Announcement>> Introducing Team Need For Speed

"Patrick Soderlund would like to meet with you at 18:00"… This was a message that one of the executive assistants emailed me this past November. The EA executive Patrick Soderlund was visiting our Vancouver game studio to help structure the re-organization of the Need for Speed gaming franchise and wanted to see me. The reason? He had a crazy idea for a racing program: "Team Need for Speed" that he wanted to run past me.

We threw around a few ideas and decided that Team Need for Speed should be interdiciplinary in nature and include European GT Racing, a Formula D component, perhaps Time Attack and a wild street component in order to best reflect the feeling of NFS. Needless to say I left the meeting shaking with excitement!

Patrick initially was thinking to enter the German only VLN series, but we pushed him to enter the full 2010 FIA European GT3 Championship instead. With fields of 40+ equally matched GT racers, this is one of the top GT championships in the world.  A new car would be needed so we turned to BMW and German endurance specialists, Schubert Motorsport, to help run the program with a brand new BMW Z4 GT3.

For the visual identity of Team NFS we had our own Speedhunter, Andy Blackmore come up with the iconic (well we think anyway) livery design.

Mad Mike Whiddett was an obvious choice to be a key element of the US drifting program. We've been collaborating with him in small ways for a few years now, and knew that he would make a great addition to the family. Mike is also an avid gamer, and has a great vision of car style so we knew we wanted to help bring his program to North America.

Another drifter who we are big fans of is Matt Powers and we jumped on board to help him take on all seven rounds of the Formula D Championship. Matt chose to reinvent Andy's Team NFS livery with his own Hair Metal inspired paint job. It's pure Matt Powers!…

Our goal with the style of Team NFS was that the look of the cars could be reinterpreted by each driver to suit their own personal style…. a corporate, cookie cutter approach was to be avoided!

We've also come up with a crazy concept for the Team "Mad Powers" garage which combines their pit setups, an electronic music chill space, Speedhunters work area and gaming lounge. Look out for it in the Long Beach Paddock… if you come say hello to us, we may even give you some Speedhunters posters and stickers!

We are dubbing it the NFS Electro Lounge and it will be hosted by DJ Miki Taka, who some of you may remember as Miss Formula D last year. (Miki I hope you found some hair metal remixes to spin for Matt!)

Keep your eyes out for Courtney Day to be on NFS duty as well. We're also planning to cast a third girl, but currently haven't decided on this person just yet.

Will Roegge is also going to be joining the team to shoot a series of 12 films at race and drift events across the US and Europe. I can't wait to see what he comes up with! If you have any requests for new approaches for Will's drift/racing films please do speak up now. We are a bit sick of straight up automotive -music plus cars- montage films TBH, so will be looking to come up with something a bit different for our 2010/2011 films.

Fatlace have come on board to create the official Team NFS team outfits too. This is the Mad Mike crew shirt.

… And the Matt Powers version. There will be a limited run of these shirts on sale at Long Beach too BTW for anyone who wants to represent the Mad Powers slammage crew.

So the first car to be ready out of the gate was Mad Mike's RX8. This shot was from a test session around a month ago in NZ.

BTW before you ask, he chose to bring the RX8 over the RX7 because he thinks it'll be a more competitive car. Here, the Mazda is getting loaded up in a shipping container for its trip to Long Beach.

Meanwhile in Germany, Patrick has got himself a pretty cool new toy too… Looks pretty bad-ass if you don't mind my use of an Americanism.

This is the car as it arrived in the Schubert Motorsport workshop direct from BMW… Patrick will be sharing his Z4 GT3 with fellow Swede, Edward Sandström and will also contest the infamous Nurburgring 24H race next month. A second BMW Z4 GT3 will be piloted by experienced pedlers Claudia Hertgen and Csaba Walter who were paired up in one of the Alpina GT3 cars last year.

The BMW's livery isn't quite ready yet, so we'll return to this subject in a bit.

Matt Powers of course needs no introduction as both he and his car are big internet celebrities of sorts. Here is his freshly completed car as shot yesterday by Mike Garrett in San Diego.

Matt has been busy this spring upgrading the car for the coming 2010 season. I'll let him tell you about these details himself though in a few hours.

At some angles, the livery looks quite different to Mad Mike's machine, but when you see them running together the design "should" come together to a create cohesive yet individualistic team identity.

Check the leopard print design… it's a car worthy of the Mattley Crue!

Meanwhile, this was the scene in Long Beach a couple days ago: a container from NZ is being dropped off at Twins Turbo Motorsport, who will be taking care of the low slung RX8 this year.

Eric meets his new muse for the year…

Yes ladies and gentlemen we have dish!

As the RX8 has next to no ground clearace, it was a bit tricky getting it out of the container onto a flat bed truck.


The Badbul is now ready to be prepped for Formula D duty! This includes the installation of a new roof mounted brake light, which should allow judges to see if any drivers are resorting to naughty brake checks.

So that's all we are going to say for now… we also have some crazy plans, builds, events and films planned out with Vaughn Gittin JR and friends which we'll be revealing over the course of the next few months! In the meantime, I'm looking forward to meeting up with Mad Mike and the Twins today in LA to check out the Badbul in the flesh.

More on this unfolding story soon…




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Wow! That's awesome! Are you guys still going to be running the Porsche as well, or is that gone?


You gotta be kiddin me.


Those are some sweeeeeeeet grphic designs. Can't wait to see this team in action


Great news. This can only bring good.


...don't like the drift cars' liveries.... BMW's cool though


Wow and wow. As a designer who has worked on quite a few liveries, that is a stunning design. Very distinctive....not sure about the Nissan though, a little over the top.

Very clever how it appears the door panels are the same on each side, even though the design is not symetrical.



SICK!!!! mad mike in forumla D will be awesome, and matts power 14 is mental :D


Nice design on the BMW and Mazda. Cool how Red Bull is integrated on the RX8. Not feeling the Nissan.


I like more the Green matt powers car ;p




That's awesome. You're really really fortunate, would be incredible to have someone footing the bill of even ONE race team, let alone three. Props!


OHHH AIMM JEEE!! this is insane! love the madbul livery there =)


Rad! Nice to see a kiwi in the mix!


I've got to say, stuff like this is why I continue to come to the website. (well, for content / coverage aswell, obviously)

For a corporate owned entity, you're able to do things that are truly enviable, proof that the bean counters at EA seem to 'get it' more than many others. Congrats Rod, a full season of FIA GT3? Outstanding!


so sick1


Wow indeed! Everyone has come on board for this. Even Fatlace!

Any chances of the rest of the world getting a piece of the merchandise?


It's great that someone stepped up to give Matt Powers a sponsorship. I hope that people don't stop supporting him now that he "sold out". That ride height still looks uncompromising, can't wait to see it in NJ if he's running a whole season!


Reaalyb like the BMW and the RX8. The Powers car doesn't work as a collective.


Huge respect for going out there and competing in some pretty tough circles. I'll be watching your progress with interest.


Hot!!! I be seing you-all in Atlanta next month.


I wanna do a Panama high kick off the roof of Matt's car. I love it!


I have only seen renderings of Matt's car until today....looks sick!


very smart designs Andy, just as I would expect


AWESOME!! Can't wait for the season to begin!


now I've looked at the design closer, I think the issue with Matt's car are the colour breaks are different to the other cars. If this was the same, it would work better as a group. Still, very nice work Rod and Andy


To piggyback off of Golf_RSR; many larger entities with corporate backing lose sight of the freedom that comes with having a team. I've always believed SH is corporate funded, but grassroots to the core. Much respect.


Cool T-Shirt... Where I can get one?


Haha, keep it real guys, keep it real!! :P (Real sick, lol!) I'll always be a fan of Matt Powers. :)


"A create cohesive yet individualistic team identity", nice one Veronica :P


Not an NFS fan in any way, shape, or form... BUT, I've got a ton of respect for what you guys are trying to do with this team. Matt deserves every bit of help he can get, and im sure he'll return the favor with great results this year. And of course, who could forget Mad Mike? We've been chomping at the bit to get him back in the US for a while now. And I'm glad to see that he chose to bring the RX-8. I'm really looking forward to the 2010 Formula D season.



just awesome :D


Nice work, looking at the rendering, is the BMW going to race in bare Carbon? That would be so cool


Wow! Speedhunters pushing teh limits of car culture! Love it!


daaamn. when i first heard of matt powers getting EA games for a sponsor, i thought okay, i can live with that, as long as he doesnt drive around in a car with need for speed graphics. the fact that he was still independent and drove in a (basically) street car, was the coolest thing about him. and that fitment on the s14 now isnt anywhere near cool, like, okay hes got overfenders now but he should get atleast a better offset wheel with the kind of lip that his previous work vs-xx had.


That's great!!! :) Can't wait to see it!


Amazing news! Looking forward to track action now! And hopefully some Speedhunters TOP QUALITY HD videos of it!!!


Wow, that is awesome on so many levels!!! Congrats to Speedhunters and all the drivers!!! Matt's car looks so sick, too!


Great concept guys...all the cars look really good. I hope the best for you.


Love the Machines, only thing I see missing are Cars4Cancer decals =)


Thanks for all the postive comments guys. I expected a bit more hatred!


evilmoon - Porsche is for sale/sold


ESB- thanks, if you are who I think you are, that means a lot :)


Vaughn - you don't like the others?? LOL! :)


Golf RSR/fameONe - Thanks, the difficulty with this design is the requirement to create a livery which could be used on multiple cars in multiple disciplines and be recognisable as 'TEAM NEED FOR SPEED'....but not be corporate! Hopefully with personalisation on each car along with other drivers sponsors, each car will have its own identity, but still be a Team Need for Speed car.....thats the idea :)


CaptainAudi- Good spot! :) more on the BMW soon :)


that 14 is SICK


Very nicely executed camouflage on these vehicles, they will have no trouble blending in on the brofessional circuit.


Almost too good to be true, best of luck to you guys;)


Not feeling the Nissan? What? It looks dope. Not near as aggressive as it used to be, but the design is awesome.




Matt Powers just lost some cool points in my book

: [


Matts Car looks awesome.


Wow, what progress.... great support.


@ Andy - Great job on the look of the machines...I'm especially fond of the Matt Powers design. I'm not a huge drift fan, but I like it and can certainly respect it, and that car just looks totally awesome.


Matt Power's ride looks so good!


got any hi-res of the Z4 GT3?


Z4 looks it will have a great paint jod


I love the team garage


AWSOME! Really like the design of all the cars, and the whole Team concept sounds great! Wish you all the best this coming season, and I will be holding my thumbs for Matt and Mike especially, cos drifting rules! :)


woooooooooooooow i cant wait! that is an awesome lineup! they're going to murder


This is going to be a cool year! There's obviously been a lot of work in this. Good luck to Team NFS.


This post was mentioned on Twitter by linhbergh: Go Team Rice!! RT @SPEEDHUNTERS ANNOUNCEMENT>> INTRODUCING TEAM NEED FOR SPEED


wow thats quite a lineup. this place certainly did its homework finding the right speedhunters lol. that z4 is total win.


This is Awesome. I can't wait to see how read about the success of the team. Hopefully I'll be able to come through a FD event and the Mike's and Matt's cars.


So excited for this year and to be part of Team Need for Speed!


wow..... as much as i hate to say it, you ruined mad mike's RX-8 and matt powers' S14. the RedBull/ digital-camo vinyl job on the old car looked perfect, (especially next to MADBUL). there was nothing that could be done to improve the exterior appeal of that car. but now... it has these giant white splotches all over it... disappointing...

and matt powers' S14? who wasn't a fan of that green beast slammed on dished VS-XX? it represented the kind of grassroots driving that drifting started out as, and as some argue, should have stayed. it was the most bold and unique, yet effective car on the grid-- and probably in all of pro drifting. not that it looks bad now.. i'll just miss the sheer novelty of the old car


ehhh...not bad


How about coming up with a story/short film theme for 2010/2011. It's been done before by the BMW "Driver" films, but why not see Will Roegge's take on it?


No brake checks this year in FD? Be sure to tell Sam! Hahahahaha! I can't stand that guy... Should be another great season; cool team.


Great work guys. The whole concept and the cars look great.

Happy to have Motive DVD involved all the way.


that Z4 is looking very 'rude'.. i do like the RX8 too.. Mad Mike's machine is crazy looking with that livery but again i like it.. as i work for BMW i'm always interested in how people turn [BMW] cars out although i'm actually a hardcore 'Dubber' with JDm tedencies.. gtreat post..


why are people hating on matt powers because he went pro.

If somebody offered to pay expenses and allow you to run a full season of FD your teeling me you wouldn't take it because you'd be scared of randoms with shitboxes on the internet saying your not cool anymore. Who cares if his wheels dont have heaps of dish or as good offset as last year. THEY'RE FUCKING LIME GREEN. HOW IS THAT NOT COOLER THAN LAST YEARS WHEELS?!?! HOW?!?!?!

I'm getting sick of all the moar offset + moar low comments on every car feature on this site,

You guys probably hate "ricers" but thats pretty much what you are and would most likely choose "dope stance" over horsepower.

But if we were all the same it'd be boring :):)


Nice,i dig all the cars.waiting to see them in action.The BMW livery looks sick exposing the raw carbon fiber!!!


wow fatlace, i knew you guys could design a better shirt ... im not feeling the need for speed wording going vertical in the middle ... better closer to the ribs in this case or horizontal under the car or bottom of the shirt. I will definitely buy that ... I might pause a moment when I'm looking at that 30 dollar price tag I'm sure your going to give it. Prove me wrong again!


OOOOHHH MY!!!! i HATE YOU LONG BEACH!!!!! YOU GUYS GET EVERYTHING!!!! ARRGH! So jealous right now. If I could make it to long beach I would, just to get a mad mike tee!!! or a powers one, because I just love both of those guys, super cool!!! GO TEAM NEED FOR SPEED!!!!!

btw, for video game ideas, you guys should continue the underground series, but with updated car culture, or course. And, throw in some real drivers!!!! Matt Powers + NFSU3= epic win

71 my commented deleted for hating on Matt's livery. I'm sorry Speedhunters and Matt if I am not into that neon animal print garbage but that should not have any bearing on whether my voice is heard or not.


The European GT3 Championship rolls into its fifth year in 2010 and continues to be a big draw for teams