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When BMW introduced the current generation M3 a couple years ago, I was damned impressed. How could you not be? The previous model M3’s were awesome, but there’s something about a high-revving V8, a chassis to match, and the subtlety aggressive styling of the E92 that inspires.

Everytime I see one on the streets (and that’s rather often here in LA), I can’t help but stare, and roll down the window to get a hint of that exhaust note.

Being such an incredible car off the showroom floor, a sense of restraint is required when tuning an E92, and that’s just what Eva has shown with her Bimmer.

Eva is a bit of a BMW fanatic. The M3 you see here actually replaced her bagged 3-series convertible, which Kevve featured on Speedhunters a while back. She also owns a fully-modded E46 M3, while her husband rolls an E60 M5. Yes, that’s the life.

The M3 actually left the showroom in dark blue, but one of the first things Eva did was have the entire car redone in pearl white.

She then performed some mild upgrades to the exterior, things like carbon fiber kidneys, hood inserts, and logos.

She also added some tasteful parts from Vorsteiner, including a carbon fiber front spoiler…

…a carbon rear diffuser…

…and finally a carbon fiber boot lid. Obviously the carbon on white theme is a big part of this car.

Suspension-wise, the M3 has a mild drop via a set of Eibach Sport Line springs. The wheels are DPE R08 Variant S 20×8 in the front, 20×10 in the rear. Tires are Pirelli 245/30 in the front, 285/25 rear, while a set of 12mm spacers in the rear help the wheels pop a bit.

Making over 400hp from the factory, Eva chose to leave the engine essentially stock.

The same goes for the interior. And yes, that’s a 6-speed manual that this gal handles.

Love seeing the lineage here between the E46 and the E92. It’d be a tough choice between the two, but man that F1-like V8 in the E92 calls to me…

So, Eva’s E92 is far from the most extreme M3 out there, but does it really need to be?

You can never go wrong with a few tasteful changes to what is already a phenomenal vehicle.

-Mike Garrett

Photos by Kevin Raekelboom

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where is the point in buying a blue m3, when you can order it in white? just pointless ... (at least, when considering how much a proper paintjob costs, where i'm living (ger))


Jizz in my pants.. xP


Nicely done, but the Ericsson M3 is still the one that really gets me drooling. Then again, any clean Alpine M model = win, even an automatic E36 M3 Convertible (though just barely)


It's been a while since the E92 has been released but I still don't like the way it sits... the E46 looks much better in my opinion.


I'd take it, but that diffuser diffuses nothing.


Typical "next generation" sports car in the E92, goodbye awesome screamer and balanced straight 6 and in comes the tightly packaged V8... heart and sole what made the M3 is gone. Much like the new GTR (fat waddling pig) with its V6. I feel like I want to puke just saying V6.

Ahhh... feel better now.


It's a shame everyone's changing from straight 6's


awesome. last pic for wallpaper please!?


I agree with sb, makes no sense painting a brand new car that you could of got in white anyway. The car is sick though.


I agree with bigmikespec and NickDonahue! I got the little six myself (the old m20 engine) but the 6 inline just has something special. Same situation in the skyline/gtr, Its just sad to see them all disappear in these newer cars.

I would love a wallpaper on that last picture though! The e46 there looks a bit like an e39 in my opinion. Very nice to see him look like his big old bro.



Couldn't agree with you more. Can't wait for the next gen M3 with a straight six turbo. Though the sound of high strung V8's are nice, they suck on mileage and the torque-band leaves something to be desired.

Also, extremely entertaining that the 2011 GT Mustang can perform the same as the E92 M3, and for considerably less.


Why woulod you waste that much money on an M3 when for the same price you could have a R33/34 GTR making 500+ AWHP and with a full custom leather interior. I wouldn't buy an M3 if it were the last car on earth.


@Syfon You've obviously never driven an M3 before I've owned two E36 M3's and one E46 and honestly its the best feeling car in the world I know its cliche but you truly feel connected to the car when your driving. I can't speak for 500 AWHP GTR's since I've never driven any but of the countless cars I've driven and raced semi-professionally I can tell you no other car drives the same as an M car. After driving an M car all balance and steering of any other car I've driven feels numb, except for superlights (Caterhams, Atoms, Lotus etc.)



all i can say is white m3s are hot.......


To people who wonder about her repainting the car, I've read (meaning I'm not sure about this) that they come with relatively shoddy paint.


re:- BMW Paint - nope they come in good 'nick' from the factory.. trust me.. and although, how and where they come into the UK at least, they 'can' suffer from 'fallout' (i'm talking in terms of brand new cars here) you can always reject them - they don't go back to Germany, but go to a distribution facility, where they can do a better job rectifying paint issues than the manufacturer.. (more often than not) that's only my opinion/experience and i've worked for BMW for 15+ years.. and i'm a hardcore 'Dubber'..


Phew!! i like whats she's done though.. most M3 owners will be thinking "not bad for 'on a budget' modding.." cos she's hasn't done much if anything, under the bonnet.. not that you need to with an M3 even in its factory guise its a flying machine.. i would've had the 'M DCT' gearbox version though.. thats a hard life for a manual transmission.. still its only my opinion..


Still getting used to the look...they are different from the past bimmers but I still stare and drool when I see them. I remember her bagged widebody e46 sedan that was featured on a mag...I think it's in my bathroom. Everything she has done so far is so fresh and so clean clean


why can't today's BMW make a 4cyl 8500+ redline NA in a sub 2750lb FR chassis? i.e. modern day E30 M3 with a stiffer modern chassis and stronger modern motor, and LEAVE OUT the traction/stability control, sunroof, heated power seats, leather, navigation, digital climate control, even the power windows. The closest E30 M3 successor was the S2000. All current BMWs are just vanity.


@Syfon- Why run a 500+hp tuned Skyline for the street? Not really much point. Besides, RWD > AWD in the fun stakes.

@Walfisch- Just because it's got roughly the same BHP/tonnage and can pull 1g on a skidpad, don't think that a Mustang could keep up with an M3 on a track. The old GT500 had nearly 100bhp more and was still around 5 seconds slower on a ±1.30 track. I don't think that they've found 5 seconds a lap whilst loosing 100bhp.


I can't believe the idiots on here...Syfon: one (speaking of here in the US), the cost for a new M3 and an R34 or R35 is about the same, so, I'm no math expert here, but to get 500 awhp out of the Nissan would cost about 20-30 grand more. To me, that doesn't sound like the same amount of money.

And as for "bigmikespec" (do I want to know where that name came from?), you're just a moron. You're like the countless other jackasses who still think the R35 GTR is a p.o.s. simply because the I-6 was ditched for a V-6 and you refuse to acknowledge the speed, driveability, and everyday livability of the new GTR. And the R35 didn't look like it was "waddling" to me when was beating up on cars at the Nordschleife whose pricetags are 80,000-100,000 USD more than the Nissan's; jackass.


Hellz ya! M power babe!


I think there is a lot of love for the straight 6; its an engine platform synonymous with racing and subsequently has a rich history throughout many races (pro and otherwise) worldwide. I think the key here is to appreciate the evolution of the M3...and Skyline for that matter. My favorite M3 without any doubt in my mind is the E30, and my most loved Skyline is the R32 GT-R. I'd be lying if i flat out stated I didn't care for the other models. I like the E36 for what it is, I like the R33, I like the E46 a lot... And this e92 is killer.

It is a subjective thing, and sure I miss the straight 6 too. But man was I happy to hear about the times the R35 got around the 'Ring and its 3.5 sec 0-100 time...which makes that V6TT something else eh? As long as someone; car company, tuner, hobbyist keeps the straight 6 alive as a performance engine I'm happy.

On a side note, is the E92 a Bangle design?


"that they come with relatively shoddy paint."

No cars have had good paint since the stupid environmental controls on two pack epoxy, my e46 M3's paint is not as smooth as my old E30 diamondschwartz, and nor has any car since the late 80’s had decent non “orange peely” paint.

Ps the E46 M3 is the last great M car, the new one is better but it isn't as raw while smoothing out the road..... people forget that the E30 M3 was so good because it stuck to the tarmac rather than bouncing over it. (new one crashes about like fuck, probably because the chassis is 40% stiffer + stupid tyres and wheel combos.)


Wow, i'm really surprised! never thought that i would pick the E46 over an E92 in terms of looks! That E46 M3 is just awesome in white.


The color is brilliant white, thats a individual option and a very special 7 layer paint with a slight perl effekt. Its a 5000 dollar bmw individual option and very rare on a bmw. Repainting in that color makes sense if you want something different and the existing paint was shady :)


Damn, a lot of anger up in this shit. I'm sure there are some heads here that are very passionate about a certain brand and/or car. Just do whatever the hell makes you happy and your pockets can afford. At the end of the day, it's you living with the shit either love it or hate it or got to make payments on it (if you ain't gangsta enough to pay it cash). So why trip? This car is nice. If you can afford it and talk shit, much props to you all. I'm done here.


NEEDS MORE COWBELL!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111


Wondering about the L6 to V6? If you guys haven't noticed, nearly every new model of ANY brand of car IS bigger than its older brother. The reason the L6 was great in the past was that the cars were relatively small and thus could take advantage of what the L6's give. But now, with the bigger bodies, heavier tyres, and most of all, a need for speed, a bigger engine (not exatly better) would be required. That's where the V6 comes in. Peace out, y'all.


BMW only do Moonstone Mett. as an Individual colour on the M3 thats anything near white the standard Alpine - - Alpine White non-Mett. & Mineral White Mett. are standard option pick, the latter of this two is only available from June 2010, not sure about this 'brilliant white' business??