the day before they were scheduled to leave for the Texas Mile.

This seems to happen a lot in the world of cars doesn't it?

So everything came came off and the guys started investigating the problem. If the problem was simple, the car would be in attendance at the Texas Mile, if not, then they will be taking the black GTR.

The head was pulled off and the head gasket was inspected. It turned out
to be fine. Justin Nenni of Tuning Concepts, who tunes all of the Boost Logic cars, checked pressed on the pistons to see if the piston bearings were still good. It turned out that the #2 piston bearing was done for…

…and the #2 cylinder wall was scratched because of the failed bearing. The Supra would not be going to the mile.

So, the GTR was put on the trailer and they left for Goliad, Texas the next morning. The day before race day, Justin tested the GTR and rocked out a mile run at 198mph! Just BARELY under the magical 200!

This is the glamorous Boost Logic pit area. The two Supras are customers' cars.

The engine's internals were kept stock, but bigger turbos were added and the boost was cranked up for an impressive 860 horse power.

A little bit of painters tape was used to protect the trunk from any damage as the Boost Logic crew tried their best to remove the GTR's wing.

A blow dryer also employed to heat up the gunky glue that kept the wing firmly attached to the trunk. This very official Texas Mile tool-of-creating-speed was supplied by a fellow driver's wife. Anything to get the job done, right?

A wingless GTR looks extra sleek without the rear wing!

Now that the wing was off, any bit of extra aerodynamic streamlining that the Boost Logic guys can do was thought of. Painters tape was somehow missing, so black duct tape was employed. Yes, you heard me right, DUCT TAPE! Cease your complaints about the duct tape ruining the car's paint. When you're on the hunt for speed, there are no compromises.

A little bit of tape goes a long way in the quest to squeeze out every last mile per hour from the car!

Front end tape up complete!

The only thing left to do was to wait their turn on the grid.

The Boost Logic GTR sits in front of the grid line looking quite menacing…

…I give Justin one last "good luck!" before he headed out to the start line.

Notice the tucked-in wing mirrors for just that much more aerodynamic nerdiness. Justin was given the go ahead, cranked up the boost event more, slammed the gas pedal…

…and he was off!

Before you knew it, he was long gone. And as the car disappeared into the distance the only thing to do was to wait for him to cross the finish line…

…the second Justin crossed the finish line, the board lit up with a result of 203.6 MPH!!

The planned months ahead to break records at the Texas Mile with their 1150 horse power Supra but the racing gods were not looking in the Supra's favor and the guys instead came and broke another record. The Boost Logic GTR became the fastest R35 GTR in the world! Not bad for a bunch of guys that just a few days ago had a car race car
in piece, right

It's always inspiring to see the journey that speed demons take to fulfill their desires. Late nights with little or no sleep, early mornings and many other sacrifices are made for the sake of speed. In the wee hours of the day where it looks like you won't be making it to the event you planned to, a rush of determination, passion, love for giant hunks of metal and your addition and obsession to speed are the things that pull you through to the morning. I witnessed the guys at Boost Logic at their lowest point, but at the end of that Saturday in Goliad, Texas, I saw them at their best.


P.S. I'd like to thank Boost Logic for their hospitality at their shop, at
the Mile and also for supplying a corner of their RV for me to sleep.

Boost Logic

Tuning Concepts

Speedhunters Texas Mile 2010 coverage



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first bitches!!!!


Wingless is super sexy. I dig the jet exhaust tips too. Texas Mile looks like an awesome time.


I'm sorry but I can't stop looking at the wingless GTR. How uber-uber-sick is that?


Great article and great story! What are those TA wheels?




I normally dislike "time attack" wheels, but I have to say that they look good on this example. An all-black wheel would make it too monochromatic. Also, DRE!!!!!111!!!!, GTFO. And add a comma while you're at it.


Great work L, you capture the atmosphere like no other


Were you intoxicated while composing this?


awwwwwwww shit


Great article. That drag supra's slicks are huge! The turbo is pretty much half the size of the engine.

In regard to the engine failure on the prospective Texas mile entrant, I think you meant to say "rod bearings" instead of "piston bearings"


Wingless GTR looks so smooth! Should be a factory option...

Any chance of a feature on the red drag supra? Very tough looking and very interesting


The Quicksilver Supra with the large "Autobanh Motorsports" sticker on the side is NOT a Boost Logic customer car. It belongs to Tommy Banh. Owner of said sticker'd shop.


That GTR is so nice.


great photography man. I wish I could have access to all those pics in high res lol


can't stop thinking about how rowdy that 300z had to be...


"...that kept the wing firmly attached to the wing"


Their Supra is not the fastest IRS car in the world. I am not sure who is but I do know Sal Patel has been 7.52@189 in his Viper....... his car puts down more power now than it did when it ran that too.


great photos. wallpaper of the first one please!!!


I almost got really pissed off when you said "Unimpressive Z31" Street fighter is the name he goes by on forums..... That 300zx is unGODLY fast.


they've got some absolute animals just chilling in their workshop.. Supra's galore.. GTR looks ready to do some damage.. plus i think you need to keep us posted about 'that 300ZX' - that's gonna be special when its all done & dusted.. - great post & pics..


Need desktop of the 1st pic, pleaaaase!


Wow! I agree about the wingless GT-R. So sick! And well done to the guys for getting out there. And setting a world record!!!


I need that R35 on my desktop!!!


That jettips are indeed amazingly cool!


First pic to desktop section, please.


That GT-R looks sooo good wingless!


There is video of the 300 on youtube. I think speed hunters should do a peace on it.


Linhbergh did you meet SW?


that wingless GT-R is so fresh. who cares about paint, duct tape that shit up. LOL!


yup i really like the look of the GTR without the wing and with the timeattack wheels

its something i havent seen before on a R35


The engine failures turned out to be the result of a faulty ecu. We are getting the car back together so look forward to it soon. The Autobanh Supra is tuned by Tuning Concepts so it certainly would be a customer and friend. Thanks again to Lindbergh for coming out and we are looking forward to doing it again!

Zohair Jaffery


I found this really one hand they dont want to damage the paint around the wing,...using tape and a heat gun...however they are willing to risk frying the engine,a very costly hand made piece of engineering......ridiculous......why do things mickey mouse ....prep the car right and make a pass ,whats the rush that record its meant to be broken time and time again dont you know technology??? come on son do your homework lol.....GOOD DAY!!


Desktop request of the first pic! Please!


@linhberrgh: why ask for comments if you are not gonna post them?.....simple little man.


We didn't want to damage the decklid on the GTR, so we were being ultra careful. The car is getting a Tommy Kaira wing, so the stock one had to come off anyway. The engine, however is slated to be getting a stroker; ultimately, if we hurt something, it has the parts ready to go in. We had also performed extensive testing prior to the Texas Mile to make sure the engine would live as long and prosperous of a life as it could. This isn't our first rodeo, Tex. :)


oh... and one more thing, we had already broken the record prior to pulling the wing off. Technically, we pulled off the rear wing to compete with ourselves and break our own record :)


my ultimate goal in life has just been reset: to own a de-spoilered Nissan GT-R. Oh yes.



I love the 'drastic' measures that was took to improve the weight and aerodynamics of the car.



Boost Logic FTW!

also, congrats to you Justin! Zohair and the rest of the BL crew. good job on that GTR.

aite, peace.


Wow! that de-winged GT-R is very sleek and sexy ao alll i can say is I WANT ONE!!! I'm really digging the jet tail pipes too :)


What wheels is the R35 rolling on?


The wheels are the R35 are ADV.1

and thanks for all of the positive comments :)